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Jan. 2, 2011

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Wisconsin vs. Penn State
January 2, 2011

Head Coach Lisa Stone Post-Game Quotes

On starting 2-0 in the Big Ten for the first time since the 2001-02 season:
“This team has really prepared well for games. Coming back from Christmas and finals, we had four days, which is always a concern whether there's going to be a holiday hangover (within the players), but they came back in shape, refocused, understanding that it's a brand new season. Our preparation went into the Purdue game, and didn't miss a beat coming into Penn State. We had two days to prepare. We got back at 2 (o’clock) in the morning on Thursday night, practiced on Friday, we got ready to scout and tuned in right away.”

On Penn State:
“We only had one chance to play Penn State this year, and we got them at home. They're very good, they averaged 85 points per game (entering Sunday's game). I think (Penn State player) Nikki Greene is a handful inside, she's a very improved sophomore player. (Maggie) Lucas is a good freshman. She did a good job contesting shots from the outside.”

On the Badgers improving from the first half:
“Our turnovers in the first half were our fault, and we can get better at that. We didn't show off what we had until late, and I thought we did enough and put our work in ahead of time to put us in a position to be successful at the end.”

On the team's season-high 17 assists:
“It's really nice to see us sharing and moving the ball, getting really good open shots. Our guards are shooting them from outside, which helps us inside.

The bottom line is that it comes down to defense. We held this team to 62 points, which is better than what our defense has averaged. That (Penn State) was one of the best offensive teams we see all year. Our kids really did a great job locking and preparing for the game.”

On what she takes from the win:
“We're getting better. We're nowhere near where we need to be, but with each day and each game we're getting a little better.”

On the team's confidence with the 5-game winning streak going into Thursday's game at #12/16 Michigan State:
“You can look back at the seven-game losing streak and the five-game winning streak, and we're just focused on our next game. We just want to keep getting better. Michigan State is a team that we have had success with in the past, but they're a different team – they're smaller than last year. We'll look at film probably later tonight, but it's on to a different game, and we've got a great group of women that are focused in getting the job done.”


Penn State Head Coach Coquese Washington 

On the result:
“I think that they are a solid defensive team and the pace of the game was definitely the pace they wanted. It wasn’t our pace and I think (that) stifled us because the pace was slower than we would have liked it to be. We never got into a rhythm. I think we were playing out of sync for the whole game.

On the cause of the result:
“I think part of it is the way they play. They clog the driving lanes and we like to drive the ball. They’re defense definitely clogged up some of the driving lanes and we were never able to get in a rhythm.”

On today’s game and Big Ten play:
“I wouldn’t say it is disappointing, it’s the Big Ten and the Big Ten is a very competitive conference. Road wins are hard to come by in our conference. You want to win every single game but it’s only two games into conference play, two out of 16. So it’s definitely not time to hit the panic button.

I think it is the most this competitive the conference has been in a long time. There are a lot of different styles and so you have to be prepared for those different ways of playing. Road wins are really hard to come by so you have to protect home court, and if you can go on the road and win some games you’ll put yourself in a better position to win the conference in the end.”

On Nikki Greene:
“I think she definitely has a lot more confidence this year and plays with a lot more presence than she did last year. We just have to get that presence consistent throughout the game but we are definitely pleased with her progress.”

On Maggie Lucas:
“ She’s a freshman. As a freshman you have good nights and bad nights. She struggled to make shots tonight but she’ll be fine, she’s a great shooter so I don’t imagine this will last too long.”

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