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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Alabama-Huntsville, Dec. 13



Dec. 13, 2012

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Wisconsin vs. Alabama-Huntsville
Dec. 13, 2012
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.

Head Coach Mike Eaves

On how it feels to finally pick up a win
“I think the word would be satisfying. I think the thing we needed to do was score goals and we did that tonight. For 50 minutes we were pretty good. I think the last 10 minutes of the first period we fell away but we did so well in the first 10 minutes at getting the puck deep. We were crisp. We took what was given, we got pucks and bodies at the net and then we kind of started to feel our oats a little bit. We regrouped in between periods and I think in the second and third periods we did what we needed to do. Rewarding and satisfying, those words come to mind and now we’re undefeated in the last five and hopefully that ship has turned around we’ve got some wind at our back now.”

On whether tonight’s performance is what he had been looking for in terms of a team effort
“No question. As a matter of fact tonight before the game instead of having a general meeting we met as units. We met as a core group of defensemen and goaltenders, and then we met with each three guys and we talked about what they needed to do in order for us to be successful tonight and every unit did that.”

On how he plans to build on tonight’s win and sustaining tonight’s energy
“The model of that was the first period. We played really well in the first 10 minutes. We need to sustain that, and sustain what we did in the last 40. We played at a high level. We need to play like that and sustain that effort and grab another W.”

On what he liked about their effort most of all
“One word comes to mind for those 50 minutes that we were good, we were crisp. We didn’t look too hard; if something was there we took it. I thought our passes were crisp, I thought we protected the puck well for the most part. Our defensemen did a really good job getting pucks to the net tonight. They ran D to D, they would fade and snap it in there, and we scored a couple of goals because of that. I thought that those were the type of things we did well tonight."

On whether he saw more chemistry from the Mark (Zengerle) line tonight
“A little more, there’s more to come. I think they’re still getting used to each other.”

On whether that just entails familiarity

UW Players

Michael Mersch on how important it was to score the first goal in the game:
“It was huge for us. We were talking about it a little bit before the game to get the fans the ice cream, but a lot of guys contributed tonight, and that’s pretty big for us.”

Sean Little on what he liked most about how the team played tonight:
 “Just getting off to a quick start was big for us. We kind of let down in the second half of the first period. Just getting some confidence right away was big. I thought we played our systems really well. At times we were a little lackadaisical, like I said, late in the first period, but for the most part, throughout the game we stuck to our systems, and played a decent team game tonight.”

Sean on if he missed his brother Ryan Little during tonight’s game, since he couldn’t play due to a suspension:
“Absolutely not. It’s probably the reason I scored tonight to be honest. No, he’s always a good guy to have in our lineup and we look forward to getting back tomorrow, hopefully.”

Nic Kerdiles on if tonight’s game is what he pictured when he thought of playing for Wisconsin:
“Yeah, we have a great team here, and we have a lot of guys that can put the puck in the back of the net. That’s what I expected, hopefully I could get a goal there once in a while, but we have guys like Mersch who’s been putting a lot of goals in the net and Sean (Little) tonight had a good one, so we have a great team in that department, we have a lot of depth, so this is what I expected coming in and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season with that.”

Sean on if it is nice to enjoy a win in the new locker room after the game:
“Yeah, I think that’s the first night we’ve been able to use our sound system to the fullest after a game, and finally celebrate a win at home. To get that off our backs is really nice, and to have the facilities that we do, Coach Eves was talking a few weeks ago on how the hockey gods are kind of making us earn all these new things that we have, and it’s very fortunate to get a win and hopefully another one tomorrow.”

Nic on what how he feels after scoring his first collegiate goal:
“I think it is good. I’m happy to finally get the monkey off my back, as I would call it, and finally get that goal. At the end of the day, I’m just excited for the way our team played tonight and with all of the stuff that has been going on with me, it is nice to get that out of the way. We’re going move forward tomorrow night and hopefully get another W.

Sean on what music the team was playing during the postgame:
“I believe it was Lucenzo, some Spanish jam that a lot of the boys get pumped up to, so it was exciting.”

Michael on what kind of mind set the Badgers must have to duplicate tonight’s performance during tomorrow night’s game:
“We kind of have to put this in our back pocket and use it as some confidence, and come to the rink tomorrow with a new mindset that it is a new game, new day, and keep moving forward. “

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