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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Alabama



Dec. 1, 2012

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey Postgame Quotes

Opening Statement: "We had a great performance tonight, other than our turnovers, but I’m not going to harp on that because I thought our kids really played well against a very aggressive team, an SEC team that you watch them on tape and you’re like ‘oh boy’. But they were cold and we were hot and we took advantage of that. I am very proud of not only these three but everybody in that locker room. They came together and played a great game."

On the Badgers’ zone defense:
"It was a 2-3 zone. We just kind of matched up on the ball. I just figured we couldn’t chase them around like we normally do and let them get a lead and have to fight and fight to try to pull ourselves out of a hole, especially when we haven’t been shooting well. We get tired when we chase people so you might see some more zone just because it helps us and we save people from getting fouls and what not. But we have some stuff to work on but again I was very happy with our defensive effort."

On how UW prevented them from scoring:
"You look at them, they are very athletic and get by in one or two dribbles and they can get in there in finish. If they miss, they are big and strong and can go up and get the rebound. We harped on boxing out. It is hard when you’re small but I thought we did a good job. They didn’t really box us out either. When you look at the (offensive) boards, it is pretty even there so we said ‘Hey, let’s hit the boards as well.’ We obviously had a lot of rebounds so it was nice to see us get some rebounds."

On containing Bama’s two leading scorers:
"Our zone kept them from getting open looks. But all of them could score. If you look at their stat line, they have five people in double figures so we can’t focus on one or two. You have to focus on everybody and hope they miss, which they did."

On the play of Morgan Paige:
"Starting last year, she really stepped up her production on the offensive end to give Taylor some help and I told her ‘I don’t care if you miss 100 shots, just keep shooting.’ because she can shoot and she is good without the ball, she is outstanding at moving without the ball."

"If anybody watches her and tries to learn how to do it, they can see that she recognizes when something is about to break down. She understands how to play basketball, instinctually, and that’s important for anybody playing because basketball is an instinctual game. You have to have instincts and anticipation skills to be able to read when something is not working."

"Morgan is a playmaker and that’s what she does. But she works on her shot as well. I don’t know why people leave her open, I really don’t. She should never be open. We always say ‘If you can’t shoot, you’re probably open,’ but that’s not the case with Morgan. The game is easy when you can make open shots because now they have to guard everybody. They can’t key in on one person."

On a season-high 31 turnovers:
"I think some of it is kids are trying to do too much on their own. They need to pass the ball when two (players) bear down on them, somebody else is open. When people get too close to you, now you are trying to throw it over their hands instead of fake, make a nice crisp pass to the next person. But we will watch and learn from our mistakes."

On the performance of the freshmen with Taylor Wurtz out:
"It means everything because Taylor is a big part of what we do. She commands a lot of attention because of her ability to shoot and create off the dribble and I told them, because Taylor is not playing, we need two or three people to take up the slack. We are not asking one person to try and come out here and score 20 points, but if you get 10 here, eight there, 13 there from two or three other people that you are not expecting from, it is just going to make it better when Taylor can come back."

"That makes it better because now they have the experience. They have the confidence to go out there and take good shots. Plus you have that person that you’ve always depended on. That’s why it is important for Morgan to continue to do what she’s doing. She can’t slop off because these guys are freshmen. They are still learning what’s coming. More is to come."

On holding Alabama to 16 percent field goal shooting in the first half:
"I can’t remember us holding someone to 16 percent. Sometimes the ball just doesn’t go in. We know that. We have been on that side of it. You are trying so hard and it is just not going in the basket but we made some tough shots, some and-ones, some lay-ups. Again, if it’s going, it’s good. If it’s not, it’s not and nobody can hit and so it just benefitted us because we shot 45 percent."

Alabama Head Coach Wendell Hudson Postgame Quotes

"I thought Wisconsin did a very good job and had a really good game plan. If I was playing Alabama right now, I would play a zone and I thought they did a good job at play a zone. We had some open shots, especially early in the basketball game that we didn't make, so that encouraged the zone play and encouraged them to stay in the zone the entire night. I thought they did a good job of doing that and did a good job at keeping us from making runs. A couple times we made a little run and they got a basket or got a steal and did some things that were really good for them, so from my standpoint, I thought we played hard, didn't quit playing and we did a lot of good things that we should be doing, but Wisconsin did a very good job."

On Wisconsin playing the zone:
"We expected a zone. We expect people to play a zone. Playing us in (man-to-man defense) right now is not very good for people, because of the way we play basketball. We run our motion offense, so if you're going to play us, you're going to play a zone. We made adjustments and we had some open looks, especially early in the game. We had the right people shooting 3-point shots. We had our 3-point shooters shooting them and in the first half, we were 0-for-11, so that encouraged them and we never did get any better until the game got out of hand."

On his team being frustrated since until today, they had been scoring 85 points a game:
"They were frustrated. There was frustration because we do score a lot of points, but we score a lot of them off our defense and Wisconsin had 31 turnovers, and we didn't convert. We converted 12 points. That's not enough (points) for 31 turnovers. We stole the ball and the young ladies would take the ball down the floor and stick it in the corner of the backboard, so that is kind of where we played. But at the same time, Wisconsin never stopped, they never gave us a chance. They didn't stop scoring, so they did a good job."

On if they had trouble scoring because of Wisconsin's defense or their offensive struggles:
"It was a combination. The zone bothered us some, and we kind of settled sometimes for that quick 3-point shot, and there were other times where I thought we had the right looks. I think it was a combination. I thought the defense was pretty good, and also we didn't shoot the ball with our normal shooting percentage."

On if Wisconsin freshmen players Nicole Bauman or Dakota Whyte surprised him:
"No, not really. We scouted and watched them play enough. With the world we live in now you get every game immediately, so there are no surprises. We didn't have any surprises and they didn't have any surprises."  

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