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Dec. 2, 2010

Box Score

Head Coach Lisa Stone Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Duke
December 2, 2010

On turnovers and rebounds being the decisive factors of the game:
“It was at halftime. If you look at our halftime stats, we had 11 turnovers and we gave up 11 offensive rebounds. And that’s the story of the game. Our game plan was to give them no lane; I thought we did a good job executing our game plan. That’s the best our defense has played all year. We just didn’t box out very well. And we can get better at that. That’s what’s encouraging. Breaking pressure, I think we beat ourselves a couple of times, but for the most part we did okay.

On her team’s lack of intimidation toward Duke:
I’m really proud of our kids. They were not intimidated at all. That’s (Duke) a very, very good basketball team. They’re picked first in their league for a reason. They’re very talented, we just have to take care of the ball and rebound, and we’re right in the game. To only give up 59 points to a team of that ability (is great). I’m really proud of our kids.

On return of seniors Lin Zastrow and Alyssa Karel on the court together:
“They’re confident, energetic and focused. With four minutes to play, knowing that they could win the basketball game is a completely different swagger. It’s nice to have Lin back and I think she did a great job on the inside defensively for us. Offensively, it was hard to get her the basketball because there was a lot of length in there, but she did get to the foul line and got back into the scoring column.”

On confidence from the close loss:
“In my opinion, we’ve switched the page. We changed the channel. This is what we needed. Obviously a win would have been nice, but I think there are a lot of good things to take from this game, because this is one of the best games we’ve played yet this year.

On senior Alyssa Karel’s night (and how she helps other players):

“When Alyssa plays well, we play well. I think the fact that because Alyssa is such a quality player, when she playing well, it helps Taylor Wurtz. I thought Taylor Wurtz played outstanding today. She found her rhythm, she was all over the glass on the rebounds…I’m really proud of her. And it helped Morgan Paige. She opened up and the ball started going in from outside for us and that’s huge. We’re going to take a lot of good things from this.

“We have another tough undefeated opponent in Oklahoma State on Sunday but there’s a lot of belief in that locker room, and that’s what’s most encouraging from this game.”


Duke Head Coach Joanne McCallie
Wisconsin vs. Duke
December 2, 2010

On playing in a close game:
"I think it was more important today to just battle. I know everybody tries to measure everything in wins, but I think we're trying to get a whole lot better, relative to our schedule. We have a very difficult schedule. It's been difficult so far and it will continue to be difficult. So it's relevant to how we fight and how we play, and how we finish. It wasn't the greatest game for us, but sometimes you have to deal with adversity and just find a way, and I think this was a find a way kind of game for us."

On what they saw on film about Wisconsin's inability to handle full court pressure:
"We like to press. We like to dictate and do we do. We're a pressing team. So we employ the press against every team we play pretty much. I think it's more just a result of us trying to do what we do and get better."

On the strategy coming out of halftime:
"Our focus wasn't to try and get the ball down low, it was simply to move the ball and have four people touch it and get some movement."

On Wisconsin's team:
"They're a very good team. They've had some adversity. Lin Zastrow, she's real important to them, and she's been out. To me, watching them play Marquette and Kansas, and light up a bunch of points in those games, there's the potential for them to be very, very good. I just felt they're a dangerous team.
We tend to bring out the best in people, so every team we play is different. I anticipated them to play their very best game of the year. I don't know if that was their best game of the year, but I think they have some very good players. Alyssa Karel, boy she's a nice player, she's got that really quick crossover. There's a lot of confidence in her game and they play off her too. If they spend more time in practice together, with everyone being healthy, they're going to be just fine. They're going to do well in the Big Ten."


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