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Post game quotes: Wisconsin vs. Michigan Tech, Dec. 8



Dec. 8, 2012

Wisconsin vs. Michigan Tech
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis.
Postgame Quotes 

Head coach Mike Eaves

On if there is disappointment in not coming away with a win this weekend:

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“Not totally, just because of the way we played. We went into the locker room after the game and said we have no regrets. The one thing that is tough to control is offense, some nights you have it, some nights you don’t. We scored three goals tonight, you’d think that should be enough for us to win the way we’ve been playing. We don’t give up very many chances tonight again, and we created many chances but just couldn’t finish. I don’t know what it is. There is something funky going on with us and our new locker room and all the nice accommodations we have. It’s like we’re having to earn it. Some of those things I couldn’t believe they didn’t go in, and our guys are feeling that too. We just have to stay persistent, patiently persistent, just like in the course of a hard game where things aren’t going exactly the way you want and we’ll find a way to get this done sooner or later.”

On if he thought his team took its foot off the gas:
"In the third period the thing that we talked about was playing on our toes. That’s a mindset, that’s something you have to get used to doing. With a disputed third goal, did it hit a glove? Our guys thought it did. The referees said it hit his chest. I haven’t seen it yet. But the thing that happened after that, we kept playing and we created scoring chances. We had some great chances and just didn’t get that next goal.”

On where the early energy in the game came from:
“Just our need to find a way to win. The guys want it. The way they played tonight, generating 37 chances, I can guarantee you that we’ll look at our stats and we would have out-chanced them. Last night we out-chanced them, 24-13, I bet they’re about the same tonight. It’s finding a way to get that next goal that wins game. The energy comes from the fact that they want to achieve that.”

On whether or not his team should know what it takes to close out a game:
“You could take that for granted and think so. But, this is a new group of young men that have to figure out how do to that together, collectively. It’s a chapter that we’re writing and obviously we haven’t completed it yet.”

On what it’s going to take to finish chances:
“We are going to get it sooner or later. I think we just have to work through this and earn it. There’s something about this new building and getting used to coming down to the Kohl Center from there and having that same energy and feeling that we had in our other locker room, we don’t have it yet. I remember a few years when we were playing in the playoffs against Alaska-Anchorage and we had the third game in three nights, I went and bought a box of Lucky Charms and put a lucky charm in everybody’s stall and we went out and won the game. Maybe we’ll have to do something like that. The fact is, the things we can control, like effort and creating scoring chances, it’s going to come.”

On Michigan Tech’s first goal:
“A young freshman (Kevin Schulze) made a mistake. He tried to jump up in the play and he was our last man in our zone and didn’t expect the pass and shouldn’t have done what he did. It was a young defenseman’s mistake.”

On the positive of having more sources of offense this weekend:
“I think it’s been [25] games for Joseph LaBate and [19] for Brendan Woods that they hadn’t scored. We had guys score their first goal last night as well. Those are good things and indications that things are coming around.” 

Wisconsin players

Mark Zengerle on if he has a theory as to why the team can’t close out games:
“No. I don’t really have a theory. I feel like every game has had a different path of how it ended. We felt today was probably the one where we could have squeaked out with a win and didn’t, more than any of the other ones we think. I don’t think there’s any theory to it. It’s not like we’re tired. I think we’re all pretty in shape as far as that goes, so I don’t think it has anything to do with that. I probably couldn’t put my finger on anything in particular really.”

Zengerle on if he is disappointed Wisconsin came out of the series against Michigan Tech with two ties and no wins:
 “Yeah, for sure, I think everybody is. We still don’t have a win in the Kohl Center yet, and more than that we need to get wins to get up there in everything, the WCHA, every standing there is.  So yeah everyone is disappointed we didn’t win. When you go in a rink you want to win.”

Brendan Woods on his goal:
“Yeah, it was good to bounce back after a goal against, and I just saw Keegan beat a guy off the wall, gave it to him and I just went to the net and the puck was there. All I had to do was put it in, I really didn’t do much, so it was good for us to get a goal and get the team going.”

Joseph LaBate on if scoring his goal will get him going offensively for the rest of the season:
“I sure hope so. It’s definitely nice to get the first goal out of the way. I would have rather gotten the win, but I’m just glad I got a goal.”

LaBate on if he has a theory as to why the Badgers can’t close out games in the third period:
“Yeah, I think it goes back to what Mark said. We’re in great condition. To be honest, I think we outplayed them the whole game, and I thought we deserved the win. Sometimes pucks just don’t go in.”

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