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Yeagley addresses media for the first time



New University of Wisconsin men's soccer head coach staffid=1074"> --> Todd Yeagley addressed the local media for the first time Monday as part of Wisconsin Athletics' weekly press conference.

A complete transcript of Yeagley's comments can be found below, and an mid=2956"> --> archived video stream of his media session is available, as well.

TODD YEAGLEY: Thank you. First off, I would certainly like to thank the University of Wisconsin for a warm welcome. It's been a very easy transition, considering the time of year that I'm coming in. The folks in Indiana, I'd also like to thank them for, you know, giving me a wonderful experience, student athlete as an assistant. But I'm very excited for this opportunity.
The Wisconsin soccer program does have a very strong tradition with winning the championship in '95, and I look forward to building upon that strong foundation and getting to work with the team. The frustrating part is I've been here for three weeks or so and I haven't met the team yet, which I get to do today. So finally, that will be nice. But once we get a chance to see the team, work with them, I'll certainly have a much better idea of, you know, the direction that we take immediately. But there's, it's a strong foundation, like I said. Jeff and his staff did a very nice job, and I'm just excited to be here.

QUESTION #1: Todd, how much film have you had a chance to look at from maybe last year to the year before

YEAGLEY: I've seen a little bit. You know, one of my objectives coming in was not, to give these guys a clean slate. So I'll be reviewing the film, but I really want to start these first few weeks with the knowledge that I have, obviously, as a Big 10 peer competing against Wisconsin last year. I want to give some of these other kids a chance to give me an impression before I review tape more thoroughly. So I've done a little bit, but I want to see more live here before I dig in more.

QUESTION #2: What is your first line of business once you meet with the kids, and is there any concern that one or two or more may elect to seek playing time elsewhere

YEAGLEY: I've had good discussions with most all the players. I think right now they're very excited with me coming into this position from the discussion. So the first line of business would certainly create the environment I'm looking to create, and to get to know them as quick as possible. I'll be meeting with them individually this first week, and get a chance to know them and likewise. But you know, the big, the first order of business is to create a relationship with these players and to set the standard that I've been taught at Indiana, bring that here, and that starts with an unbelievable work ethic, which we'll get in the weight room right away, get going there, and then use the hours allotted to us on the field, which is only a few hours this point of the year, but we'll maximize all those potential hours.

QUESTION #3: Do you have a timeframe in terms of putting together your staff

YEAGLEY: Yes. The staff will be put together within the next week or two, which we'll be happy to share at that time. But yes, it's very close to being solidified.

QUESTION #4: For soccer fans in Madison, what type of game do you hope to have the fans see What type of style would you like to incorporate here at Wisconsin

YEAGLEY: The team is going to be very, first and foremost, going to be a very disciplined team. I think folks in Wisconsin can relate to that with the other sports that have had success here. It's going to be very balanced, and so defense first. We'll be a very sound, disciplined team with, we like to find the right balance of talent and folks who know the rules very well, and that's what you'll see. And I think folks will be able to relate to that, and it's a style that I had lot at Indiana and I have a lot of success. That's what I've been around my entire life, and the teams that have had the most success at Wisconsin have been those teams. The '95 team that won the championship was, did not give up a goal the whole tournament, which is still a record. And it shows that you can defend and, you know, one-goal games are typically what decides the games in soccer. But we'll have fun going forward, it will be an entertaining game, but first and foremost, we'll be very sound defensively.

QUESTION #5: What do you think this program is capable of Is it capable of winning a national title at some point in this day and age

YEAGLEY: I would not be here if we didn't think that. Most definitely. There's everything here to be successful. The institution, this athletic department, geographically the kids within this region are strong. Yes, that's the reason I'm here. I would not have come here if I didn't feel we could win a national championship. When the timeline for that is, I don't know, but this program is poised for that, and that's what excites me. So we'll, that's what we're pushing for from day one. It starts with an everyday approach, and that's what we'll instill with the team.

QUESTION #6: Is your father giving you any tips in how to get a program going as you come in as a first-year head coach

YEAGLEY: Well, I'm trying to get him as an assistant, if we can get that sorted out. Yeah, he, as I spoke to Coach Alvarez in the visit, they're, certainly taking this role from an assistant to a head coach, you have to have good mentors, and I couldn't have asked to have one in my own house with my father. So I'll be calling him, if not once, twice, three times a day on, hey, what did you do here, every bit of advice. So yeah, he'll be, and now I got to get him to wear a Wisconsin hat. If I can do that, we're in good shape. He's never wanted to wear anything else but an IU hat. But he's very excited, and you know, he's living through me a little bit right now, going back to when he first started at Indiana, so he's very supportive, and I'll rely on him every day.

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