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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Purdue



Feb. 14, 2013

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Wisconsin Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Purdue
Feb. 14, 2013
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.  

Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening statement:
“Obviously we're a little disappointed in our play tonight. We didn't execute as well down the stretch as we did the first half. I thought we played a great first half, but unfortunately the game is not done in the first half. If it was 20 minutes, we would have won that one, but it's not. We have to learn to close out games.

“I thought that when Jacki (Gulczynski) got her fourth foul it really hurt us. And she knows that, she has to stay in the game. Then we let (KK) Houser hit a couple of threes and if she hits one, you have to guard her. That's my job to tell them that and it didn't get done. So, we'll prepare for Illinois on Monday.

On if she should have pulled Jacki Gulcyznksi out when she got her third foul:
“This is the first time really that someone has gotten a fourth that early in the game. I know Cassie (Rochel) may have gotten a fourth sometime, but they know how to play with fouls and that was just Jacki having a brain freeze right there. The girl pretty much had the layup, and right when she fouled her she knew 'Ah, I shouldn't have done that.’ We take a chance, it's a calculated risk and she felt confident she could stay in with that third foul, and I felt confident that she could because she had done it before. Maybe next time I will take her out, because now she has to build that trust back that I know she can do that without fouling. We depend on Jacki a lot and she knows she has to stay in the game.

“But Nicole (Bauman) had a nice game. I thought she shot the ball well, but then Morgan (Paige) had a tough one. So we just have to put it all together.

On if KK Houser hitting threes in the second half opened up the middle:
“I don't think so. We had a little rotation scheme we were trying to do. We know Drey (Mingo)'s move, it's that spin move. In the first half we were there, we were on it. The double wasn't coming off of Houser because she's right at the top, it was coming from a different place, but it wasn't there fast enough. She got loose a couple times. In the first half, she traveled a couple of times and we took it away from her, so we have to do this.

“We cannot leave Cassie (Rochel) one-on-one, it's a lot to ask of somebody to try and play somebody that talented one-on-one. No disrespect to Cassie because obviously she's a great defender, but we try to keep our kids out of foul trouble and when she knows she's going to get help, there's no reason to foul. We weren't there quick enough.

“We were standing right in front of Houser and for some reason, the girl hit one, you have to get on her. It's not that difficult, but I don't know, we will watch it and see what the problem was. I think she had three back-to-back-to-back threes. That was our mistake. We took care of (Courtney) Moses, she only had two points, only three attempts. You've got to find her in transition; we weren't leaving her at all. But then KK Houser gets going and there you go, that's the game.

On facing a zone:
“We don't see a lot of zone for one, so we don't have to go up against it all that much. But certain teams will play a zone. It's just a matter of hitting people when they're open. When people are cutting, the window of opportunity is about that big (holding her fingers apart about an inch.) If you miss them, or you turn your head, you're not ready to make the pass, it's not going to be there. It's not always what you're running, it's who's running it and being able to recognize when people are open. And then when you're open, and the hands are down, you've got to take the shot. We've got folks foot-faking, to do what? The girls aren't going for it, shoot the ball.

“Nicole (Bauman) did that in the first half, but she got away from that. I thought Morgan (Paige) rushed some shots and then didn't take some she had. It's just recognition and understanding when you're open before you get the ball. Good scorers know they're open before they get it. When they catch it, it's up and out, it's gone. As opposed to catching it and then saying 'Oh I'm open,' it's too late. Good teams are going to be right there with their hand up. With practice we just have to continue to work on our zone and we've worked on it in practice, you just don't see it a lot. It does slow you down, it slowed them down, and they didn't really get what they wanted in the first half either. It happens."

Purdue head coach Sharon Versyp 

Opening statement:
“We knew it was going to be a very tough battle. Wisconsin is a very good basketball team. Their record doesn’t show how talented they are. They play exceptionally hard, and they are players that really do some great things and really understand their roles. For us it was very important to shoot the ball better in the second half, which we did. We shot 50 percent. I thought KK (Houser) really got us going, hitting three 3s in a row and kind of getting the tide going our way. I thought our defense was phenomenal in the second half, only holding them to 20 (points).” 

On how important Houser getting hot in the second half was:
“Whether it be an inside player or outside player, when somebody has their stroke going you just want to keep going to them. It’s not tough coaching. You just tell them to keep getting the ball. (Houser) hit three 3s and really got confidence. When somebody hits a shot, it just keeps building confidence with everybody else. (Wisconsin) flipped into a box-and-one on KK and I put Courtney (Moses) back in, so then they have to decide who they needed to defend. KK played a heck of a game tonight, (took it) to another level. You just continue to have players step up. Taylor (Manuel) had seven boards, Drey (Mingo) had eight boards and Sam (Ostarello) had eight boards, which was great rebounding-wise, but collectively, in the first half, our post players were like 3-of-19. They stepped up in the second half.”

On whether she felt like her team was getting good shots all game:
“I felt like we were getting good shots. We’ve got to turn and face and shoot over the top of post players, but we did. We had 15-foot shots, and those are the things we’re working on—not just always 3-point shots. The first half, we told our post players they were going to have a 15-foot shot, you’ve got to make that. I thought in the second half we did a much better job.”

On the decision to go to a three-quarter-court press in the second half:
“Just kind of a gut feeling. You just change things up. We went to a 2-2-1 defense back into a (man) defense. We threw a (man) defense in there about five or six times, just to change things up because we had to chase their players all over the place. When we did go to a zone, they really did not score. But I did not want them to get comfortable (with the zone) because they’re good 3-point shooters. (The zone) is just something that we said we would do today when it was fitting to.”

On Mingo not getting frustrated after a slow start in the first half:
“I think that’s big. We tell Drey, people understand that she’s always going to go to her left. She has an opportunity to go to her right, and they took that away. She can’t just shoot into their hands. She’s undersized down low, but she just got a good rhythm going and let the game come to her. It was helpful that KK was knocking down shots, because then they couldn’t triple-team her. She did a good job when they double-teamed her.”

On whether she felt the game shift after Jackie Gulczynski picked up her fourth foul:
“Absolutely. She’s a key player. She’s the one that’s so tough to guard, because she’s a post player and it’s hard for post players to chase around someone who shoots the 3 so well. She’s really savvy. She’s really, really good. When she got the fourth foul, that was a huge key. In the zone, we were trying to attack her a little bit. We know how valuable she is. We took the lead, and then we were trying to go at her again when she came back in. That gives a lot of respect to her.”

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