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Wisconsin quotes vs. Vermont



March 21, 2010

Recap |  Box Score

2010 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship First Round
Vermont vs. Wisconsin
Sunday, March 21, 2009
Purcell Pavilion • Notre Dame, Ind.

Wisconsin Postgame Quotes Head Coach Lisa Stone

Opening comments… “First of all, I would like to congratulate Vermont on a very well played game. They are very good. Numbers 3 and 4 are what they are made up to be. They are very good players and I thought their posts did a nice job as well. Defensively they affected us.

"I am very proud of our basketball team. We’ve had a great year. I am sitting next to two tremendous seniors, Rae Lin D’Alie and Teah Gant, who have been a part of this program for four years, and I could not be prouder of them. We have grown a lot as a team and our season comes to an end tonight. The credit goes to a very good Vermont team, but I love our team, our players and our family. We are going to build on this and hope to be back next year and for years to come.”

On controlling Vermont’s key players, Courtney Pilypaitis (#3) and May Kotsopoulos (#4)… “I think their defense, first of all, gave their offense a spark. Our impatience offensively against their trapping defense and zone gave them opportunities. They scored 21 points off of turnovers. Defensively in the second half we were very good, they only scored three points until the 13-minute mark. It is less about them (Pilypaitis and Kotsopoulos) and more about their team. They are solid; their posts did a nice job for them. They do the little things really well. They kept the ball alive and won some 50/50 balls. They a very good, veteran team. Pilypaitis and Kotsopoulos are both very good but their entire team is really solid. Their size and length disturbed us a bit. We came out and played a pretty good second half, but they hit some big shots when they needed to.”

On her team’s never die mentality… “I am really proud of our players. You play 40 minutes, possession by possession and we were still down five with a minute left. We felt good about getting stops and scoring a basket. Again, that’s who we are. The underdog mentality to keep on fighting until the bitter end. The team did that and I am very proud of them.”

On the Vermont’s offense… “It was a war of systems. I thought they did a very nice job in their handoffs and scissor action. We were late at times and needed to bring some help. I thought we did after halftime. We came out in the second half outstanding defensively, rebounded the ball hard, and got some good shots. It was a little bit of catch up. We took the lead, but they made some good shots down the stretch. They ended up having a lot of will and as I already alluded to, they spread the court when we tried to foul them. It is a smart, veteran club. Again, I give our team a ton of credit, we fought to the very end. We represented ourselves the best we could, and we played our type of defense. We just hit a very good team.”

On getting to this point… “It’s a body of work, from the non-conference to now. Back to the game-winner at Oregon to the ACC challenge, our road win against Marquette, defeating Purdue for the first time in school history…a lot of different things added up to the tale of the year. It is about how we play, and how we grow as a team. The identity and way we play, and type of players we recruit is exciting for the future. We are here, and obviously it didn’t end the way we wanted it to. It puts fire into the belly for the offseason to get back here. Our players deserve to be here. I am proud of our players and my staff, and again the credit goes to the team because they have had a great year and have nothing to hang their heads about.”

On preparation for Vermont… “Well, we watched almost every game they played, and you get pretty familiar with how they play. They have a good coach, are well disciplined, play hard, they rebound balls as hard as anyone we have played and their guards are outstanding. Their posts, especially the young freshman is very good. She is very good at up and unders and getting to the free throw line. They play hard-nosed defense. They are a system team. They have twenty-seven wins and beat some good teams. They upped their schedule and beat a good Hartford team to get themselves here. They are very very good, and I wish them well. If they keep playing like they’re playing, they’re going to be here for awhile.”

On Rae Lin D’Alie… “We are going to miss Rae more than on the court. She is a tremendous leader, a wonderful individual. She wants to be a coach, and she will be sitting up here and you will be talking to her one day. She has passion for the game, fire in the shorts, tremendous work effort, great feel for the game, and always has an underdog mentality. At 5’3” and she is one of the smallest point guards playing Division I basketball, it’s not about her size, but about the size of her heart. Both she and Teah have put this program in a position where we can go further. Their mark is going to be left both off and on the court.”

Teah Gant • Senior • Guard

On Vermont’s end of game strategy… “They were smart, and they played keep away. They took time off the clock for us, which made it hard for us to come back at the end.”

On matchup with Pilypaitis… “I guess the game shows that she is a great player. I don’t know, I think I played well against her but she made some hard shots. I give her all the credit for that.”

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