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Men's rowers rule the water at Head of the Iowa

Championship men's eight races at the 2013 Head of the Charles in Boston on Oct. 20, 2013

Oct. 27, 2013

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- The Wisconsin men’s rowing team stroked its way to multiple successes at the Head of the Iowa Sunday, claiming at least the top two places in each of its five races. 

This year’s regatta, held on the Iowa River, involved 11 university rowing clubs from Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado and Wisconsin. The UW crew rowed in five of the day’s events, including the men’s pair, the men’s novice eight, the men’s varsity four, the men’s novice four and the men’s varsity eight. 

Wisconsin had impressive showings in each of the races, something UW head coach Chris Clark said is attributable to the team’s hard work and the day’s perfect rowing weather.

“Was it sunny mild and pleasant? Yes. In that way it was perfect, we rowed in very benign conditions,” Clark said. “And rowing wise it went well too. We did what we expected to do. The novice boys did fine and the varsity boys did fine.”

The men’s pair boats took the water first in a race with 12 out of the 20 entries competing for Wisconsin. All 12 Badger squads finished in the top 13, giving up only the 11th spot to the University of Colorado.

The race’s end was a nail-biter, with the Wisconsin C duo checking in first at 14:44.034 and the Wisconsin A pair crossing the finish line with a time just a fraction of a second behind at 12:44.102. The third through eighth-place finishers for the Badgers all completed the course within a minute. Eleventh-place University of Colorado recorded a time of 15:41.717 before the final two Wisconsin boats came in five and six seconds later.

The Badgers achieved similar success in the novice eight event. Wisconsin’s top-placing squads, Wisconsin B and A, stroked to finishes of 12:43.325 and 12:46.737, respectively. Checking in next was the University of Minnesota with a time of 12:29.144, coming in about 30 seconds before the Wisconsin C boat. The Wisconsin D group ended up scratching from the event, leaving Wisconsin with three of the race’s 12 entries.

The Badgers’ sweeping success continued into the varsity four race. The Wisconsin B boat recorded the fastest time of the event’s 19 entries with a 13:42.063 finish, followed closely by Wisconsin A’s at 13:52.362.  The next three boats to cross the finish line were also from Wisconsin, checking in within 29 seconds of the first-place crew. The Badgers’ remaining two boats came in seventh and 14th overall.

The next race, the men’s novice four, was also a strong showing for Wisconsin. The team earned the top five of the event’s 14 spots, with the first-place Wisconsin A boat finishing in 14:06.250. The next school to complete the event was University of Minnesota, completing the race sixth with a time of 15:14.343, 17 seconds after the fifth-place Wisconsin E squad. The Badgers’ sixth participating boat stroked to a 16:40.710 finish for 10th place. 

The final race of the regatta, the varsity eight, was dominated by four evenly matched Badger boats. Wisconsin earned the top four places, with each of the squads finishing within 10 seconds of each other. Wisconsin B checked in at 12:25.206, followed closely by Wisconsin C at 12:27.842. The next two to cross the finish line were Wisconsin A and D, with times of 12:34.286 and 12:35.785, respectively. 

“All four of the boats looked a lot better than those in the varsity eight race at Head of the Charles so that was really good to see,” Clark said. “Today the lineups were a little more subjective and it worked out well.”

The team will conclude its fall racing season Nov. 2 at the Head of the Huron in Ann Arbor, Mich.

“We still have about another month of rowing up until Thanksgiving and we plan to be very productive and we’re excited about it,” Clark said.

Head of the Iowa
Iowa River
Iowa City
5,000 meters

Men’s Pairs (20 boats entered)
1. Wisconsin C, 14:44.034; 2. Wisconsin A, 14:44.102; 3. Wisconsin D, 14:49.272; 4. Wisconsin F, 15:05.072; 5. Wisconsin G, 15:18.209; 6. Wisconsin E, 15:22.110; 7. Wisconsin K, 15:33.130; 8. Wisconsin J, 15:33.314; 9. Wisconsin B, 15:26.037; 10. Wisconsin H, 15:40.739;…12. Wisconsin L, 15:46.120; 13. Wisconsin I, 15:47.014
UW Lineups:
A: Kyle Anderson, Matt Sobotka
B: Kevin Ripley, Mitchell King
C: Charlie Clapp, Michael Lindberg
D: William Bleifuss, Jonathan Smaglick
E: Vince Bertram, Ross McCaig
F: Woodrow Stensland, William Horvat
G: Garret Voorhees, Christophe Delaunay
H: Beau Batty, Matt Dooley
I: Peter Kennedy, Andrew Stone
J: C. Klein Kennedy, J. Dobson
K: Travis Breunig, Zach Ruedinger
L: John Goodman, Michael Spankowski

