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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Minnesota



Jan. 6, 2013

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Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
Jan. 6, 2013
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

UW Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening statement
“Looking at our rebounding differential here and that is probably where the game turned. They had 16 (offensive) boards, that wasn’t the plan, but again, I think our kids understand how aggressive you have to be to get the ball. They scraped for it. They got those 50-50 balls, those ones that could go either way, and we had several jump balls.

… but again, you’ve got to be aggressive. You can’t play this game and be passive or bend over. You have to jump on it, dive on the ball. I don’t think we did a very good job of that, but we did get to the free throw line which we were missing that. I think we could have attacked the basket a little bit better and not taken so many 3-pointers, but people are taking the shots that they know they can make and if we’d made a couple more, it might have been a different outcome.”

On the large rebound differential and if it was a surprise:
“No. I would have hoped we would have rebounded better, but I think their guards were getting more rebounds than their post players, which you can’t allow that. Our guards have to do a better job at boxing out. (Sari) Noga had seven and (Rachel) Banham had 10, and Banham had four (offensive) boards, so she didn’t allow the fact that she was 0-for-10 stop her from doing something to help her team. I thought the post players did a good job on their post, but the guards got loose and got some (offensive) boards that had we gotten those, we’d have a chance to score.”

On if she was happy that the team held Rachel Banham to shooting 0-for-10:
“Yeah, we can’t let the best player beat you. If the game doesn’t go your way, you want to look at the stat sheet and say, ‘Okay, well we executed the game plan, we just didn’t hit enough shots.’ I thought we did an excellent job on her. She’s a very good scorer, a very good player, a very smart player, but we made it hard for her by always having someone in her face and not allowing her to get layups. I don’t think she got any layups, besides maybe one where we found her at the end in the second half. Either we switched, but you can’t go under the screen, if she gets the screen you must go over the top, and we really worked on that in practice.

There are aspects in this game that I’m very proud of the team about. We’re growing, learning and understanding. You have to scheme and take away the most important pieces they have and then hopefully we can succeed on our end scoring wise and taking care of the ball.”

On Wisconsin having several minutes where they couldn’t score:
“Sometimes our scoring comes and goes and I don’t have an explanation so much for it. Sometimes you just can’t get it in. Like Cassie (Rochel), I don’t know what point she had that layup on the break, but she missed that one, and then a couple other points here and there that you just need. They’re easy points and you just don’t get them and that kind of hurt us. The effort is there, we just have to continue to push and work.”

On how Taylor Wurtz and AnnMarie Brown are doing after undergoing surgery last week to fix their injuries:
“Both of them were very successful. They found the problems and the issues that they had.

Taylor had her disc repaired, moved around. I don’t know much about backs, but I do know she’s recovering nicely and her parents are here to take care of her, along with her teammates and friends. She has a lot of support.

AnnMarie has her dad here. She did actually tear her ACL. We were hoping that it was not an ACL, but they got in there and it was an ACL tear. Unfortunately for her, she’d been through it before and she knew what to expect, but it’s disappointing because we needed her. We don’t want to see anyone get hurt and for her to be doing as well as she has been, with her changing her body and really coming back very strong, coming in with the ACL last year, freshman year, just to see her go down again is really disheartening. But she is a very positive young lady and she has the support of her coaches, teammates, parents and friends, and we’ll be there for her. She’s already started rehab. She’s hitting full steam with her recovery. I know she’ll come back looking just as strong or stronger than she was before she got hurt.”

Minnesota Head Coach Pam Borton Postgame Quotes

 On Minnesota’s defensive efforts:
“I think it’s really going to come down to -- when you’re playing on the road -- you have to defend and you have to rebound. And you’re not going to score as many points as do at home. Your shooting percentage is going to be a little down. Obviously Rachel [Banham] didn’t have a great shooting night --other than making some free throws at the end of the game. You really have to hang your hat on defense and have a one and done mentality.  I thought our kids played extremely hard and we really grinded it out in the last eight minutes of the game.”

 On Rachel Banham’s down shooting today: Good defense or poor shooting?:
“I think it was probably a little bit of both. She’s a special player and I think every time she got in the lane, she had two people on her. I thought they clogged the lane on her extremely well and then left other people open for shots. But I thought they had a great defensive effort against her.”

 On controlling Wisconsin’s scoring:
“We respect all the players on their team. I think [Morgan] Paige is a great scorer. I think [Cassie] Rochel is a great scorer in her own way. Their point guard, number 24 [Tiera Stephen], can get to the rim at will. I think they’re all scores.

 “I think we did a really good job honing in on their 3-point shooters and really closing the lane down the second half. I think they’re a team that wants to get in the lane, get in the paint. And I think we did a great job just closing up the lane. But I think every team has got trouble scoring in the Big Ten. It’s a battle. We all know each other way too well. We know personnel way too well, and it’s going to be a battle no matter who you’re playing.”

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