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Nov. 1, 2012

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Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. UW-La Crosse
Nov. 1, 2012 - The Kohl Center

Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

On her team's performance tonight:

"I'm very pleased with our performance tonight. Everyone played obviously. We looked pretty good in aspects of our game. We were executing our offense and also getting some fast break points, I thought we did a really good job with that. In other areas we have to improve. La Crosse had 27 rebounds which is not what we want to see because they have no one over six feet, so that didn't go well for us, but we will work on that. Also, at some points we got confused on offense, we weren't in the right space. But other than that, I was pleased with how the new kids came out and played. Really when I first put them in, they gave us the lift that we needed, so I thought they did really well."

On the different combinations that played:

"We are always looking to see who plays well together. We try not to put all freshmen out there at one time because that can be a tad bit scary. We tried to put them in with some of the veterans, but as you can tell, the new ones are very aggressive. They are very excited about playing. They kept on attacking out there, so I was very pleased to see Nicole (Bauman), Dakota (Whyte), Shannon (Malone), Makailah (Dyer) and Daria (Kryuchkova), just all of them, get out there and really get after it, because we need it. And Tessa (Cichy), she is a mean one. She's going to get after you."

On Jacki Gulczynski's performance:

"Jacki has really worked on her shooting and has really taken the open shot when she has it, she's not trying to over dribble too much. I thought she turned and really looked at the basket tonight, and they went in for her. I am happy for her. I think she is a hard working kid, as a lot of the others are, but she puts in a lot of time with her shooting. We were out having a shooting contest today, and I won, but Jacki will put it up and she will make it, so she has done a great job."

On free throw percentage:

"We always work on our free throws. I think last year we did set a record on our free throw percentage, so we always want to make sure we are making our free throws, because we know when it comes down to it, in a close game, the free throws are what really make or break you, so we really focus on making our threes and our free throws. We don't want them doing a lot of dribbling because we don't have that kind of personnel on our team. To go out there and do a bunch of dribbling, it plays into the hands of the opponent because they might be a little bit quicker and take the ball from us. So we just like to take the ball, without a lot of dribbling, and find the open shot and hit our free throws."

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