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Postgame quotes vs. Oral Roberts



Nov. 13, 2011

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Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening statement:

"Obviously we aren't happy with the outcome of the game, especially our ball security. We didn't have any. They kept their eyes on that; they had 38 points off of turnovers. We lose by 17.  If you just don't give them half of those turnovers, you win the game. We didn't help ourselves. It was more about what we didn't do as opposed to what they did. They did what they normally do and they do a good job at it. But you have to capitalize on the opportunities and we didn't do that."

On turnovers:

"To me, turnovers are individuals not being able to handle the ball - bad habits, picking it up before you have somebody to pass it to, just not being strong with it. We told them that one player was going to poke from behind and she did that several times. 

We have the information; we're just not using our brains to process it. We watch it on tape. By no means am I blaming the players, the coaches have to do what we can. But players play. That's what I always say. Players play, coaches don't play.

So if we give you the information, you have to do something with it. We didn't do that, but again we have to watch it and see where the errors are to correct it. We can't keep correcting it and go back to 30, then back down to 16, then back up to 30 turnovers.

This is embarrassing. It really is, because we don't have to do it. These players are very capable of taking care of the ball. One has it and then somebody else, and then somebody else. It's just a snowball effect."

On stopping Kevi Luper:

"It was a challenge, but other people scored too. Again, if you can stop her and then maybe contain some other ones... She is a very efficient player. She only missed nine shots. The ones she took, she made. That's a credit to her and her ability to read the defense. She hit open jumpers and our jumpers didn't go in. We just have to keep working on our shots."

On Oral Roberts' style of play:

"They have their own style and we have ours. They play hard and they make shots. Again, everybody for the most part can hit an open shot. They did a good job of handling the ball; I think their ball handling skills are pretty good.

We have to work on ours and get it up to where we feel like people won't take it out of our hands and poke at it. But again, it was just a snowball effect today. You have one turnover, and then you're trying to do too much, trying to make that homerun pass and then it just didn't work out. We just have to relax and stay calm. If we do have a turnover, the next time down we don't compound that by trying to do too much."

On team leadership:

"We have good leadership sitting up here. I think Taylor (Wurtz) has shown good leadership qualities, Jade (Davis) has definitely shown hers, Ashley (Thomas) is a good leader for us. We have leadership, we just have to put it together. I think if Taylor is playing hot like she is, we need other people to step up their game. If it's Ashley's night, other people have to step it up. We can't be just (a) one person (team). We have enough on this team to really play better basketball.

But when you have one person carrying the load, everybody has to do their job. That's what I told them before the game - do your job. If it's boxing somebody out, do that. If it's stopping the girl, do that. If it's knowing how we are playing screens, we have to know it.

We needed more help. Kelly (Supernaw) came in and did a great job and hit some shots. But she works on her shots, she really does. I see her shooting all the time, and shooting game speed. And we need other people doing that.

It's a good lesson for us. It shows what an NCAA team looks like and we have a long way to go in that regard. But we can do it. We have the talent. To lose by 17, having 31 turnovers and giving 38 points off of those turnovers.

Again, no disrespect to Oral Roberts, but if you play anybody and do that, you are going to lose. It's not just to OralRoberts, it could be anybody, and you're going to lose the game."

ORU head coach Jerry Finkbeiner

Opening Statement:
“It’s good to get a win on the road. I thought one of our advantages coming in here is that we have a senior (and) junior team. They’ve kind of been there, done that, a little bit. We thought the Wisconsin program would obviously be trying to find themselves early in the year, so the timing couldn’t have been better. The Wisconsin kids played hard. I just think our experience, our continuity, and our expectations were better formulated and our game plan a little bit smoother than theirs.

I was really pleased with the outcome obviously. This is the first year that we’ve had a core group of juniors and seniors. So it makes life a little bit easier for me as a head coach, coming on the road and playing opponents from bigger conferences. We like where were at and I think the Wisconsin kids will have a lot of improvement in the days to come because of games like this. It’s obviously a very good road win for us.”

On Kevi Luper:
“A very typical game for her. To tell you the truth I wish she’d shoot more. She makes me look good, makes me look like we have a good offense running from the coach. She comes from a town of about 70 people, just a small town high valued kid, our ORU poster child, Christian education. She’s very driven as a basketball player and one of those once every 10-15 year type of players that a school like us can get. About 90 miles from Tulsa, she was overlooked by a lot of Big 12, a lot of SEC schools. Not that they didn’t know she was there, but she had a lot of high school injuries, didn’t play summer ball. We just stayed with her, kept plugging away and won that battle. She’s going to break all of the scoring records at ORU and our conference here in the middle of her junior year if she keeps healthy.

"The difference between last year’s Kevi Luper and this year’s Kevi Luper is now she starting to look for some points on her own. It’s always been drawing plays up for her, now she’s beginning to look on her own. More power to her. That’s good, that’s good stuff.”

On stretch at end of first and beginning of second where Luper didn’t score:
“That’s the only time I got on her. Kevi becomes a passer and she kind of floats a little bit, kind of goes and out of the game. A lot of our success is really from Kevi and the attention she gets, other kids get good shots. Jordan Pyle lives under Kevi’s shadow. Jordan is a very good scorer and player herself. We’ve good two strong statistical players inside and out and I think that’s one of the reasons that we could have a pretty good year this year.”

On turnover record set:
“Our game plan is all about possessions. We’re going to give up a lot of easy shots but it’s all about getting the ball back on offense. We led the country last year in steals as a team, I think the last two years actually. Kevi led the country in steals individually the last two years. So that’s part of our game plan.

“I think that the ideal game is that we play 40 straight minutes of it. We kind of bunkered down a little bit in that last half, we were out of gas, they were out of gas and it was a little sloppy. We don’t have any delay offense right now and so I just slowed the tempo of the game by sinking back into a little bit more of a conservative zone there at the last five minutes, just to catch our breath and cruise the game out.

“Early in the season I’m sure the Wisconsin kids and coaches don’t have situational things in their game plan yet. We don’t but that’s just who we are. We’re a half-court, full-court, trapping zone defense and just try to get the ball back, whether a made shot or a steal, just to get it back so we can go back and look to the basket.”

On Wisconsin’s single steal:
“That’s probably more of a one game thing. I’ll tell you where we probably set a record though is travelling. We traveled so much. Credit the Badgers on that because we either didn’t shoot it on the pass or we were hesitant, should we drive, should we shoot. It gets back to our line up. Our guards are juniors and seniors. Kevi and Jaci Bigham, whose coming off an ACL last April. (Jaci’s) actually our second-best scorer but she’s not there yet.  We have good presence with the ball. You’re catching us on a season that could be special.

“For our level, we’re not real big, but I think we have most of the bases covered. I think we have some depth on the bench that we didn’t play a whole lot tonight but I look forward to. It’s good for our conference obviously to get this win against the Badgers. We got them at the right time. We play a month and a half from now it’s going to be a tight game and we might lose at the buzzer, but tonight, first weekend of the season is a good scheduling job on part of my assistant coach. I know the coach here and staff will get it going.”

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