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Postgame quotes vs. Nebraska



Jan. 12, 2012

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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Nebraska

Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening Statement:
"It was a hard fought, hard losing effort here. We gave a lot of good effort in the game, but just came up a little bit short. I'm proud of the kids and their effort, but my expectations are high and I don't like to settle for moral victories. We improved and we need to continue to improve if we are going to win these games."

On the defensive effort by the Badgers:
"I don't know if they were frustrated, but we definitely weren't going to let [Jordan Hooper] stand out there and get 40 points. We have got to guard people one-on-one. A lot of their points came from going to the basket. And when you can't stop somebody on a simple drive to the basket, straight-line drive, they didn't go between the legs and behind the back and make all of these spectacular plays. Just two or three dribbles to the basket and layup. We have got to be able to guard that. Simple basketball, rec ball basketball."

“As you can tell, I'm pretty upset about it because we can do better than that. That's not our best effort. If we are expecting to win these games, and we do expect to win all these games that we play, or have a chance, and we had a chance at the end, then we have got to guard somebody. And we have got to stop them. And we didn't do that."

On Nebraska guard, Lindsey Moore:
"She's big for them. She creates a lot for herself and for others. She stops, she doesn't panic, she doesn't throw the ball past somebody's head. There is no panic in her game. She takes her time and if she's shut down, she makes the pass to the next person. We can learn a lot from her game." 

Nebraksa Head Coach Connie Yori

Opening statement:
"Wisconsin I thought had a really nice game plan with the personnel they had available for the game. They did some things that we didn’t necessarily expect, and they got us a little bit off guard. We had planned that they would probably play their two posts a little bit more, and they went small a lot in the game so that was a little bit different than what we expected." 

"They shot the ball really well early and really through the first three quarters of the game, but we’ve been a team that has been down in a lot of games this year and we’ve been down in every conference game by at least six or eight at some point in the game and we’ve been able to come back and win." 

"We have some kids who can make plays, Lindsey Moore had a great game for us and we had some other kids hit some shots when they needed to. This was not a surprise by any means playing anybody on the road at this level, in this conference is going to be a good challenge."

On first time playing against Taylor Wurtz:
"Well, you don’t want to leave her open, and we left her open too much and that’s coaching mistakes. We must not have emphasized enough how good of a shooter she was and everybody else in the league is chasing her around and we let her have too many open shots."

On Wisconsin’s 3-point shooting:
"We knew they could shoot the three, and if you just look at their percentages, there are times where they haven’t shot it that well but they do want to shoot the three."

"Anytime a team starts to feel it, I think confidence feeds from one player to the other, and that’s what was going on. They got confident and they hit a couple and then everybody was like I can hit a shot too. Shooting is a very contagious thing. Whether it’s free throw shooting or field goal shooting, especially 3-point shooting, when teams get hot, you got to get out and guard them a little bit because you know they are probably going to hit the next one."




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