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Post Game Quotes



Postgame Quotes

Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

On Wisconsin’s shooting:
“We hit shots today. We hit some open shots in the post. Taylor (Wurtz) hit some shots and that got her confidence going. A couple of other people hit their shots. Anya (Covington) got going at the end there, posting up and really taking her time. Cassie (Rochel) struggled just a little on the basket for her today. She just could not knock them down for whatever reason.  But for the most part, I thought we executed well and we looked to get the ball inside. We had the height advantage and we tried to take advantage of that from the very beginning of the game.”

On preparing for UW-Parkside
“Any time a Division II or III team beats a Division I team, it says something about their team. That they are not taking anyone for granted and that they are coming out ready to play. We definitely talked about that and wanted to make sure they understood that we are a Division I team, their sister team, and they are not just going to come into our house and have their way, so to speak. They were a good team.”

On Taylor Wurtz’s shooting against UW-Parkside:
“She has the green light and she knows that. They all pretty much do. Just because you are open does not mean it is the best one. So they all are told to shoot, and if they don’t shoot then they are going to come out. Taylor started looking for her shot and tried to get her teammates involved, but she’s out there to score. She’s not out there to pass. We want her to look for a shot first, pass second, and dribble last. That’s the order. So they’re still learning the order. Some people have it more than others.”

On the importance of exhibition games:
“Exhibitions are always good. It shows you where you are and it shows you how much work you have to do. It also gets the kids in game mode. Its one thing to practice and go against the guys, but it’s different when (the media) are here, people at the scorer’s table and checking in, it’s different. So it’s important to get those exhibition games in and get a feel for a real game where it counts.”

UW-Parkside Head Coach Jenny Knight-Kenesie

On today's game:
"Offensively, at our level, we're able to pound the ball inside and get a lot of high percentage shots. I thought our kids looked for those opportunities, especially early, but when you are playing against bigger and stronger, it makes a difference. I really think for us offensively, we really had a hard time scoring in our offense because of their size."

On your level of play compared to your first game:
"It was definitely different, but obviously when you're playing a Big Ten school and when you're playing a smaller Division I school there's a difference there as well. Again, I think the size was much different from top to bottom than what we saw last week with Loyola, and that made us have to make some tough adjustments."

On how Wisconsin took Jadee Rooney out of the game:
"Unfortunately, Jadee wasn't able to get settled in. She's a tough kid and she'll bounce back from that. Obviously, it's a credit to Wisconsin. They did a nice job on her, but she's one of our go-to players, she's one of our offensive players that needs to play well for us to be successful, and unfortunately, this afternoon was tough for her. I think playing against bigger and stronger does make a difference and not only that, but them keying in on her made a difference too."

On Wisconsin's play today:
"I thought they came out and played really hard, from start to finish. I thought their team was playing hard and made some adjustments from some things they probably didn't like so much when they played UW-Whitewater on Thursday. Anytime you can see your team make adjustments after a loss, you have to feel good about that. Overall, they had some good inside-out combo game and they played hard. Again, that makes some difference, and their size, they were able to bother us."

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