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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. No. 22 Nebraska

Recap | Box Score | Notes

Wisconsin vs. No. 22 Nebraska
Postgame Quotes
Feb. 5, 2014
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening Statement:

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

“Obviously we’re very disappointed in the game. I don’t have much to say other than I’m proud of them. We let them hit some threes that we shouldn’t have, but other than that, I thought we played a great game. It came down to one play and we didn’t hit it, so there you go.”

On the last play called in OT:

“We’re not going to tell you what we called it because then we’ll tell everyone what we called it. It was just to get (Michala Johnson) the ball, and we had it right where we wanted it, and it didn’t go our way. But she was scoring all night so we were going to get her the ball and let her see what she could do.”

On whether Morgan Paige was meant to take the last shot at end of regulation:

“Well, not necessarily. She lost her footing. Sometimes Morgan needs to realize if she’s not there to turn around and throw it out. But she’s trying to make a play. You can’t be mad at the kid. If she would’ve made it, I wouldn’t be saying anything.  So you just go with it. She lost her footing, and if she didn’t, she probably would’ve had something. We’re lucky they didn’t call a travel. They could’ve called a travel. She just lost her footing.”

On the team’s recent shooting:

“I’m very pleased. As long as the ball’s going in, you can’t be mad about that. I’m just mad for them (the team). They play their tails off, and we just have a mistake here or there, one thing doesn’t go our way and then we don’t win the game.

“But I don’t want to take anything away from Nebraska. They’re a great team, that’s why they’re ranked in the national rankings. It’s well-deserved. They’ve got great players. (Tear’a) Laudermill, she tore us up. We kept stepping off of her. We tell them, ‘Don’t get beat the same way.’ Well, if she hit two in your face, maybe you need to get up on her a little bit. They can’t wait for us to tell them that. You’ve got to make the adjustment on the fly. That’s just how it goes.

“I know they’re smart players. We have smart players that can make those adjustments … I’m just disappointed for them because they worked really hard. This is a game we could’ve had some strides and momentum going. That’s okay. We’ll see them again.”

Taylor Wurtz

“We played tough like coach said, but we don’t like moral victories. We just have to get back into the gym, watch the film, and correct the little mistakes. Now we know that we can play with anybody in this league, and we’re going to make a statement towards the end of the season.”

Kelsey’s response to Taylor’s quote:

“I agree. That’s the best thing said all night. Forget what I just said. Listen to that.”

Nebraska Head Coach Connie Yori

Opening statement:
“That’s a good basketball game. As a fan, that’s probably fun to watch, particularly the second half when both teams kind of got going scoring wise. Wisconsin’s’ tough and they’re particularly tough when they play on their home court. We knew we had our hands full and we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The last two years we’ve come in here, it’s gone down to the wire and we’ve been fortunate to win three times here in situations where it would have been easy for them to have won. You have to commend them for their efforts and their play. 

“(Michala) Johnson had a great game in the second half and we had a hard time slowing her down. But we made a lot of plays in the last couple minutes of regulation and into overtime. We just made a lot of plays. It came down to getting one defensive stop. Emily (Cady) made a good play out on the ball. And you hate to see anybody lose that game because it was just a game where both teams fought really hard.” 

On whether or not she had a good idea who was taking final shot for UW:
“Well, we thought it would go to Johnson but we also thought they could run a ball screen in that situation. But we worked on that cross screen in practice and (Tear’a) Laudermill did a good job of bumping the cutter and then we had Emily Cady guarding her at that juncture and I think that’s a good matchup. Emily is just pretty active and she came around and made a nice play on it. You have to think they’re going Johnson or they’re going ball screen.” 

On the troubles of guarding Johnson in the second half and overtime:
“Well, we had a little more opportunity to send some doubles with some of the lineups they had on the floor in the first half. And they went with pretty much their shooting lineup in the second half and it’s harder to double. In addition, we’re in foul trouble the whole game with our posts from the get go. Not only did we know that was going to be a tough matchup for us, but on top of it, we’re in foul trouble.” 

On stepping up the 3-point shooting in the second half:
“Well, those three three’s that Tear’a Laudermill had to run with were kind of big. You know, Jordan (Hooper) hit a couple big shots for us, as well. Jordan got going at the end of regulation and into overtime. But those three’s that Laudermill hit, I mean, that one was, I don’t know where it was from. It was like, ‘No, no, no, yes!’ One of those deals as a coach. She hit the three three’s in whatever span of time, it just seemed like it was back-to-back-to-back. So that’s big. You know, shooting’s a funny thing. It’s a confidence thing. Sometimes when other kids are hitting shots it’s easier to make shots.” 

On the inbound pass with about one second remaining in regulation:
“Well, we had a couple options there. We had Jordan coming off of a stagger and we had another option, as well.”

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