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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Milwaukee



Nov. 11, 2012

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Milwaukee
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Bobbie Kelsey

Opening statement:

"I'm proud of our kids. I think they did a great job coming out. (We) ran into a hot team - Kyle (Rechlicz) has got them playing. They were shooting the lights out there in the beginning and we weren't guarding them very well. (I have to give) credit to them, they came out and believed that they were going to compete and try to win the game. I told our kids don't overlook them, because Kyle will have them ready to play and sure enough they were. We asserted ourselves and did what we were supposed to do, ran our offense and got up on them and made them dribble. I think that was the difference in the game - the pressure."

On having her players just play and not have to think about it:

“When they run the offense, yes. Some of those plays I don’t know what that is. But again triangle and some of the stuff we are running is intricate, there's a lot of options. But sometimes it's like a two year old, you just say 'What do you want?' Well, they want it all. But they've got to make a decision and I think sometimes, there are so many options they can do. The more they run it, the more they get comfortable with it. It's almost like you're just playing, you're not really thinking.

And like you said, when we did run it, that's what it looks like. But we have to hit shots. We had a lot of open shots we missed and I told them that they can't wait for practice to get the shots up. They have to come in extra and really work on it because good shooters are not good by happenstance, it's because they work on it. So whatever Kyle (Rechlicz) is doing, they're hitting shots over there."

On the impact of having senior guard Taylor Wurtz back on the court:

"Well, Taylor just being out there, as you can see, she commands a lot of attention. She draws a lot of people to her, so what we're working on now is her making that extra pass. It looks like she's not looking for it, but we just talked in the hallway and she said 'I think I've got my head down.' And I said, 'Yeah, probably.' Because the (drive) she got the charge on, I don't think her head was up, but the one she dropped to Morgan (Paige), and Morgan got fouled, she had her head up.

So again, these are little things that can be corrected and Taylor's a great player, she does a lot for our team. A lot of our players have a lot of confidence in her, and it takes the pressure off of them. Now AnnMarie (Brown) and Nicole (Bauman) and different ones can get an open look opposed to trying to create something off the dribble." 

On the key to the seven-point run to begin the second half:

“Playing some defense, which we did not do in the first half. When you have a team that are not great ball handlers, you have to make them dribble and do something they're not comfortable with. They're comfortable with shooting and so we just stood there and said ‘Okay go ahead and shoot.’ Well hello, they can hit those shots. When we got up a little bit on them and made them create off the dribble, that's not really their game plan. They want to draw you in and kick out. When they were penetrating baseline, I'm like 'Don't help.' because all they want to do is suck you in. Then that girl's not thinking layup, she's thinking pass out so we can get the open 3. Once we figured that out, we were okay."

On different lineups in the game and lineups that she liked:

“The ones that were scoring, whoever they were. I will look back at the tape and see but we've got a lot of scorers on our team. It's a matter of us sharing the ball and working together and people hitting open shots. You've got to make open shots. I don't like a lot of dribbling because then you take the risk of turning the ball over. So if you can just take one or two and kick it out, and people make open shots. We did that the second half and it looks a lot better."

On sophomore guard AnnMarie Brown and her hard work over the summer:

“AnnMarie made the commitment to getting her body in shape so she can get in condition to play the way she's playing. She couldn't do this last year. Other than her knee, once she got back in, we had a conversation, a little fellowship in my office and I said 'Hey, if you want to play you have to do what's necessary to play.' Others need to follow her lead and get on her page. She's certainly put in her work and I’m more happy for her than she'll ever know. Because she put in the work to do this and I'm not surprised. But it is nice to see her do this because I knew she could."

On freshman guard Nicole Bauman:

"Nicole just plays. She doesn't know what the score is. If she's open, she's going to shoot it. And she's a great shooter, and to be a freshman, she's very fearless out there. You can't tell if you didn't know she was a freshman. You wouldn't be able to pick her out and say, ‘Okay, she's a freshman.’ But Nicole, we depend on her. I've been depending on her since she stepped foot on this campus because I know that she can play basketball and she understands the game. She's a very good rebounder from the guard position, which really helps us, because she doesn't have to outlet the ball. She just gets it off the boards, boom, go."

On senior guard Tiera Stephen's eight steals:

"Tiera has made the commitment too to get herself in better shape. She couldn't have played at this pace last year either. She asked me for a sub one time, but I'm like, ‘You better suck it up and stay out there. You get your breaks at the timeouts and dead balls, when they go out of bounds.’ But she's done a nice job with her conditioning as well. Again, she wouldn't have been able to play at this pace last year, getting those steals, getting in passing lanes. It helps when the team is not very big, when they're guard oriented and we can switch on the screens and she's very good at ripping passing lanes and getting her hands on the ball. I'm very glad for Tiera too, that she was able to show what she can do."

