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The thrill of victory ... and the agony of defeat



The Wisconsin men's soccer team took a break from its normal afternoon training session Tuesday and headed for the bowling alley, instead.

All 27 members of the Badger team, as well as the coaching staff, played three games at Schwoegler's Park Towne Lanes in Madison, and the results were definitely mixed.

Performances ran the gamut from outstanding to less than stellar, with scores ranging from the low 200s all the way down to some that failed to break into triple digits.

Among the highlights was senior athid=5600&deptid=122"> --> Andy Miller rolling six consecutive strikes to end his last game, giving him a score of 216 and powering his foursome to a win over the team of head coach staffid=350"> --> Jeff Rohrman and assistantsstaffid=292"> --> Nick Pasquarello and staffid=160"> --> Jon Szczepanski .

On the opposite end of the spectrum, senior athid=5211&deptid=122"> --> Victor Diaz may have led the Badgers in scoring each of the last three seasons, but he was nowhere near the lead Tuesday, rolling a 70 in his final game.

No matter the scores, the outing afforded the student-athletes and coaches a break from the rigors of training and provided a chance for some team bonding.

You can read more about the outing in sophomore athid=6117&deptid=122"> --> Max Wilson 's latest postid=1278"> --> blog entry , and a photo gallery depicting the wide range of emotions that were on display Tuesday can be found below.

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