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Nov. 18, 2011

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Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening Statement:
This was a tough game because I felt like we got off to a great start. Came out of the gate and really put the ball in the basket but then the cover came on and we couldn’t find the rim for whatever reason. We got bunnies. I call them bunnies, the little layups underneath the rim. We just couldn’t finish for whatever reason. It wasn’t necessarily Washington State. It was just us missing and them taking advantage of what they did on the offensive end. We tried to go to a little bit but that didn’t really work because the shooters were hot at that point. It picked up to the end. They scrapped and battled to the end but it was a little bit too late.

On Washington State’s shooting:

They were hot and we had some lapses defensively. I know the one shot of (Tia) Presley’s, she just closed her eyes, put it up there and it went it. So that’s the kind of night they were having. I have not seen them that hot and I’ve scouted them for four years. Then again, that’s a different team. I have not seen them shoot that well, but once you start hitting, everybody’s hitting. On the other end, once you start missing, everybody’s missing. No one can hit a bunny, just a short little layup. We didn’t rebound very well. We got out-rebounded tonight.

On what Wisconsin can work on:

We work on shooting every day. I don’t think you can get off enough shots in practice. People need to come in on their own and shoot. A lot of that improvement comes in the off-season. It’s hard to do it when you have games, you have homework, you have meetings and you have all these things going on. It’s really difficult in the season to improve dramatically on your shooting. We work on it in practice, we shoot every day, at least some kind of pull up, elbow shot or 3s, every day. But again it’s a learning process because a lot of these folks have not been able to shoot or been allowed to shoot. You feel a lot of hesitation out there. Some folks are open that should be shooting and others, I tell them don’t shoot too early because we don’t want everyone just jacking up shots. It’s not about that but getting to people who can really put them in the basket or whoever’s hot that game. It doesn’t matter to me who it is. Kelly (Supernaw) got up three shots first thing. So whoever’s hot, get them the ball.

Ashley (Thomas) was getting some good looks on the inside. So try to get her the ball. We just didn’t score enough. Obviously they scored a lot more than we did. They had four people in double figures. They made it tough to do anything but play man-to-man player defense.

On the night’s shot selection:

I didn’t see anyone take horrible shots. It was just that we couldn’t finish. When you have players that go two for 11 and two for 12, they’re getting shots, they’re just not finishing them. We need more help form the bench. We tried to sub in. Some of those players were a little nervous, didn’t know what to do or were just plain tentative. You have to play with confidence. I don’t know how to coach confidence into people. A lot of that comes through improvement in individual skill. If your skills are up there you aren’t scared of whoever is on the other side because you know what you can do. We just need to keep working. I always tell them anytime you have the chance to improve on your game you have to do that. If you arrive early or don’t have class, come in here, get the cones out, work on your ball handling. There’s only so much time we can work with them. We’re not allowed to work with them all the time we would like to. So a lot of it is all on the player. They player has to improve. They player has to get in the gym and grab a teammate and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot. Again, it’s hard in the season because of games, practice, homework and all those things everybody has. You still have to find a way to get it done.

On what needs to be done on the attack:

We have to get into the offense faster. We were getting picked up full court, by the time we got onto our side there was 18 seconds left. That’s a problem. If they pick up full court, we try to give the guard a screen so she can go by and initiate the offense. That was a problem tonight. We have been picked up before and it hasn’t been a problem so we have to initiate it a little bit quicker.

Guard Taylor Wurtz

On what the players need to take away from the game:

I would say we definitely need to stick together. We just need to come to practice, watch the film, learn from our mistakes and get ready for the next game. We can’t do anything about the past. We just have to learn from it and get better. I think the biggest part is just staying together.

On the pressure of being a top scorer:

I have great teammates. I know that I need to step up and make plays, make good decisions but it is easy when I have teammates that can get me the ball and also take away a lot of the pressure. I have a lot of faith in my posts and that they are going to finish those shots. The inside presence makes it easier for them to do an in-and-out game.

Guard Morgan Paige

On what the players need to take away from the game:

Making the mistakes that we are making, we need to see those and not makes those mistakes in the next game. We are starting to see a little bit of repetition in the mistakes with the offense and execution. If we can minimize those a little bit and just keep relying on each other we should be able to come out of this positively.

On the pressure of the Washington defense:

I would compare them a lot to Marquette, who we just played. They like to get up in the passing lanes and really make you turn the ball over. I would say that they are very aggressive on defense. It gets under your skin a little bit but you need to rely on your teammates to be open and start to make dribble entry passes. You need to makes adjustments in your offense, which sometimes we did and other times we didn’t do a very good job of it.

Washington State head coach June Daugherty

On the performance of her guards:

We didn’t have our best pressure out there tonight just because with the concussion with Rosetta Adzasu. I though April was solid. You know, you’re not going to get past April Cook. She’s one of the better athletes in the Pac- 12. Perkins is up in those lanes. Ireti Amojo did a great job in her start. We’re long, we’re quick and athletic, and we try to take advantage of that, and try to extend passing lanes and make it tough if it gets on the wing to get it inside. They [Wisconsin] are a triangle-dominant team. When they are like that, the longer we can get those passing lanes it gives our front line a little more time to get in front.

On if Wisconsin’s style of play reminds her of Stanford:

First of all, this is a great higher for your university. You guys have no idea what a fabulous person you have on board now. She’s got a great little basketball mind, and I’ve coached against Kelsey. I’m really proud of her, and she’s going to do great things here. The similarities with the triangle offense, in particular, the containment defense, playing more containment definitely [reminds her of Stanford.] Some of the play calls I wasn’t sure if Bobby or Tara down there for a little bit. It looks very similar.

On efficiency of double staggers:

Our execution has not been good yet out of the gate offensively, and it’s not as concerning to me right now just because I think our team has spent so much time on the defensive end of things. Again not having our starting point guard out there tonight, but this is a very unselfish team that’s lead by some very good seniors. I love the fact that our front-line will sacrifice their bodies and will set those double staggers and get our shooters open.  It’s important for  us to get Ireti Amojo in early in the starting position tonight-she didn’t know she was going to start until shoot around today. Our posts do a good job of making those guards have some free looks.

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