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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Drake

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Wisconsin vs. Drake
Nov. 10, 2013
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey
Opening Statement
“I’m proud of the kids. They really played well. Some spots we have to shore up, but I thought Dakota (Whyte) had a really good game. She’s come such a long way from last year, and she’s still learning, so she’s going to get a lot better. Michala (Johnson) did what she always does, which is get rebounds and score, and Taylor (Wurtz) is a threat out there as well. A lot of the other kids contributed as well, but those three really had nice games for us. We’re going to keep building on what we’ve seen tonight and improve.”

On whether the game plan was to get the ball to Michala Johnson in the post early:
“That was the plan. When you have a player of her caliber that can score on the block, she’s going to get that ball. We have to learn how to play from the inside out – get (Johnson) established first, and then when they start sinking in, then we get the guards going. You’ve got to look for her and see if you can get it to her without forcing it to her. They couldn’t leave Michala one-on-one in the post, because she would score every single time. We’re going to see that all year.”

On holding Drake to under 26 percent shooting from the field:
“They’re a good shooting team; we saw that on the scout tape. It’s a combination—it’s not always just one thing or another. We always hang our hat on trying to take away the other team’s best scorers, which were (Kyndal) Clark and (Morgan) Reid. They’re two of the players that they really depend on, and we held them both to single digits.”

On Wurtz’s importance to the team:
“Her work ethic is second to none. She works and works and works and we have to watch her because sometimes she will be hurting and not say anything. She always wants to be out there because she loves to play basketball. We’re very proud of her. She’s been a joy to coach. I’ve really enjoyed coaching her because she’s like a sponge.”

On the health of Cassie Rochel and Michaela Crall:
“(With Cassie), we’re just trying to see if her back’s improving. She’s been in practice a little bit now and her back’s been a little sore. It’s kind of going to be a week-to-week thing. We don’t have any answers right now. There will be a (decision day), where we’ll have to know if she’ll be able to do anything. She has got in some practice, but it hasn’t been near where she’d normally participate. As far as Michaela, her status is going to be week-to-week as well. She has plantar fasciitis, which is very painful. We don’t want it to tear or anything catastrophic to happen to her. She’s probably a little bit further along than Cassie, but I don’t have a definitive (prognosis).”

Drake Head Coach Jennie Baranczyk
On the game
"I think we played a good home basketball team today in Wisconsin. They had great balance in their scoring. I think Michala Johnson makes a huge difference in this ball team from a year ago. I think obviously having Taylor Wurtz back as a senior leader makes a big difference. I credit Wisconsin and everything from this game today, I do however believe they didn’t get to see our best. You almost want to apologize for that. They definitely didn’t get to see the team that played on Friday against Creighton from our standpoint."

On Drake's cold shooting: 
“I do think when your starting five goes 6-of-34 that is tough. We didn’t make shots, we missed a few shots early, and we stopped taking it and stopped flowing into what we do best. The other thing was the rebounding margin, to give up 17 offensive rebounds is huge. They do have a distinct advantage on the inside with their height, that was maybe part of it, and a big part of it was a lot of us just not knocking down the shots we needed to.”

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