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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. No. 1 Minnesota Duluth



Dec. 10, 2011

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Wisconsin head coach Mike Eaves
On if the team took a step back tonight, and if so, how far:
"Probably the same step that happened in Colorado. Tonight we were hopeful about taking that next level step, but I don't think we took a step back to where we started, by any stretch of the imagination. We were hopefully we'd be able to build off of last night, but they had a great start and we didn't. What was disappointing was that we didn't take that mental step to come out and be that dictating team. That's just a sign that we're not ready for that step. We're still awfully young."

On the longest he's had his team play without a goaltender:
"Well, I have to be honest with you, the six-on-three empty net was Gary Shuchuk's idea. He's been selling that to us for a couple years, since he's been with our staff. He's said, `Coach, this works, this works.' It was an opportunity (tonight). It showed that we weren't going to quit and that we were going to do everything to get ourselves back in the game. We were able to execute and get the puck in the net."

On his thoughts on the team right now:
"We told the boys in the locker room right after, `we want to be very clear with you where we stand right now. We like this group of young men that we have in our locker room. We see moments that are very encouraging. Those moments have to be more consistent, and that consistency is going to come as we grow up together."


Wisconsin defenseman Justin Schultz
On the loss being a step back:
"I don't think it was too big of a step back. We didn't' get what we wanted to get done out there tonight. We're still learning. We have a break here. We're going to look forward to coming back and trying to get some wins out of there."

On his own goal:
"My guy was going behind the net and I was following him. He kind of shot it wide and it took an unlucky bounce off my shin pad then short sided on (Joel) Rumpel. It was really unlucky. It just found that spot. I don't even really know how it went in."

Wisconsin forward Mark Zengerle
On the early goal:
"I don't think it changed anything too much. We knew what we had to do even though the first goal happened early. I don't think that was a problem. It kind of put ourselves in a little bit of a strangle hold early in the second. They got a few quick goals. It's tough to come back like that. We gave it what we had but it's tough to come back on a good team like that when you're down four to nothing."

On if he thinks the team took a step back with the loss:
"It's tough to say. I don't really think so. We're playing tough teams. It's our own rank and we want to win obviously. At the same time we are missing two big guys in our line up right now and that definitely has an effect. At the same time we would have liked to come out a little harder and played better."

Wisconsin defenseman John Ramage
On what prevented the team from getting over its mental hump:
"I think it's something we're still searching for. It's happened to us a couple times but like Mark (Zengerle) said we're going to get back to practice, back to work and figure it out. This is something that we need to find out about our team and move forward."

On what he's most frustrated with:
"I think it's the result. I think every day in practice we battle hard and we're doing everything right, now we just need to get results."

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