Milwaukee Head Coach Kyle Rechlicz

Opening Statement
“First I just want to start off by commending Bobbie Kelsey and Wisconsin, they came out really strong and fresh. We were not so fresh and she definitely has the girls playing exceptionally hard right now and you can tell that the freshmen have really stepped in and given them a huge lift this year at the guard position. So I want to commend them for the work they’ve put in and for getting ready for that first game.

For us, this was our second game in three days (and) we only had one day of prep. I thought our team came out extremely strong at the start. We hit some really tough shots, and really put them on their heels. I think we got up by seven or eight (points) at one point and then Tiera (Stephen) turned up the pressure on us.

We have some very young, inexperienced point guards and I think that that hurt us a little bit down the stretch. We struggled to get the ball over half court at times, which kind of changed our offense. We’re very much a transition team and it really killed our break.

I can definitely say that this is a building step for us. I told our team in the locker room that this game does not define who we are. It’s just a game on the path to where we’re trying to get to.

Ashley Greene played great for us tonight. This was her career high 19 points. I thought she gave exceptional effort for the entire time she was in the game, There was not a time where I had to tell her to play any harder than she was playing.

I’m proud of my team. I told them not to hang their heads and to walk off the court with dignity because, Wisconsin has definitely gotten a lot better and they’ve proven that they’re ready to compete in the Big Ten.

On the difference between the first and second half and what led to
 “I definitely think the first part was legs. We are a transition team and we played very hard for 40 minutes at Chicago State. We scored 82 points. We were getting up and down the court quite a bit and we were playing high-pressure defense against them and I think the turn around was very quick.

In the same sense, Wisconsin definitely picked up the pressure on our point guards and really took our break away from that perspective and we ended up having to bring two guards to try and bring the ball up the court and that really hurt us. We run the high ball screen offense and they also switched the screens and with a little bit of the inexperience of running the offense, because it is a brand new offense, brand new defensive system, we just didn’t have the adjustments that we needed to score off of them.

On whether 30 percent of shots being 3-point shots was ideal
“It depends on the game. Our goal tonight was to attack the rim and get to the free throw line. We went seven for eight, I was proud of us for hitting the ones that we got. We didn’t get to the line as much as we’d like to. I think their switching really hurt us in that sense. We are a 3-point shooting team, we took only 15 3s in this game which is way less than the 25 we took in the Chicago State game. Only shooting 15 is actually an improvement for us.

On what happened in the first two minutes of the second half that gave the Badgers a lead that lasted the remainder of the game
“I’m still trying to process that myself. I had to call a pretty quick timeout to get our team refocused. In all honesty, they jumped on us when they came out and it’s the same thing we did to Chicago State when we were at their place and they brought it right back to us.

They crashed the offensive boards extremely well tonight. If there was one thing that I would say was our greatest weakness tonight we gave up 20 offensive rebounds. It’s something that we had really focused on the day before the game. We watched a lot of film on their crashing and we knew that they’re smaller post players but that they’re very athletic and they can get to the paint on rebounds so I think that they just took it at us from the start of the second half and made us call a quick timeout.

On her feelings sitting on the other side of the bench tonight
“A lot of great feelings, I love being back at the Kohl Center. I love seeing the fans and there are just a lot of great memories that I had playing here and coaching here. Coach Kelsey and her staff are very dear friends of mine, I keep in contact with them. I talk to them quite often. There was a little bit of a rivalry going into the start, but there were a lot of hugs and we’ll always be friends. It’s competitive when we play, but we’re friends in the end.

On how foul trouble with Emily Decorah and Sami Tucker changed their rotations
“It definitely changed it. We’re very small in the post and we knew it was going to be a challenge going into it. Coach Kelsey is a very smart coach. She attacked us and put us on our heels. I think that it was a big jump for them having Taylor Wurtz back. We had prepared for her to play and she really is an amazing player. I think that it was hard because we had to do a lot of double teaming and it put us off guard in some of our positions which put Emily (Decorah) and (Sami) Tucker into foul trouble. What I can say is that those two played exceptionally hard. I had to have them on the floor. I wish I had a few more of them on the bench sometimes, but we’re just going to have to learn how to play with our feet and not with our hands.

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