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Badger men turn in dominating performance at Head of the Iowa

<b>The Wisconsin men won all six of their races at the Head of the Iowa regatta.</b>

The Wisconsin men won all six of their races at the Head of the Iowa regatta.

Oct. 28, 2012

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MADISON, Wis. -- For much of the Wisconsin men's rowing team, Sunday's Head of the Iowa regatta was the final event of the 2012 fall season, and the Badgers went out in dominating fashion.

The Badgers not only took the top spot in each of the six races they competed in, but also swept the top-four places in each race, claiming a total of 18 medals.

The varsity eight kicked off the Badgers' dominant day by sweeping the its final. The Wisconsin A boat took the top spot with a time of 12:13.897, which beat out the Wisconsin B boat in second place by just over eight seconds, and the Wisconsin C and D boats not far behind after that.

In the novice four race, Wisconsin again blew away the rest of the field, taking the top-five spots and six-of-the-top eight. The top Wisconsin boat finished with a time of 14:21.795, beating out the Badger crew in second place by just over two seconds. Only a pair of Minnesota boats in sixth and seventh place prevented the six Badger crews from a clean sweep of the event. 

The second varsity race of the day, the varsity fours, also went as well as Wisconsin could have hoped. The six Badger boats swept the top-six spots in the race, with the top Wisconsin crew posting a winning time of 13:06.219. 

The novices continued their strong day in the novice eight race, with the four competing Badger boats placing first through fourth. The first-place Wisconsin team cruised by its competition, finishing 19 seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

In the men's pair, Wisconsin placed 10 boats in the top 11, including the entire top five. Only a Minnesota crew in sixth prevented a top-10 comprised solely of Badger boats. The men's singles went just as well, as Wisconsin went took the top-four spots in the five team race.

The fall season is over for all but the Wisconsin men's novices, who will compete against Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich., on Sunday, Nov. 4. The varsity members of the team won't be seen again in competition until the spring.

Head of the Iowa
Oct. 28, 2012
Iowa City, Iowa

Men's Varsity Eight Final

1. Wisconsin A: 12:13.897; 2. Wisconsin B: 12:22.522; 3. Wisconsin C: 12:25.795; 4. Wisconsin D: 12:35.628; 5. Notre Dame A: 12:37.497

Men's Novice Four Final

1. Wisconsin A: 14:21.795; 2. Wisconsin B: 14:23.886; 3. Wisconsin D: 14:25.006; 4. Wisconsin C: 14:34.127; 5. Wisconsin E: 15:04.916; 6. Minnesota B: 15:16.143; 7. Minnesota A: 15:30.022; 8. Wisconsin F: 15:34.307

Men's Varsity Four Final

1. Wisconsin B: 13:06.219; 2. Wisconsin A: 13:35.831; 3. Wisconsin D: 13:36.057; 4. Wisconsin C: 13:54.875; 5. Wisconsin E: 14:03.556; 6. Wisconsin F: 14:04.555

Men's Novice Eight Final

1. Wisconsin C: 12:57.890; 2. Wisconsin D: 13:16.441; 3. Wisconsin A: 13:35.264; 4. Wisconsin B: 13:45.575; 5. Minnesota A: 13:50.418; 6. Colorado A: 14:05.098

Men's Two Final

1. Wisconsin D: 14:34.442; 2. Wisconsin J: 14:34.996; 3. Wisconsin A: 14:45.285; 4. Wisconsin E: 14:49.423; 5. Wisconsin B: 14:53.826; 6. Minnesota B: 15:13.121; 7. Wisconsin C: 15:18.364; 8. Wisconsin G: 15:19.018; 9. Wisconsin I: 15:23.115; 10. Wisconsin F: 15:26.036; 11. Wisconsin H: 15:27.109

Men's One Final

1. Wisconsin A: 16:04.400; 2. Wisconsin B: 16:26.926; 3. Wisconsin D: 18:28.875; 4. Wisconsin C: 17:04.820


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