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Nov. 30, 2011

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Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey

On game against Boston College:
We did a good job, we had to go to ad-libbing a little bit with that 4-on-1 but it came through for us. Lacia (Gorman) came through, Taylor (Wurtz) did what she normally does for us and our bigs finally started scoring on the blocks so we are happy.

On playing with four guards for most of the second half:
They went four guards so we can't have post player trying to run around and getting screened. Again it worked for us because we had some openings and people knocked down some shots. I know that one Taylor hit at the end was a big one so when they got shooters on the floor and they go small you got to make an adjustment.

On Lacia Gorman:
She is better than she knows; she doesn't know how good she can be because she can handle the ball. They can't really press her, but when she gets timid that's when they get her, but she's a ball handler, she can shoot. I think this game was a good confidence game for Lacia I feel like it was good for her confidence and for ours as coaches.

Now we know we can put her in and she can build on this and really be that next scorer, we need another scorer besides Taylor. And Lacia can shoot, (when) she slows down and she gets a good look, she can knock it down, and we're going to depend on that we're going to put some more pressure on her. I told her she grew up today, she's eating solid foods now. She's not a baby anymore she's walking, talking and eating solids.

On if she wants 40 percent of shots coming from 3-point range:
If they go in, yeah. Three's help you to open the paint and get your bigs some open one-on-one looks and then it's up to them to score. We have good 3-point shooters and they need to continue to shoot every chance they get and get reps up.

I told them if you have a spare moment you got to be shooting because other people are, and we have to be able to knock down outside shots because they'll just sit on top of our posts and we won't score at all. We have some good shooters they just need to believe they can knock it down.

On the Big Ten - ACC challenge:
We want to win this challenge. The ACC has kind of dominated us overall, but we did our part tonight and now we need everybody else to do their part, but it is fun. It's a good bragging thing, it's in good recruiting to say you beat the ACC schools and that's a great conference for women's basketball. It's only going to help our game to see the ACC and Big Ten go at it. It's some good matchups. I'm just interested to see how everybody else does, but we took care of our business so we're happy about that. 

Boston College head coach Sylvia Crawley

Opening statement:
"I was happy with the way our team fought in the game today. I thought they fought hard to come back. We just couldn't catch a break. Wisconsin is a very good team. You can tell the direction that this program is headed in and I thought they shot the ball extremely well, especially from '3.'I thought they rebounded the ball very well in the first half. They had offensive rebounds and put-backs. They had five offensive rebounds and five second-chance points in the first half. I challenged our team to come out and do a little bit better on the boards, especially crashing the offensive boards. I thought we did that. So we'll just watch film and try to get better from this."

On using the full-court press and half-court trap:
"We forced 20 turnovers and we got 19 points off of those 20 turnovers. I was happy with that, but I thought it took a little bit out of us on the offensive end. We were working really, really hard to press and get the ball back to have opportunities to score, but then on offense we were a little bit winded from working so hard on defense. We pressed a lot and we have been working on that. It's something that we wanted to implement into our system this year, and I thought they fought hard with that."

On Wisconsin's defense:
"In the first half, I thought we had some turnovers that were unforced turnovers. In the second half, I thought that Wisconsin just sort of fed off the momentum, they defended really well, and they played a role in the rest of those turnovers. They are long. They have long arms and they were everywhere. Their intensity was great on defense. I thought they did a good job. We need to learn how to execute better. When they switch or do something, we need to counter that. I think that will come to our team with more experience."

On Taylor Wurtz: 
"She is a tough player. She plays hard for 40 minutes and if you take a break, she is going to expose you. I think she is a really good player in terms of work ethic. There are very few players that work that hard anymore. I think that's what she has going for her and that's something that will help her stay consistent throughout the year."

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