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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Indiana



Feb. 10, 2013

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Wisconsin Postgame Quotes

Wisconsin vs. Indiana
Feb. 10, 2013
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis. 

Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey:

Opening statement:
“I’m pleased with the win today. Obviously, we needed it pretty badly. The young ladies stepped up and did a nice job of coming out ready to play. We looked a little nervous with Tiera (Stephen) not being able to play the whole game, but I think Dakota (Whyte) did a nice job up there. She’s still learning—she’s a freshman—but her stat line was good. Her turnover line was really nice—one. I was happy about that. It was a good win for our team.” 

On whether she expected her team to come out flat after a double-overtime loss to Ohio State:
“No, I expected them to come out ready to play. We dealt with that (the Ohio State loss), we looked at it. I know Morgan (Paige) felt really bad about the foul. Nine other times she wouldn’t do that. But it’s my job to remind them not to foul. I took responsibility for that. The last thing that you say is what people remember. But it wasn’t just that play. We missed some free throws—I think Tessa (Cichy) missed the front end of a one-and-one—we didn’t box out. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. We’ve been on the other side of that, where things went our way. We just had to wipe that away and not dwell on it. All of us were pretty upset, and could not be talked to at all. You just have to move on. The next game has got to be played, and you want to win it. You can’t sulk about what happened before.”

On whether Whyte brings a more fast-paced style to the point guard position:
“She doesn’t walk the ball up. Sometimes it gets her in trouble because people run up on her and steal it from her because they know that she’s going to turn and go with it. But I like that about Dakota, I just want her to be under control and not make a silly play once she gets to the point where maybe she needs to stop and run the offense. She’s learning how to be a point guard, and how to read the situation in front of her, because if she has it, push it. I don’t mind that. She got a layup one time when she kind of slowed down, read it, hesitated, and then went in. I think when she does that, she’s really good, but when she doesn’t, it’s terrible.”

On how well her team moved the ball today:
“Having 16 assists is nice. That means a lot of different people are scoring. Cassie (Rochel) had five (assists) on her own. I told her that she’s not a passer and not to get used to that, but, again, she was reading the defense. They went to the zone and she started reading it, skip-passing it and people hit some open threes. When she screens, Morgan (Paige) comes off. If they don’t play that properly, Morgan’s going to hit it. So those were some assists for Cassie. When we do share the ball, we look really good. It gets a lot of different people involved, and that’s what you want. You don’t want one person dominating the ball.”

On Morgan Paige’s defense, especially holding IU’s leading scorer, Aulani Sinclair, to just three points:
“For Morgan to play defense like that and score, that’s a lot on her. But she’s smart, she understands not leaving people. Nicole (Bauman) is a good backup for us, and we try to tag-team those two on their best offensive player. But for her to do it on both ends, that says a lot about Morgan.”

On Rochel’s three blocks today:
“She had her blocks going today. I just don’t want her to follow through and foul. That’s the only thing. Cassie watches video with Stacy (Cantley), and she really breaks her game down.”

Indiana head coach Curt Miller

Opening statement:

“Well first I would like to congratulate Wisconsin on a nice win tonight. I thought they were fantastic in the first 20-24 minutes of the game. Their movement on offense and their ability to share the ball and set screens really hurt our defense. We had prided ourselves on keeping most teams under 70 (points) throughout the entire year, with the exception of one. Forty-four points is a fantastic half against our defense and (Wisconsin Head Coach) Bobbie (Kelsey) does not get the credit she deserves as an X’s and O’s coach.”

“With that said, we knew if we could keep this game close that after a double overtime game they may lose their legs late. Both teams are decimated by injuries and both teams have very little coming off the bench in terms of the amount of people we can sub in.

“I’m not sure our zone defense was fantastic, but they scored 13 points in the final 15 minutes of the game and we could just never make a run to make the game interesting. We are limited, so limited offensively that, when you get behind the way we did, it’s hard for us to make a run. But I’m proud that we dug back in defensively. I’m proud that the zone caught them off balance and (we) played better in the second half defensively because of that. But some of that is they just lost their legs in the second half considering the back-to-back games they just had to play.”

“It’s not about wins and losses this year for us, but trying to create a culture and I’m really proud that we keep fighting.”

On what Wisconsin did to limit the effectiveness of Indiana leading scorer Aulani Sinclair:
“I thought they did a nice job shading to her. Morgan (Paige) did a good job when she was assigned to her, fighting over the top of ball screens. I just thought they made things as difficult for her as possible. When you are so limited offensively and you can’t get your top player shots or good looks, it makes it for a long night.”

On the job Wisconsin has done overcoming numerous injuries:
“I think Bobbie (Kelsey) is doing a fantastic job, absolutely fantastic. Some of the teams in the league are more structured and are easier to scout. Wisconsin is not an easy scout team. They are hard to cheat because they make different cuts and their motion keeps you off guard. Their movement is fantastic.

“The difference between their low numbers and our low numbers is she has kept that top group in tremendous shape and they play hard with all that movement at both ends of the floor. When you look at our kids, and our low numbers, we look like we hit the wall at times. They look like they are in better condition that we are.”

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