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Corner Kick: Get to Know Joey Tennyson

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A native of Milwaukee, Wis., Joey Tennyson is playing in his senior season on the Wisconsin men's soccer team. After appearing in seven games this season, Joey will be a vital part of the squad as they move into the final stretch of regular season matches and into posteason play.

As a guy who is from Milwaukee, but spent his entire high school career playing for Shattuck-St. Mary’s School in Faribault, Minn., what’s it like playing for your home-state team in college?
It’s pretty cool. I never really expected to play for the University of Wisconsin, but it’s nice being near home. I never thought of myself as a Minnesota guy. Even going to school there I never liked Minnesota sports. I’m definitely still a Wisconsin guy.

How far back can you remember playing soccer and what’s your favorite memory of playing soccer before coming to Wisconsin?
Honestly as far back as I have memories I remember playing soccer. Going to Nationals with Shattuck is probably my favorite memory playing soccer. We ended up losing in the finals, but it was a really fun team to play with. One of my favorite memories at Wisconsin is when I scored against Virginia sophomore year. It wasn’t my first career goal, but it was a banger from pretty far out.

Can you describe your first career game and what that was like?
I can’t remember what team we were playing, but I do remember being overwhelmingly excited and being really tired when I was on the field. Freshman year we had probably eight freshman on the field at times and we played a lot of defense, so it was pretty tiring, pretty overwhelming. But it was exciting and fun still.

When you were recruited, were you immediately set on Wisconsin?
There were a couple schools. But the biggest things that sold me on Wisconsin were how good the academics are and knowing there was a good history with the soccer program. I heard that they wanted to focus on rebuilding and I wanted to be a part of it.

Being a part of Coach Trask’s first recruiting class, what’s it like seeing how far the program has come in just four years?
We’ve still got a ways to go, but it’s really exciting because we’ve all worked very hard since freshman year. To know that it might be paying off finally, it feels pretty good.

Quick Q's with Joey
Best birthday present?
A nice suit

Twitter or Facebook?

Favorite meal?
Chinese food (Orange Chicken)

Best movie you’ve recently seen?
The Conjuring

Favorite sports team?
Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

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