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Postgame quotes vs. Illinois



Feb. 26, 2012

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Postgame Quotes: Illinois at Wisconsin
Feb. 26, 2012
Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey:

Opening Statement:  "Well, we are pretty happy.  We are very excited for the win.  Morgan (Paige) and Taylor (Wurtz) really showed up in big ways.  Other people made very timely baskets, I know Anya (Covington), even though she only had six points, had a big basket.  Other people stepped up - Cassie (Rochel) with rebounds, Taylor had a double-double.  I'm just very proud of them.  Obviously for the seniors it's a very good win for us, to go out in the Kohl, in front of our fans and to give them something to remember."

On the momentum shift during the second half:
"I don't even know I was just like 'Just keep scoring children.'  We have been in a drought here and we have not seen the output from what we know we are capable and what we've shown in the past.  That's something we need to work on, is being more consistent.  When you are trying to teach them how to sustain and reach a level of intensity, sometime something goes to the wayside.  The last game it was turnovers and we couldn't score.  This game we took care of the ball and we scored.  That's a nice combination."

On Wisconsin's rebounding:
"The light came on, sometimes it's a dimmer not too bright.  We have really been working on boxing out.  I think the kids now understand how important ball security and having more possessions and opportunities.  If you just do the little things in the beginning and keep them off the boards.  I was very proud that we followed through on what we have been practicing."

On having a senior day message before the game:
"No, when you lose (six) games, there is no message.  If you want to win, you will go out and do what you are supposed to do.  I didn't have this big old speech.  I said, 'If I have to give you words to motivate you and you're a competitor, don't play, and just stay in the locker room.'  These guys are competitors, they want to win." 

"The shots were falling for us today. On other days, they don't go in and we try really hard.  I'm very proud of them.  I'm glad we could get a win in front of our fans, for our seniors.  I can give them their applause because they deserve that, considering all the changes that have happened this year.  I just want to say the seniors and all the players have been supportive of me and the staff. 
Like I said, it can go good or it can go bad.  They decided that they didn't want to wait, and waste time being mad about it, or whatever the feelings were." 

"This is what it Coach (Barry) Alvarez and Terry Gawlik decided what they wanted to do and I was the one that was chosen.  Reflecting there were some games that could have been different.  But again, the numbers are what they are, you have to work with what you have, but I think that they persevered and they really accepted us as coaches and were open to listen to what we had to say, and to work hard.  I get on them pretty good, but I know that they can do it.  If I didn't I would have stayed where I was.  I know that they are hard workers; they want to win, and get more competitive.  Our returners will do great."

Illinois head coach Jolette Law

On what went wrong in the second half:
“We thought the game was over at halftime. We didn’t come out with that same intensity that same fire. I always tell my kids the first four minutes is pretty much going to dictate how the whole 20 minutes will go. I think the first four minutes, Wisconsin came out, they didn’t back down and they seemed like they wanted it more.

“We hold (Taylor) Wurtz to (four) points in the first half and you would think that I said ‘Just don’t let her touch the ball’ and that’s the way to guard a player like. We started to let her get some wide-open looks. She was putting the ball on the basket (and) there was no weak side coming over. I just think we stopped doing the little things that we preached all the first half that was working well for us.“

On GodBold and McCully rotation to cover Wurtz:
“The reason that I put (Adrienne) GodBold on her was that she picked up a third foul trying to play with 43 (Cassie Rochel) on the post. I needed GodBold in the game and I knew that they were going to go to Wurtz a lot. Wurtz pretty much had a tougher time with GodBold than she did with (Lydia) McCully. She has the height advantage over McCully, and I knew I had to take a gamble hopefully McCully could just not let her touch it and get in her face and don’t let her get her shot off. But unfortunately she got her shot off and when she hit one or two … she’s a great shooter once she gets going." 

On being outrebounded:
“To be truthful we didn’t block out and it just looked at one point that it was all white jerseys in the paint and my orange jerseys were outside the paint. I just think they were crashing the boards and we weren’t putting a body on them like we were in the first half, we actually made contact. I think we tried to jump with them versus doing the basic fundamental things like boxing out, so I give them a lot of credit they came in and that was the difference in the game. When you get 15 second-chance points, that tells a lot to me about how the game went in the second half.”

On GodBold’s offensive performance keeping Illinois in the game:
“It’s always important. She is really a starter, but for me and my team she comes off the bench and she brings a spark. She’s a gamer and every time we need a basket or we need a stop, she’s there, but I was just hoping that everyone else would feed off of it. There were some times when the shot clock was going down, she was confident enough to take the three or look to post up. She did all the little things and going forward into the tournament, she’s been playing extremely well the last 11 games so hopefully she’ll keep it going.”


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