Postgame Quotes: No. 15 Wisconsin vs. Colorado College



Dec. 14, 2013

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Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Colorado College
Dec. 14, 2013
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Head Coach Mike Eaves 

On who the Badgers’ top line is right now…

“Tonight, based on production I have to say (Jefferson) Dahl’s line with (Brad) Navin and (Jedd) Soleway. I thought all four lines really contributed tonight, though. We rolled four lines until there were five minutes left in the game, then we shortened the bench a bit to what we thought would be a good thing. I had good trust in everybody and everybody deserved to play. It’s interesting that (Tyler Barnes) scores the game-winning goal with (Mark) Zengerle and Navin, who took the shot, both out there, because I thought (Zengerle’s) line worked hard, but not a lot was happening. But, they stayed with it and contributed at the end. We had scoring from three of our four lines. Keegan (Meuer’s) line with (Morgan Zulinick) and (Sean) Little were pretty damn good too. If you’re going to win in any sport you need contributions from a lot of people and we had that tonight.”

On if Brad Navin took a step forward tonight…

“Yes he did and it’s such a great thing for his confidence. On the goal that he scored he was just stronger than his opponent and got the shot off. The thing about that is he’s getting to places, winning battles and using that size and speed to his advantage. I think that light is getting brighter for him.” 

On if he’s ever been part of a game where no penalties were called…

“I don’t remember one. Paul (Capobianco) told me we haven’t had a game like that here since 1967. They are very rare. I thought there were a couple calls that could have been made but the referees were consistent and let the boys play. Nothing was over the line for them and I have no qualms about that at all because they were consistent. We talk about consistency with the league every week and these gentlemen were this weekend.” 

On how his team flipped the script in the second period after falling behind 2-0…

“We put the onus on the players. It was not the start that we talked about and we found ourselves behind. This is an upperclassmen team and we said you gentlemen need to take the reins and you know what to do and they went out and did that.”

Senior F Tyler Barnes 

On his game-winning OT goal…

“It was a good [break] out from the defenseman and Brad got the puck, got it to the net and it came off the back wall to me and I just threw it towards the net. I knew Brad was crashing, but I didn’t see what happened after that. I turned around and it was in the net and I was going to look for Brad because I thought he had scored, but everyone jumped on me.”

On the Navin-Dahl-Soleway line’s production…
“They played hard and they played well as a system. They were rolling the corners, getting the puck to the net and crashing hard. They have some big bodies on that line and that’s what you need to do and they got the job done tonight.” 

Senior F Michael Mersch 

On which lines is the Badgers’ top line…

“I wouldn’t say there is a top line. We have our power-play unit, which you put your most skilled guys on in those situations. I think to have a good team and have success as a team you need to have a balanced lineup and we do a pretty good job of that. So, I wouldn’t say that there is a top line, necessarily. It’s nice to have a few lines that you can put out in certain situations and match-up with certain guys.” 

On how the Badgers’ got the game turned around in the second period…

“We were able to have good changes in their zone, which is closer to our bench. We got pucks and bodies to the net and we got rolling after Dahl’s goal. We knew after the first period that we needed to rebound and we did that.”

Junior F Brad Navin

On how he felt about his game tonight…
“It has been awhile (since I felt as good as this). I just did the radio with (Brian) Posick and he said that was my first career three point game. I haven’t even had two points since my freshman year. It felt great, especially going into Christmas break here, to go out like that. Hopefully I can transfer it over to the second half of the season.”

On what flipped the script for the Badgers tonight…
“I don’t know. We knew from film that they weren’t going to hold back and we got a taste of that in the first period when they took a 2-0 lead early. Coach gave it to us in the locker room after that and told us that the reins were in our hands and that we are a veteran team and should know how to respond. We all jumped on board, everybody did their part, we got the pucks to the net and good things happened.” 

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