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Badgers conclude 2013 at Midlands Championships


Dec. 30, 2013

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EVANSTON, Ill. - The No. 23 Wisconsin wrestling team concluded the 2013 portion of its schedule at the 51st Ken Kraft Midlands Championships in Evanston, Ill., Monday night. Four Badgers placed in the top-eight to conclude tournament action.

No. 8 Tyler Graff finished fourth at 133 lbs. following a 3-0 decision to No. 1 AJ Schopp of Edinboro.

No. 9 Isaac Jordan placed sixth at 157 lbs. after suffering a 3-1 decision to Virginia Tech's Nick Brascetta. Scott Liegel also finished sixth at 174 lbs., falling to Virginia Tech's Zach Epperly, 7-5.

Wisconsin finished eighth in the team standings with 62.5 points.

The Badgers resume Big Ten Conference action on Friday, Jan. 10 when they host No. 9 Ohio State at 7 p.m. in the UW Field House.

133 lbs.
#8 Tyler Graff (WIS) maj. dec. Kyle Springer (IND), 21-7
#8 Tyler Graff (WIS) dec. Randy Cruz (UN-Lehigh), 6-1
#7 Joe Colon (UNI) dec. #8 Tyler Graff (WIS), 6-3
#8 Tyler Graff (WIS) maj. dec. Kevin Norstrem (UN-VA Tech), 20-7
#8 Tyler Graff (WIS) maj. dec. #17 Rossi Bruno (MICH), 16-6
#8 Tyler Graff (WIS) dec. Alen Waters (UN-Missouri), 9-3
#1 AJ Schopp (Edinboro) dec. #8 Tyler Graff, 3-0

141 lbs.
Jesse Thielke (WIS) maj. dec. Drew Longo (UN-Lehigh), 14-4
#5 Rick Durso (F&M) dec. Jesse Thielke (WIS), 7-4
Jesse Thielke (WIS) maj. dec. Clay Cathey (NDSU), 13-4
Todd Preston (Harvard) dec. Jesse Thielke (WIS), 6-0

149 lbs.
Neal Molloy (IND) dec. TJ Ruschell (WIS), 4-2
TJ Ruschell (WIS) maj. dec. Elroy Perkin (UWW), 12-3
TJ Ruschell (WIS) maj. dec. Derrick Evanovich (Maryland), 16-4
Brandon Nelsen (PUR) dec. TJ Ruschell (WIS), 7-4

Andrew Crone (UN-WIS) dec. Blake Santi (Harper), 8-1
Brandon Sorensen (IOWA) dec. Andrew Crone (UN-WIS), 6-4
Andrew Crone (UN-WIS) dec. Rob Jillard (NIU), 10-6
Alex Griffin (PUR) dec. Andrew Crone (UN-WIS), 9-5

Rylan Lubeck (WIS) dec. Elroy Perkin (UWW), 4-3
Rylan Lubeck (WIS) dec. Frank Goodwin (Maryland), 3-1
Rylan Lubeck (WIS) fall Darrion Caldwell (RAW), 2:15
Blake Roulo (UN-GM) dec. Rylan Lubeck (WIS), 5-3
Rylan Lubeck (WIS) dec. Alex Griffin (PUR), 2-1
Brody Grothus (IOWA) dec. Rylan Lubeck (WIS), 8-4
Chad Walsh (Rider) dec. Rylan Lubeck (WIS), 5-1

157 lbs.
#9 Isaac Jordan (WIS) maj. dec. Nick Olejnik (NDSU), 12-2
#9 Isaac Jordan (WIS) maj. dec. Tyler Grimaldi (Harvard), 12-3
#9 Isaac Jordan (WIS) fall Chad Ryan (COL), 2:22
#1 Derek St. John (IOWA) dec. #9 Isaac Jordan (WIS), 5-3, SV1
Isaiah Martinez (UN-ILL) dec. #9 Isaac Jordan (WIS), 7-5
Nick Brascetta (UN-VA TECH) dec. #9 Isaac Jordan (WIS), 3-1

165 lbs
#10 Jackson Morse (ILL) dec. Frank Cousins (WIS), 9-2
Frank Cousins (WIS) FFT Kevin Bialka (NU)
Frank Cousins (WIS) dec. Pat Robinson (PUR), 8-2
Devon Gobbo (Harvard) dec. Frank Cousins (WIS), 9-3

Chad Lowman (Grand View) dec. Ben Cox (WIS), 6-2
Jake Davis (E. MICH) fall Ben Cox (WIS), 2:11

174 lbs.
Scott Liegel (WIS) dec. Eric Morris (Harvard), 9-7
Scott Liegel (WIS) dec. Dan Schiferl (UWO), 6-5
Scott Liegel (WIS) dec. Landon Williams (Wartburg), 8-2
#6 Mike Evans (IOWA) maj. dec. Scott Liegel (WIS), 12-4
Scott Liegel (WIS) dec. Collin Zeerip (MICH), 6-2
Scott Liegel (WIS) dec. Monte Schmalhaus (Utah Valley), 5-1
Brock Gutches (S OR) dec. Scott Liegel (WIS), 1-0
Zach Epperly (UN-VA TECH) dec. Scott Liegel (WIS), 7-5

184 lbs.
Ricky Robertson (UN-WIS) dec. Deshoun White (SIU), 3-2
#2 Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa) dec. Ricky Robertson (UN-WIS), 7-4
Ricky Robertson (UN-WIS) FFT Jackson Hein (WIS)
Ricky Robertson (UN-WIS) dec. Phillip Joseph (E. MICH), 4-1
Sam Brooks (IOWA) dec. Ricky Robertson (UN-WIS), 11-4

Zach Hernandez (COL) dec. Jackson Hein (WIS), 3-2
Jackson Hein (WIS) dec. Caleb Busson (NIU), 3-1
Ricky Robertson (UN-WIS) FFT Jackson Hein (WIS)

197 lbs.
Vince Pickett (Edinboro) maj. dec. Timmy McCall (WIS), 8-0
Willie Miklus (MIZZO) dec. Timmy McCall (WIS), 8-7

#10 Connor Medbery (WIS) TF Alex Macki (UN-SDSU), 15-0 (4:51)
#10 Connor Medbery (WIS) dec. Chris Lopez (ILL), 4-0
#6 JT Felix (BSU) dec. #10 Connor Medbery (WIS), 7-4
Steve Dwyer (Beebe) FFT #10 Connor Medbery (WIS)

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