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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Michigan

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Jan. 26, 2014

Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Michigan
Jan. 26, 2014
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bobby Kelsey

Opening statement:
“We’re obviously disappointed in our play. We didn’t have quite the offensive punch we needed. We did play some pretty good defense. We got a lot of jump balls and blocks and things of that nature, but when we tried to press they got by us. Overall I thought the kids played hard, it just wasn’t enough.”

On the team’s struggles to find a third scorer:
“That’s a good question. If I knew, maybe I could fix it. We’re missing a lot of little shots around the basket. People just have to get in the gym and shoot more – and not just threes. You’ve got to have a mid-range game, you’ve got to have a finish-at-the-basket game. You can’t just be one dimensional. You’ve got to be a complete player. Complete players, whatever you take away from them, they’ve got something else for you.”

On why she switched to a zone defense midway through the first half:
“We had gotten some fouls, and we weren’t defending the way we wanted to. I think the zone kind of slowed them down, but then they got one or two looks in there. You’re always trying to change it up – change the tempo and the flow of the game. I thought that helped us in some respects and then they hit a couple shots and you have to come out of it.”

On how Michigan held Taylor Wurtz and Morgan Paige to just five combined points:
“I’d have to go back and look at it to see if there was anything specific that they were doing, but again, you’ve got to have a mid-range game. For whatever reason, those two just kind of wanted to shoot the threes.

“Taylor needs to spot up and shoot. Sometimes she dribbles and dribbles and can’t find anything. I think she’s just struggling to find her flow. She hasn’t found it yet. I feel bad for her because she’s a very talented player. We’re trying to find ways to get her the ball without her having to dribble so much, because she expends a lot of energy trying to manufacture a shot that really isn’t there. But again, I feel bad for her because this is her senior season and she fought so hard to come back from that back injury.

“I don’t think she’s 100 percent. Not to make an excuse for her, but on (some shots), she just doesn’t have the lift that she did two years ago. That’s a factor in it. I think she can help herself a little bit by spotting up and letting others work to get her the ball, instead of always wanting to come to it and get it.”

On whether her team got better shots during a second-half run:
“I think so. Nicole (Bauman) hit some shots, and Michala (Johnson) had a couple of nice and-ones. She’s got to make her free throws though. She normally makes them, but tonight she kind of struggled at the line. But only her and Morgan got to the free throw line. We’re shooting too many threes. We’ve got to get to the basket. For some reason we just want to shoot threes. I don’t know what that’s about. We’ll figure it out.”

On whether she thought about going to the press earlier:
“We were right (in the game), and you don’t want to extend yourself if you’re right there. (If it’s a close game), why extend yourself? There are times to do it. We tried to swarm in the half court a little bit, but we weren’t always on the same page with that. We don’t do it very much, so some people weren’t used to doing it. But when we did (execute it effectively), we got jump balls. We got like four jump balls in a row. That’s a credit to the kids not fouling and tying it up instead of coming in and whacking people. You never know quite what’s going to work, so you try different things and sometimes it’s not as successful as you want it to be.”

Michigan Head Coach Kim Barnes Arico

Opening statement:
“I thought it was a really good game. I was happy with the way that we were able to grind it out down the stretch when Wisconsin went up in the second half. That’s something our team didn’t respond well to the other night when Ohio State went up. I thought Wisconsin really did a good job and made some great runs. It was nice to see our team be able to respond to their runs. I thought (Michala) Johnson did a great job for them tonight. She really gave us a tough time and got our bigs in foul trouble. It was good that we were able to pull it out.”

On what she attributes her team’s resiliency to this year:
“That wood I keep knocking on! I’m not exactly sure. One of the things we talk about a lot as a team is bouncing back and being able to respond. With as many games as we get to play, I think it’s really important that you’re able to forget about not playing well and just try to focus on the next opponent. And we were able to do that after Ohio State. We’re a work in progress and just trying to improve every day.”

On answer after Michigan bigs fouled out with three minutes to play:
“I looked at my assistant and a couple of tears dropped from my face. We went with five guards initially and then we went to a young lady on our team that doesn’t really play that many minutes, Rebecca Little. And then we also tried to press. It was going to be Johnson’s matchup and she had hurt us all day. We tried to take some time off of the shot clock and not really allow her to get set up in the half court, which I think helped us a little bit. And then we subbed offense, defense.”

On stopping Morgan Paige and Taylor Wurtz:
“I thought the first time we played them we did a tremendous job on (Taylor) Wurtz and (Michala) Johnson. Johnson did really did a good job this game making some adjustments compared to last time. Nicole Elmblad is our best defender and we put her on Wurtz both games. I think she did a really nice job on her.

“Paige hurt us late in the game last time on a lot of turnovers and a lot of transition stuff. So we felt that if we could really limit our turnovers we might limit her opportunities. She’s sensational in the open court and she’s really good with the basketball in her hands. We tried to take away her drives and force her to become an outside shooter.”

On anticipating press from Wisconsin:
“After we played them the first time, we watched that film and worked on press for about two weeks straight because they really made us look in disarray when they pressed us last time. It’s hard for any team to press for 40 minutes like that, especially when you don’t have tremendous depth. So I knew they wouldn’t be able to do it the whole game, but I thought that they would pick and choose their spots, which they did. They do a really nice job of pressing. They play extremely hard and they don’t quit. I know that their schedule isn’t indicative of how close each game was, but every one of their games is really tight. They’re a tough team and they’re getting better and better. I feel like they’re turning the corner. They’ve lost some really tough games.”

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