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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Washington



Nov. 21, 2012

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey Postgame Quotes

“We’re very disappointed. Obviously we let our opportunity slip by. We didn’t do the things we needed to do in the game. We gave up 20 offensive rebounds, so that hurt us, and they did get to the free throw line quite a bit. We can fuss about some things with the officials, but you have to box out and you have to make some shots, and we didn’t do that, and they took advantage of that. We have to go back to the drawing board, watch it and make sure we learn from it.”

On why Washington went on a big run:
“There was just a stretch there where we weren’t guarding very well off the little handoff drive they do, and kick. Part of it is the loose ball, they would get it, we were on the ground, and they’d be shooting a layup, so it wasn’t going in our favor tonight. Again, a lot of the things we could control we didn’t, and that team took advantage of it.”

On defending Davis:
“She got loose a couple of times. I know two of her 3’s that I saw, she was wide open. Nobody was near her. You can’t leave the best girl out here shooting wide open. It’s just communication, matching up, being aware and recognizing in transition who to guard and who not to. When you have young people out there sometimes they zone out and don’t really understand how important it is to pick people up before half court, recognizing where they are. So we will work on that as well, we have a lot to work on, but boxing out doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power. That’s just the shot goes up, look, you turn and you box out, that doesn’t require talent to do it, and that really hurt us. I think that hurt us more than anything. Now we had 15 offensive rebounds, so they weren’t boxing out well either, but again, some of that stuff went their way.”

On the scoring droughts Wisconsin has been experiencing throughout the past few games:
“It’s hard to explain it because in my opinion, it’s not that the other team is doing these spectacular things, it’s just we go on these droughts and we can’t hit shots for some reason. But I always tell the kids your offense comes from your defense. If you are waiting to come down on offense and run a play and score, that’s really not how you’re always going to score. You’re going to score by creating easy baskets for yourself and that is kind of what we did in the first half. We had some layups, run outs and for whatever reason we weren’t getting those in the second half. I always go back and watch it because sometimes what I thought I saw I didn’t, so the tape is going to be really telling.”

Washington Head Coach Kevin McGuff Postgame Quotes

On the run in the second half:
"I think in general, especially in the second half, we got our defense together. I thought we had an effective mix of man and zone that kept them off balance. We had not been playing as well defensively as I thought we should in the previous games, so I was really happy to see us put it together on that end of the floor."

On the half court trap:
"I thought we kept them off balance and forced them to score from the perimeter. Looking at the previous games, I think they have good scorers; they just didn't make as many shots as I think they are capable of. That was kind of the strategy to get them to force them to score in the perimeter."

On injuries and Jazmine Davis:
"She's a tough kid, that's what makes her a special player is that she's really, really a tough kid. She wasn't the most highly recruited kid coming out of high school, but she had a spectacular freshman year, Pac-12 Freshman of the Year. You can see tonight she was battling through an ankle injury, but that's what makes her great. To say I was worried was an understatement."

On facing Wisconsin:
"We beat a really good Wisconsin team. If you look at what they did versus Gonzaga and Washington State on the road, they were playing really well. I think this is a really good road win for us." 

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