Novice Eight (13 boats entered)
1. Wisconsin B, 12:43.325; 2. Wisconsin A, 12:46.737; 3. Minnesota A, 13:29.144; 4. Wisconsin C, 14:08.235;…Wisconsin D, scratched
UW Lineups:
A: Coxswain A. Hamilton, T. Hasle, J. Lueken, N. Timmons, S. Weeks, S. Helle, A. Idarraga, J. French, A. Horvath
B: Coxswain L. Sidoti, J. Spencer, G. Mink, B. Lackey, P. Burrus, C. Van Scyoc, J. Benthein, B. Leuzinger, C. Fitzpatrick
C: Coxswain M. Callahan, W. Knight, L. Wise, T. Chamberlain, T. Ryan, P. Dalgleish, N. Nimmer, R. Rebernick, J. Weber
D: Coxswain J. Kwon, M. Nitka, P. Kennedy, M. Dooley, A. Stone, I. Buchanan, Z. Ruedinger, C. Klein Kennedy, M. Spankowski

Varsity Four (19 boats entered)
1. Wisconsin B, 13:42.063; 2. Wisconsin A, 13:52.362; 3. Wisconsin D, 14:00.437; 4. Wisconsin E, 14:02.639; 5. Wisconsin F, 14:11.891; 6. Minnesota B, 14:17.544; 7. Wisconsin C, 14:21.449;…14. Wisconsin G, 16:00.118
UW Lineups:
A: Coxswain Leonard Manning, Logan Hietpas, Christophe Delaunay, J. Rush, Andrew Stone
B: Coxswain E. Flaherty, Patrick Muto, Garret Voorhees, Kevin Ripley, Matt Dooley
C: Coxswain B. Roen, Michael Knippen, Mitchell King, Beau Batty, Zach Ruedinger
D: CoxswainOliver Buchino, Kyle Smith, Jim Letten, William Horvat, Jonathan Smaglick
E: Coswain A. Hamilton, Peter Ginouves, J. Kaiser, Peter Kennedy, Michael Spankowski
F: Coxswain L. Sidoti, George Perrett, Travis Breunig, Steve Berg, Mark Nitka
G: Coxswain M. Callahan, John Goodman, S. Thom, J. Martini, J. Dobson

Novice Four (14 boats entered)
1. Wisconsin A, 14:06.250; 2. Wisconsin B, 14:12.312; 3. Wisconsin C, 14:22.930; 4. Wisconsin D, 14:32.072; 5. Wisconsin E, 14:57.013;…10. Wisconsin F, 16:40.710
UW Lineups:
A: Coxswain L. Sidoti, J. Lueken, N. Timmons, P. Burrus, T. Hasle
B: Coxswain A. Hamilton, J. Spencer, S. Weeks, S. Helle, G. Mink
C: Coxswain E. Flaherty, W. Knight, C. Fitzpatrick, B. Lackey, J. Benthein
D: Coxswain M. Callahan, M. Cronyn, A. Idarraga, C. Van Scyoc, A. Horvath
E: Coxswain B. Roen, L. Wise, T. Chamberlain, J. Martini, J. French
F: Coxswain Z. Makal, N. Nimmer, P. Dalgleish, T. Ryan, R. Rebernick

Varsity Eight (16 boats entered)
1. Wisconsin B, 12:25.206; 2. Wisconsin C, 12:27.842; 3. Wisconsin A, 12:34.286; 4. Wisconsin D, 12:35.785
UW Lineups:
A: Coxswain Leonard Manning, Patrick Muto, George Perrett, Travis Breunig, J. Rush, J. Kaiser, Jonathan Smaglick, Beau Batty, Michael Lindberg
B: Coxswain E. Flaherty, William Bleifuss, Charlie Clapp, Matt Sobotka, Garret Voorhees, Andrew Stone, Vince Bertram, William Horvat, Peter Kennedy
C: Coxswain B. Roen, Peter Ginouves, Kyle Smith, Jim Letten, Michael Knippen, Steve Berg, Christophe Delaunay, Woodrow Stensland, Mark Nitka 
D: Coxswain Oliver Buchino, Kyle Anderson, Logan Hietpas, Kevin Ripley, Mitchell King, Ross McCaig, John Goodman, C. Klein Kennedy, J. Dobson

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