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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Illinois



Jan. 23, 2011

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Post-Game Coach Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Illinois
January 23, 2011

Wisconsin Head Coach Lisa Stone

Opening Statement:
"I'm really proud of our players. It's been an up-and-down start to the season, and then once the Big Ten season started, our kids really prepared well (for it). We didn't play real well in the first half, but it wasn't quite as slow of a start as it was the last two games. But our defense really picked up in the second half, and we started going back inside. We went to Tara Steinbauer real early, and in the second half, that was certainly the goal. Karisma Penn is a great player. She picked up three fouls really fast, and the best place for us to guard her is on the bench. I thought we did a good job of getting the ball into Lin (Zastrow) and Tara."

On the score tied at 33 and going on a 23-8 run after Penn got her third foul:
"We found shots inside and out, and I thought we executed really well. We took care of the ball. When we play defense, we rebound, and we take care of the ball. Those three very simple things generally get a pretty good outcome."

On post-play and scoring in the paint:
"That's where we started to go to start the game. We know that (Illinois) were pretty small inside, and we thought we could execute inside, but their guards are quick and athletic. We talked about being more aggressive offensively (after the first half). I thought we could more of that in the second half and indeed we did, but I'm really pleased with our turnover number (a season-low six)."

On the second-half defense over the past two games:
"I'd like that to happen in the first half. We talk about it, have pride, keep vision and no lane and know our personnel. I know our players know it and we'll find a trigger point. We have the second half of the Big Ten season coming up, and we're in a great position. This would be a good week for us to take a day or two off and get fueled up and go down to Northwestern and start all over again."

On securing the state sweep for Wisconsin teams with the win:
"That's awesome. It's been a great day for the Badgers and the Packers. Our men's basketball team only had one turnover today, so between the men's and women's basketball teams we had seven total. That's a pretty good day."

Illinois coach Jolette Law

Opening Statement:
"I just think the first two minutes of the game, when those two fouls happened when (the score) was 0-0 really changed the complexion of the whole game. But, you have to give Wisconsin a lot of credit, they came out and they found a way to get a victory tonight."

On how Karisma Penn's foul troubles impacted the game:
"I don't understand it because from the very beginning we started out, we had a good game going to the wire, you have no fouls, and you blink your eye and in less than two minutes, not even two, a minute and 37 seconds, you get three fouls. I didn't understand it but that's the way it goes. You just have to hold on.

On how her team played without Penn:
I think we played well in spite of it. Everyone was a little surprised, but we had been in that situation before. We cut the lead to four when Adrienne GodBold hit two big threes and we were in the game. I was just in the huddle trying to do things to pump them up, let them know time, situation, score. With eight minutes left in the game we just wanted to get stops on defense and execute, and we'll be fine.

We missed a couple of defensive assignments, I think Taylor Wurtz hit a deep three, and then we started fouling. We made back-to-back fouls. They went to the line and, I thought they were 17-for-17, but it was 16-for-17 from the free throw line, and before you know it, it was double digits. Just knowing how to stay composed when adversity hit and being able to find a way to get the job done. We did a good job up until the eight-minute mark and then we started making some silly fouls and that led them to getting to the line."

On the post play of Wisconsin:
"We knew that they go inside into the post. They have two seniors who have been here, I looked and I was like, `Wow, (Lin) Zastrow's still here.' They are very good ballplayers, very effective on the inside, and we also knew that you cannot double because they have great guards with (Alyssa) Karel, (Taylor) Wurtz, and Jade (Davis). We knew what they were capable of doing, so we changed it up a lot, tried to zone it up a bit. But I have to give them credit. In the second half, they came out and they wanted to get the ball inside to their post players, and they did that."


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