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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Iowa



Jan. 10, 2013

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey Postgame Quotes

Opening statement:
“I kind of feel like a broken record, saying the same thing but we fix one thing and something else goes kind of off track. We had a problem with our rebounding tonight; they got 16 offensive boards, which was not the plan. They pursued the ball a little bit harder than we did and that was the difference in the game. I thought the zone looked good, it kept them from getting loose in the first half, they shot 25 percent. The second half we had some people hit some 3's then Coach (Lisa) Bluder made a nice adjustment on her part and put (Samantha) Logic behind (and) underneath the basket and that forced us to come out and play player instead of zone. And then she put four guards in, so she made some nice adjustments. We just didn't have enough time to fight back from that deficit.

On the zone defense:
“We were feeling like the game plan was working, but obviously good coaches make adjustments and she did, it hurt us a little bit. But our kids followed the game plan as far as that was concerned and did a nice job of not letting their shooters, (Jaime) Printy and (Melissa) Dixon, get loose. We were happy with that, but then you've got Morgan Johnson, who is arguably one of the best post players in our league, she got loose a couple of times and we fouled her.

But again, they are a very experienced team and they have the pieces there to hurt you in a lot of different ways. We didn't make that adjustment quick enough. Again, I'm proud of the kids, they're really working hard to get a win here. We're all very disappointed we are losing; we're not comfortable with it at all. But we try to put on a nice face for you all, but in the locker room we probably want to tear the whole place apart but we won't do that either."

On Samantha Logic and the one stretch Iowa made to pull away:
“I just remember her being under the basket and she had nine assists, so she did a nice job of finding (Morgan) Johnson and we fouled her a couple of times. I don't think a lot of it was layups and transition, it was just they got loose under the basket a little of bit or kicked it out for a three and it kind of snowballed from there. I think it was only one big run there and then it got where we couldn't make our little run. I think she did call one timeout and tried to settle things down. But again, we just let it get away from us. And our whole point is, every four minutes you have a timeout, to win those four-minute battles instead of looking at the game as a whole. It helps us to keep calm and keep within our game plan and what we are trying to do.

On matching up with Iowa's Morgan Johnson and Bethany Doolittle:
“As far as the rebound, it is difficult, but we did get some over-the-back calls. We just have to make body contact, it's not enough just to stand in front of them. They just reach over you and grab the ball. The couple of times we did box them out, the referees called the foul, but we stopped doing that. So again, they are large women, they are tall. And they're very skilled for their height, they can hit a little baseline jumper, a free throw line jumper. We tried to pull them out with Jacki (Gulczynski) a little bit and make them come out of the paint on the other end. So there is some going back and forth with who do you put in and why you put them in and how they are going to match up. But with the zone, you've got built-in help. You're not spread out and all over the place, so that wasn't a big, big concern. We just didn't want Printy and Dixon to get loose and we tried to double Morgan Johnson to keep her from getting good, wide-open looks at the basket. But she's a great player, she's definitely very resourceful with her skill set.

On Nicole Bauman's offense
“Nicole can shoot, she's just unselfish and is always looking to pass. I'm like, ‘Nicole you're not out here to pass. I mean, if you don't have a great shot, then pass it, but that can't be your first thought.’ But that's the kind of person she is, but again, the nice players don't always get the prize. I'm like, you've got to be a little selfish, a little more greedy because you can do it, and we need that third scorer. We need it consistently.

Iowa Head Coach Lisa Bluder

Opening statement
“This feels good to come out after a loss and bounce back with a victory. This is our first road game in the Big Ten, so it also feels good to get that first road win because we know how hard they are to get. First half, we just could not find the bucket. I thought we were getting some decent shots, some shots that we can usually make and we just were not putting them in the hole.

“We stuck with it (and) in the second half we came out and it was a different story for us. We did a better job on the boards in the second half, a much better job on the boards in the second half. Morgan (Johnson) had one field goal in the first half and ends up with 23 points for us. Samantha (Logic) was one assist shy of a triple-double. It was a good game for us to come out and bounce back, and try to get some of that confidence back.”

On why she played Jaime Printy at point during the game:
“We went with a four-guard lineup for a little bit, which we have done at times this year. If we’re going against the zone, we might need another shooter in there and Jaime’s pretty comfortable playing that. She played it all during high school. Then we moved Samantha (Logic) almost to a power forward position.”

On Samantha Logic’s play this season:
“She’s such a heady point guard, she’s really smart out there. She demands that control from her teammates by her body language, by her demeanor out there. I think they feel very comfortable when the balls in her hands and I know I do. They know she’s going to make a good passing decision. She’s not forcing anything right now. Earlier in the year, we were forcing a bit. Right now she’s making wise decisions. She’s getting us organized and running our offense. On the defensive end, she is doing a nice job too for us. There are not many people that Samantha can’t guard. She’s strong enough to guard a power forward and that’s nice to have in your back pocket.”

On if Iowa was expecting a zone from Wisconsin and if they thought they could wear Wisconsin down as the game went on:
“I don’t know if we thought we could wear them down or not. I think we had to do a better job reversing the ball and making them work a little harder in the zone. I thought in the first half we kept it on one side and didn’t make them work too hard in their zone defense. In the second half, we did a better job of looking for some more penetration and also reversing a little bit better from side to side, making some skip passes.

“We did anticipate zone actually. They had mostly played player in the past, but we had noticed that they had played some zone, and we thought that after our last game they might come out in zone against us.”

On Wisconsin’s team this year compared to last year:
“Morgan Paige is their heart and soul. I think Jacki (Gulczynski) has really come out and done a nice job for them. She’s strong. She’s a hard matchup for a lot of people. She does a very nice job for them. Nicole (Bauman) obviously hit above her numbers tonight. She looked like she was a bit more offensive minded than she had been in the past. She hit a couple threes in the first half, maybe that gave her a little bit of confidence and sometimes that’s all you need.

“But Wisconsin’s always going to play hard. They are depleted a little bit with numbers, with injuries, but no matter what, we know coming here, that Wisconsin is always going to play hard. We tried to emphasize to our team that it doesn’t matter how big this lead is, that they are going to fight back. We’ve seen it over and over again here.”

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