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No. 62 Wisconsin falls to No. 41 Purdue



March 30, 2014

Final Stats


March 30, 2014

MADISON, Wis. -- Despite several close matches and overall strong play, No. 62 Wisconsin fell to No. 41 Purdue on Sunday at the Schwartz Tennis Center.

UW was unable to secure the doubles point against the Boilermakers.

Sophomores Oskar Wikberg and Jakhongir Jalalov couldn’t grab the lead at No. 1 doubles against Diego Acosta and Aaron Dujovne, falling 8-2.

At No. 2 doubles, senior Petr Satral and sophomore Alexander Kokorev weren’t able to finish their match against Szymon Tatarczyk and Ricky Medinilla, which concluded with a final score of 7-4.

The freshman duo of John Zordani and Elliott Sprecher weren’t able to claim their match against Mateus Silva and Mark Kovacs, which ended with a final decision of 8-2.

In singles action, Wikberg fell to Tatarczyk at No. 1, with a final score of 6-2, 3-6, 6-2.

At No. 2 singles, Kokorev fell to Medinilla, with a final decision of 6-3, 2-6, 6-3.

Satral came up short against Kovacs after claiming his first set. The match resulted in a final score of 3-6, 6-2, 6-2.

Jalalov was defeated by Dujovne in a close match, with a final decision of, 7-5, 6-4.

Sprecher was unable to gain momentum in his match at No. 5 singles, falling 6-1, 6-4 to Acosta.

Zordani wasn’t able to claim his match against Silva, which ended with a final decision of 6-3, 6-0.

The Badgers will host No. 23 Penn State on Friday at 6 p.m. (CT)


PURDUE 7                                         WISCONSIN 0


1. Acosta/Dujovne (PUR) def. Wikberg/Jalalov (UW) 8-2
2. Kokorev/Satral (UW) def. Tatarczyk/Medinilla (PUR) 7-4 unfinished
3. Silva/Kovacs (PUR) def. Sprecher/Zordani (UW) 8-2

Order of finish: (1,3)


1. Szymon Tatarczyk (PUR) def. Oskar Wikberg (UW) 6-2, 3-6, 6-2
2. Ricky Medinilla (PUR) def. Alexander Kokorev (UW) 6-3, 2-6, 6-3
3. Mark Kovacs (PUR) def. Petr Satral (UW) 3-6, 6-2, 6-2
4. Aaron Dujovne (PUR) def. Jakhongir Jalalov (UW) 7-5, 6-4
5. Diego Acosta (PUR) def. Elliott Sprecher (UW) 6-1, 6-4
6. Mateus Silva (PUR) def. John Zordani (UW) 6-3, 6-0

Order of finish: (5, 6, 3, 2, 4, 1)

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