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Wisconsin men's rowing sweeps Minnesota, MSOE on Lake Mendota


April 19, 2014

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MADISON, Wis. -– It took an extra hour as the crews waited for a change in the winds, but Wisconsin was happy to get on the water and sweep through visiting Minnesota and Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) in one half of UW’s split-squad racing on Saturday.

Racing took place in reverse, with the start at the Memorial Union, the middle past Porter Boathouse and the finish in University Bay. Temperatures hovered around 50 degrees and winds blew mostly out of the southeast for a tailwind on the 2000-meter course on Lake Mendota.

The Badgers top boat racing in Madison today was its varsity eight, which is actually its third varsity eight with the team’s top two crews racing at the Stanford Invitational in California. On this day, the boat took the top race, clocking a 6:00.8 to best MSOE’s varsity eight by just under 13 seconds. MSOE crossed the line in 6:13.5. Minnesota was third in 6:20.5.

The varsity eight B race proved a tougher test for Wisconsin as its entry won, but put just 2.6 seconds between itself and second-place Minnesota. The Badgers timed 6:11.6, with Minnesota crossing the line in 6:14.2.

Madison, Wis.
Lake Mendota
April 19, 2014
2000 meters

Varsity Eight
1. Wisconsin A, 6:00.8; 2. MSOE A, 6:13.5; 3. Minnesota A, 6:20.5
A – Coxswain James Roen, Kyle Smith, Woodrow Stensland, Beau Batty, Ross McCaig, William Horvat, Steve Berg Jr., Andrew Stone, Jonathan Smaglick

Varsity Eight B
1. Wisconsin B, 6:11.6; 2. Minnesota B, 6:14.2; 3. Minnesota C, 6:24.0; 4. MSOE B, 6:48.0
B – Coxswain Oliver Buchino, Mark Nitka, Zach Ruedinger, Charlie Clapp, John Goodman, Josiah Kaiser, Jonathan Dobson, Michael Spankowski, Matt Dooley

Varsity Four A
1. Wisconsin A, 6:42.5; 2. Minnesota A, 6:50.0; 3. MSOE A, 7:07.8
A – Coxswain Oliver Buchino, Kyle Smith, Woodrow Stensland, William Horvat, Ross McCaig

Varsity Four B
1. Wisconsin B, 6:42.8; 2. Minnesota B, 6:50.3; 3. MSOE B, 7:29.1
B – Coxswain James Roen, Mark Nitka, John Goodman, Beau Batty, Steve Berg Jr.

Lightweight Varsity Four
1. Wisconsin D, 6:38.2; 2. MSOE D, 6:40.7; 3. Minnesota D, 6:52.6; 4. Wisconsin E, 7:01.4
D - Coxswain Michael Callahan, Michael Spankowski, Charlie Clapp, Andrew Stone, Jonathan Smaglick
E – Coxswain Andrew Hamilton, Jacob Weber, Thomas Hasle, Kyle James, Casey Klein Kennedy

Freshman Eight
1. Wisconsin A, 6:14.0; 2. Wisconsin B, 6:21.2; 3. Minnesota A, 6:22.1; 4. MSOE A, 6:59.2
A – Coxswain Andrew Hamilton, Peter Burrus, Will Knight, Alex Horvath, Jack Spencer, Nathan Nimmer, Peter Dagleish, Max Cronyn, John French
B – Coxswain Michael Callahan, Jacob Weber, Thomas Hasle, Kyle James, Nigel Baummer, Josh Martini, David Gould, Aaron Stenz, Ryan Rebernick

Freshman Four A
1. Wisconsin A, 6:53.5; 2. Wisconsin B, 6:57.3; 3. Minnesota A, 6:59.2; 4. MSOE A, 7:32.6
A – Coxswain Andrew Hamilton, Peter Burrus, Jack Spencer, Alex Horvath, David Gould
B – Coxswain Michael Callahan, Will Knight, Nathan Nimmer, Peter Dagleish, Max Cronyn

Freshman Four B
1. Wisconsin C, 6:56.2; 2. Wisconsin D, 7:09.4; 3. Minnesota B, 7:20.9; 4. MSOE B, 7:35.4
C – Coxswain Zach Makal, Josh Martini, Nigel Baummer, Tom Ryan, John French
D – Coxswain James Roen, Thomas Hasle, Kyle James, Tyler Chamberlain, Aaron Stenz

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