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Van Emburgh talks to media before postseason

<b>The Badgers have won four of their last five matches heading into the Big Ten Tournament.</b>

The Badgers have won four of their last five matches heading into the Big Ten Tournament.

April 24, 2012

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MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin men's tennis coach Greg Van Emburgh met with the media Monday as the Badgers prepare for their Big Ten tournament this week. Archived video of his appearances can be found above, while a complete transcript can be found below.

Greg Van Emburgh:
The season has been up-and-down, we've won four out of five last conference matches. So it's definitely a positive going into the Big-10 tournament. We were fortunate to squeak out a win yesterday on the road, four-three. So that was great the guys really stepped up at some big time spots.

We're getting help throughout our lineup, even though we lost the doubles point. So we're excited to play the Cornhuskers again, and hopefully we can go our way once again.

QUESTION #1: Did you think it was a matter of time before your team started playing the way you thought they were capable of playing?

VAN EMBURGH: Well, they're young, you know. It's really kind of gaining the experience and really feeding off each other to try to get some significant wins and some signature wins. Early on in the season we really needed to gain that experience and gain that feeling, too, of winning a big match and getting a ranked win. I think we've established that. I think you can always look back and say, gosh, I wish we were a month back in March, but we're not.

We only have two juniors and the rest are sophomore and freshmen, so we're playing a young group. I think we've got some talent and some potential. I think we've got the lineup the way we want to. And I think we have a shot at beating the Cornhuskers for sure again.

Ohio State's obviously a great team. They don't lose a lot. They have some great tennis players. But you never know, if you get through that match and go out there and play loose and swing away.

QUESTION #2: Is there any advantage or disadvantage to seeing Nebraska again so quickly?

VAN EMBURGH: No, I don't think so. We kind of expected that from where we were we both knew either one was going to be 8th and one was going to be 9th. We kind of predicted that going into it that we were going to end up playing them again on Thursday.

We ended up playing them indoors at their place. And it definitely I felt like it favored them. But we actually played a good match, and were able to squeak through it. Hopefully we'll be playing outdoors in Evanston. I feel confident that our team is definitely strong outdoors as well. So I think we have a great chance to take them again.

QUESTION #3: Who has been your post consistent player this year?

VAN EMBURGH: Overall I think Petr Satrl. He's stepped up in that lower part of that lineup, and he's been solid throughout the lineup. Getting some wins, and Rod Carey actually stepped up at number two. I think he's got maybe four Big Ten Conference wins. He's had a lot of potential, him and Quinton Vega have done a good job up there in the top of the lineup. Now Billy's starting to play well down in the lower lineup.

I think the guys right now are overall positioned pretty well. We've mixed the doubles up a little bit. Fred and Billy have been playing the number one spot. They're ranked 28th in the country and have a chance for an NCAA bid. So we're excited about having that opportunity. Hopefully they can take care of business on Thursday in some doubles and get us that doubles point going into the singles, which will be important for us at the end of the day with that match.

QUESTION #4: You just touched on Ask and Bertha as doubles pair what makes them so strong together?

VAN EMBURGH: I think they compliment each other really well. They feed off each other. They're good friends. I think the lefty-righty combination. You know, Billy's got a big serve, and Fred's lefty and kind of slides his serve around. I think they feed off each other well, and kind of know each other's game and communicate really well.

The other thing, too, they played good indoor doubles, and we've played a lot of our matches indoors. So that's been fortunate there because Billy's been able to utilize his serve. That's definitely a huge asset of his game. So moving forward they've played some great matches. Every once in a while they come out there and play a little flat, which we ended up playing a little flat against the Huskers. But hopefully that won't be the situation there on Thursday.

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