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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Northwestern



Jan. 22, 2012

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening statement:
“It’s nice to be on the other side of this. I’m very proud of all the girls that played in the game, even Kelly [Supernaw] got in there. We need everybody stepping up all the time to help this team win. It can’t be just Anya [Covington] or just Taylor [Wurtz]. We’ve got to have three or four people making it hard on the other team. And on the other side, we can’t just key in on one person against these Big Ten schools. They all have great scorers and great playmakers. But we’re very capable and we showed that tonight in front of a great crowd. The crowd was awesome.”

On Wurtz’s 3-pointer to break the game open at the end:
“It was huge. And a great screen by Ashley [Thomas]. Without that screen and without that recognition, we don’t get that shot. Taylor hit the shot, but other people made it happen. And that’s what it’s about. Obviously, we count on Taylor a lot and her shot has been up and down here and there. But we always feel like if she shoots it, it’s going in. Now with Morgan, I believe (her shots are) going in too.”

On Wisconsin’s success in breaking Northwestern’s press:
“They put their bigger people at the top of it, so once you get past them, then it’s like you kind of have a three-on-two or a four-on-three. I think we got into trouble when we tried to pass over, because you have to reverse it quickly and then get it to the middle. Then you’ve got open people on the wings. Once we figured that out, we were fine.”

On how the Badgers closed out the game:
“Well, we’ve had enough games where we haven’t done it. So you’ve got to learn and do better. I told them before the game that every team’s going to go on a run, just like we go on our runs. It can’t be where they go on a run and they just keep running. At some point, you have to go on a run of your own and then run past them. That’s the game. Momentum goes on both benches. We’ve had to learn the hard way to close games out. But this game gives us confidence that we can score from more than one place.”

Closing comments:
“We’re just really proud of the kids. They’ve really worked hard, and I’m always busting on them to get more. In my first conversation with them I said, “I’m going to squeeze you like a lemon.” You always have to get that last little bit of juice out of the lemon and they don’t always like it, but that’s our job as coaches, to get the most out of them. We know they can give a lot more than they even think they can. Tonight shows that. We can give more.

“If you want to win and you’re competitive, you have to go out there and take the game. You can’t let people come in here and take it from you. I always say it’s like somebody coming into your house and they sit on your couch and they get your remote, and go into your refrigerator and don’t ask you, and eat your things. Are you going to let them do that? No, you’re not. So you think of them as uninvited guests, and you’ve got to send them home. That’s just an analogy about how you should approach the other team. Whoever comes into the Kohl Center, you’ve got to treat them as uninvited guests.”

Northwestern Head Coach Joe McKeown

Opening statement:
"I thought it was a really frustrating game for us, Wisconsin got really hot and shot the ball extremely well in the first half. We talked about getting it to 10 down and 10 to go in the second half, and we almost got there. I thought if we could do that, we could maybe force them to cool down and we would be able to make a run. But that didn't happen. We got it down to 12 or 13 and then they came right back and scored. That's really what happened from where I sat."

On his team's play today:
"I think when you watch [Wisconsin] on tape, they've played really well in the conference as far as being competitive. They haven't won a lot of games, but they've been in every game. It's just a real dangerous team. (Morgan) Paige got real hot against Iowa, she got hot again today. (Anya) Covington I thought was able to do a lot of things inside, and obviously we didn't do a good job defending her. I give them a lot of credit too. We missed a lot of shots we could make. It's just disappointing.

“But they played well. At halftime [Covington and Paige] had 30 of their 40 points. We talked about shutting both of them down. I thought we did a good job against (Taylor) Wurtz, actually, the first 30 minutes of the game. If we played again in the Big Ten tournament, we would have to find two players that really hurt us today."

On how much of his team's defense was focused on Taylor Wurtz:
"She's somebody that's had to play a lot of basketball for Wisconsin, a lot of experience, so she's somebody they look for every time down the floor. She does a good job of getting open, she does a good job of drawing contact, and then she had a big shot. That was a big shot, because if I thought we could get that under 10, we had some momentum going. And offensively, we were starting to get the ball a little better, took better shots. We took terrible shots in the first half. When we are really good, when we beat really good teams, we play up-tempo with real good shot selection. That's something we have to get back to."

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