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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Illinois



Jan. 8, 2012

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Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening statement:

I feel like we kept fighting and fighting and never getting a victory. I'm just happy for the players. It was a long-time coming. The other games we fought but just came up short. This was our day today.

Last win was Dec. 5:

It's hard to keep being positive but they're human. They get down a bit. It's our job to keep them encouraged and keep ourselves encouraged. We can't play as coaches but you feel  totally responsible when things don't right but when it does, you give credit to the kids because they're the ones who are fighting on every play.

On Anya Covington:

I'm very proud of her. I've always believed she's a very good player and she has what it took. Games like this give players confidence, that they can go out there and score. Anya's  a very confident person and a very competitive young lady. She wants to win and at halftime, she got on them. I just stood there and let her because sometime it means more coming from a peer than from a coach.

On Taylor Wurtz taking the ball to rim after not scoring at Purdue:

That was probably my fault because I didn't put in stuff that would open it up for her. (Today) we put in our spread offense and Taylor needs that space to work. When everyone's in the key or the zone, she can't get her shot off. I was thinking `what can we do to get her the ball without having it.' A lot of times, she has the ball and she's double teaming her. I told her she has to work off the ball and that's what she did today.

On Tiera Stephen and the spark she gave the team:

She was big time. She had a nice stats line and seven rebounds, the girl rebounds. This kind of game helps me see who can do it. I told Tiera that I believe in you but you have to show it. I think this helped her as well with her confidence.

On Morgan Paige hitting those last two free throws:

I've been in games where 90 percent free throw shooters miss both. Morgan is the kind of player who has a short memory. If the messes up, she keeps going. She just nods her head and smiles and keeps going. You wish more players were like that. Morgan hit four big time free throws. Without those free throws, we might not win because they were scoring.

The change in the second half with our defense:

I think we put in four guards instead of having the two bigs in there together and let them cut off of Anya getting that ball. They had to play her because she was scoring everytime she touches (the ball). Just going to that four-guard alignment really helped us. You have to give a lot of credit to the kids. They had a lot of moxie today and I'm very, very proud of them.  

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