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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Ohio State



Jan. 20, 2013

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Ohio State Head Coach Jim Foster Postgame Quotes

Opening statement
"We didn't move the ball well in the second half. We stood still for long periods of time and just kept waiting for someone else to take over instead of collectively the group taking some responsibility. I think our communication on defense was poor.

"The thing is that we defended well in the first half. It started to be successful for them in the second half because we weren't talking to each other and bumping off responsibility like we did in the first half." 

On Ohio State's previous win streak against Wisconsin:
"That's what we have to understand because we have played well in the past doesn't mean it's an automatic. The day we learn that is the day we start to get better."

UW Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening statement
“We’re very happy. Obviously we needed this like the air in our lungs. We were drowning and couldn’t breathe. To beat a team of Ohio State’s caliber really says a lot about the kids and their perseverance, to stick with it in spite of the circumstances and the adversity. I just give them all of the credit because it’s easy to be down when you’re losing, but they kept their spirits up, stuck together and made sure that no one strays away from the pact. We just have to have a gang mentality and come out fighting and that’s what we did tonight.”

On what she said at halftime that caused the team to come out hard in the second half:
“Nothing really. I said the same old thing - watch the best player, rebound. We talked about little adjustments in the zone, but nothing different. I don’t think you have to come with these rah-rah speeches. They know what they’re supposed to be doing and they came out and really executed. Before the game, we talked about playing 40 minutes. Not 37, not 35-and-a-half, 40 minutes. That was the only way we were going to beat a team of Ohio State’s caliber because they were very good, just more shots for us went in than them.”

On how key it was getting to the free throw line and making the free throws:
“I didn’t realize Morgan (Paige) had that many free throws. I had no idea. I’m just watching the score, thinking we’re up by 10, keep the score up, I don’t care how you score.

“We’re a pretty decent free throw shooting team. We have been. Last year we set a record for percentage. We shoot them every day. We shoot every day and we shoot our free throws every day in different ways. We’ll have 12 in a row, a free throw challenge, or survivor island, I won’t explain that one, but these kids really step up to the line. They’re not afraid.

“One game I was calling Nicole’s (Bauman) name and she was shooting. I said, ‘Nicole, Nicole,’ and Tiera (Stephen) said, ‘She’s shooting.’ But she made her free throws, so again they don’t get distracted, they just walk up there. Morgan (Paige) is a very good free throw shooter. Even Tiera is a very good free throw shooter, although she’s not a great shooter.

“I think we have confidence that anybody can walk up there and hit their free throws. Cassie (Rochel) is a pretty good free throw shooter. Jacki (Gulczynski) hits hers. So all the starters, people that play a lot, I don’t think they can pick on one person and say, ‘Okay, foul this person and they won’t make it.’ Obviously if the other team gets a technical, we always have Morgan go up there and shoot it, because she’s probably one of our best percentage free throw shooters, but anyone can step up there and knock them down.”                                                                                                                              

On if having Cassie Rochel run the floor was part of the game plan:
“No. We tell them to run the floor every game. Of course, they have some bigger players that maybe struggle to get up and down and you can take advantage of that. Once they get down there they have the advantage because they’re a lot bigger. Cassie is a great runner from end to end. When she doesn’t get the rebound, she motors. I wish she’d do it more, but sometimes there is a post that can keep up and other times there is not, but we don’t always take advantage of it. She put her head down like a track athlete and didn’t pick it up until she could actually catch it and shoot it.

“I coached one young lady that did that very well, Jayne Appel at Stanford. She would put her head down and get layup after layup because she didn’t look up until she could actually catch it. Don’t slow doing looking back, just motor, get down there and then hopefully the guards will find you. Tiera did a nice job of finding (Cassie), just putting it right nice and soft. All she had to do was go up and shoot it.”

On why she decided to only play the starting five for the majority of the game:
“Our little ones aren’t ready. They’re like little newborns. They just have to get more milk in their system, they are not ready for solid foods yet. We are feeding them little by little and they are going to get there, but again, you go with people you know have the experience, understand the offense and understand the defense.

“It’s not that I don’t want to sub, but it’s hard when these folks are doing the job. Why sub and put somebody in a situation where they are not quite sure what to do? They know what to do. Some games you’re going to get some time and other games you’re not. That’s the way it goes. You’re trying to get a win, so you’re trying to do what’s best for the team. I’m sure those that didn’t play would say, ‘We don’t care. We won.’ That’s how our team operates.”

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