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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Minnesota

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
Postgame Quotes
Feb. 12, 2014
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening Statement:

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“We are obviously disappointed in our play. We didn’t shoot very well in the first half, which was not for lack of being open. We just didn’t knock them down. But the kids persevered. They really tried to run our offenses and get us in a position where we could hit our shots. And (Minnesota) did a nice job. 

“You know, (Rachel) Banham is a tough cover. She’s All-American, and there’s a reason why. She does a nice job of taking her time and creating her own shot, and if she doesn’t have her own shot, she’ll make the pass. We had some missed assignments here and there. I know these kids are disappointed. I am too, but we’re going to continue to fight and see if we can get one of these wins.”

On scoring just five points in the first 14 minutes:

“It doesn’t sit well, I know that. It doesn’t sit well with me. Again, we had open looks. That’s what you run the offense to get – open shots. I can see several of them in my head right now. We missed some layups, we missed some open threes. The shots are there. We’ve just got to knock them down.

“Maybe that’s just people getting in the gym a little more, not sitting in the locker room watching TV or whatever people do before practice. I’m not down there but if it were me, I’d be in the gym. I’d be in there before and after, getting in my shots, because that’s what it takes. It’s no coincidence. People are making their shots over there, and I don’t know what they do, but I’m sure it’s spending time in the gym. That’s the only way to be able to be a good shooter, spending time outside of practice. You can’t wait ‘til practice to get shots off.”

On Malayna Johnson’s play:

“Malayna’s a freshman. She’s come a long way. She’s not as aggressive as we need her to be, but she’s getting there. You can see an improvement. She had a layup or two that she missed, but then she made one or two. She’s tall, she takes some of the pressure off of Mick (Johnson) to have to guard some of those bigger girls down low.

“We’re missing some big ones that are hurt. Cassie (Rochel) is hurt. Mikey (Michaela Crall) is coming along, but she’s not going to play this year. Rosie (Gambino), our other transfer is 6-3. So we’re just not big enough sometimes against girls that they have on other teams. We’re not going to make any excuses, we’ve just got to make our shots. We didn’t do that.”

On what made Michala a non-factor tonight:

“I know in the first half when she caught it, they had three people on her. So I know for her it’s hard to score with three folks, but I told her she'd probably have to reverse pivot so she can see them, then that way they can’t run up on her with her back turned. I knew that was going to happen. She knows it’s going to happen. They’re not going to just let her have 20 points a game. That’s why we were getting some open shots because they were collapsing in on her. She’d kick it out, but again, we didn’t make them. You gotta make them.”

On the team’s second-half spark:

“We went into a low 2-2-1 press, kind of slowed down for a bit. They got a layup before then, so we were trying to just slow them down. Then they missed a couple of shots. We went into that zone and messed them up a little bit. Maybe we should’ve stayed in it, I don’t know. Sometimes you just change it, you stay with it. Sometimes you stay too long, sometimes you don’t stay long enough.

“But I thought that was a nice run on our part. We just couldn’t sustain it when they made another… It goes back and forth, but sometimes the run for the other team lasts a little bit longer than you want.”

“Other than Taylor with double digits, we didn’t have anyone else in double digits. That’s not characteristic of our team, but we’ve just got to watch it and figure out what we need to do.”

Minnesota Head Coach Pam Borton

On Wisconsin cutting Minnesota’s lead to four points in the second half:

“Games are a game of runs. That run is going to happen throughout the course of the 40-minute game. I think that was their run, a 12-2 run. I think it was a 7-0 run and we called a timeout. Then they came out and scored again. Then it went to a media timeout and we scored a basket. Then they scored again, but I think after that media timeout, it really stopped the run. They made some shots, (Taylor) Wurtz made a couple deep threes. I was really proud of our kids for really digging their heels in defensively and really playing smart on offense.”

On Rachel Banham taking over in the second half:

“No, I don’t think it was a coincidence at all. I think she is the one who needs the ball in her hands at the end of the game. The point guard and a kid that can get to the rim or the free throw line. She did a great job. She was pretty burned down by the end of the game. They were picking her up full court but she played really smart down the stretch. She made sure she was the one who was taking the shots and the free throws at the end of the game.”

On Wisconsin’s 13 turnovers and 21 percent shooting in the first half:

“I think it was just making them take low percentage shots. No. 25 inside, (Michala) Johnson, I think she is a great player. She can go one-on-one with anybody. She can score a lot of points. I think with us mixing up defenses and zones, I think it prohibited her from taking a lot of shots and being very effective inside. I thought our zone did a great job. We forced them to take outside shots and low percentage shots. We did a much better job in the second half not given them second shots.”

On Amanda Zahui being a difference maker in this games:

“She got in foul trouble in the first half and I thought she was a nonfactor in the first half as well. I thought she needs to learn to play a little bit smarter with two fouls. She is far enough a long in her career to do that, but I thought she came out in the second half and did extremely well.”

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