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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin at Iowa



Jan. 19, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey:

"We had some bright spots but we are not playing competitive enough to me. I'm not a good enough coach to teach someone how to be competitive - you either have it or you don't. It's indicative of the rebounds. Very lopsided, that's the most lopsided I've seen it. That's just getting after the ball. They had 24 turnovers but we didn't capitalize on it. It's just unfortunate that if the game is 20 minutes, we win it but it's not. You have to play the whole game."

On Iowa's shooting:

"They don't waste time hemming and hawing about whether they're open. They know they're open when they catch the ball. We'll catch it and look around. You have to know if you're open before you get it. Morgan did that's why she got shots off. She'd catch it and shoot. We had other people with several opportunities but recognizing and understanding when you open or not, a lot of that is instinctual."

On Iowa's Jaime Printy and Kamille Wahlin scoring:

"They are the epitome. They're not very big but they went right around us and scored layups. Right now, our own ball-stopping defense is not good at all. We work on it but it's disheartening to see someone go right by you and score a layup."

On Tiera Stephen and Lacia Gorman's defensive spark in the first half:

"Lacia and Tiera are very capable. Both of them have given us a lot on the defensive end but again, you have to be able to hit an open shot. But neither one of them, they were passing up open looks. Passing up an open shot that you can make, that's almost like a turnover. The difference between us and then is they take the open shot and for whatever reason, we're trying to do something extra."

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