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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Purdue



Jan. 5, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening statement

"I was very proud of my team tonight. They really battled in a tough game against a very good opponent, a very worthy opponent, a ranked opponent. We just came up short. I was really encouraged by the effort and the perseverance that they showed.

On the moral victory of the game:

Our kids are very confident whether if they are in the Kohl (Center) or someone else's gym. They stick together. They don't implode or blame each other. We showed that if we're aggressive both on the offensive and defensive ends we can do some things. But it comes in waves. I'm not sure why. This game is one that shows we know we can be aggressive and win these kinds of games.

On Taylor's lack of scoring:

Teams are not going to let her get lose. They were very physical and I thought they did a good job of knocking her off her route. But Taylor has to learn to stop and go. She has to slow down and read (the game). She's trying to do what we want her to do and that's get the ball. But they a very good job of not allowing her to do that. She had 10 attempts and that's good for her.

Other people stepped up. Anya played like a warrior. She just needed a break out game. Unfortunately, Taylor did not score. It's unfortunate when you come on the road and you don't have your best player. I know what that's like for a player.

Cutting the lead to six and then seven in pretty good shape

We keep fighting; we don't stop playing. Our kids are very resilient that way. We had a couple of breaks where we should have taken it to the basket. The ball just didn't fall for us. When you're in someone else's house, you have to hit shots and we didn't.

On Alex Guyton's foul on Cassie Rochel changing the game:

She didn't mean to do it; I didn't think it was a malicious play. But every time someone hits your sister, you better trying to come back with something. All of us felt like we got hit when she got hit. We needed to pick it up and show them we weren't going to take it. It's good for our kids to play against competition like this because this is what the NCAA tournament is about. That's where we want to go.

Strength of Purdue:

They had 13 steals and that tells you that they're in passing lanes, getting their hands on balls. They got every loose ball, every 50-50 ball as you call them. We were just a day late and a dollar short, a step slow. Some of that may be because we don't have a deep bench, some of our people had to play a lot longer than I would like them too.

On the rebounding effort of the team:

It was a total team effort on the boards. You have to do it together. When you have more than one person carrying the load, it makes it easier.

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