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Know a Newcomer: Josh Thiermann

<b>Senior forward Josh Thiermann</b>

Senior forward Josh Thiermann

Sept. 4, 2010

With 13 true freshmen in addition to two transfers, the Wisconsin men’s soccer team has many new faces for the upcoming season. Follow along as UWBadgers.com introduces the newest Badgers during preseason training camp. Today, we meet senior transfer Josh Thiermann of Stoughton, Wis.

Why did you choose Wisconsin?
I didn’t see things ending well at Notre Dame, and I wanted to finish school back home here in Madison.

What goals do you have for the upcoming season?
Get healthy and help the team in any way possible.

How did you spend your summer?
Doing lots of rehab trying to prepare for the season, working and hanging out with friends and family

What is the strongest part of your game?

What part of your game needs the most work?
Heading for sure

What is your favorite thing about Madison?
Madison is an amazing place, so everything. People take pride in who they are and what they do, and I love that.

What are your pregame rituals?
Just like everybody else, I listen to music, but I don’t use it to get pumped up. I usually use music to calm myself before the game and combine it with at least 15 minutes of visualization. I rehearse my role on the field over and over in my head, which helps me prepare mentally for the game.

Outside of soccer, what is your best talent?
I am pretty good at the driving range; I don’t dare actually play golf though. Nobody wants to see that.

What class are you most looking forward to this year?
I’m really interested in language, so I would have to say my Spanish classes.

How do you spend your free time?
Listening to music and spending time with family and friends

What’s your nickname?
Everybody usually just uses my last name.

What is your favorite professional club?
Barcelona all the way

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