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Post game quotes: Wisconsin vs. Michigan Tech, Dec. 7



Wisconsin vs. Michigan Tech

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Dec. 7, 2012

Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Final Stats

Mike Eaves

Topic: On how big the goal was not just for the game but for Tyler (Barnes) as well
“On many levels it was a big goal. It was a high-pressure time in the game; we needed a goal. The power play had been booed earlier in the game, so it was important for their pride to make something happen. For Tyler (Barnes) personally it was the fact that he’ll hopefully get that monkey off of his back and start scoring some more goals here. It was a big goal in a lot of ways and it helped us get a point in our own building which is a step moving forward we hadn’t done that yet, so on that front it was also big.”

Topic: On Tyler Barnes having several chances tonight and whether coach felt it was going to be his night tonight
“We were sure hoping, he’s had some nights where he has had multiple scoring chances, and it’s just good to see him get a little reward and kind of get that monkey off of his back.”

Topic:  On putting the early season adversity of Mark Zengerle’s and Nic Kerdiles’s injuries behind them and how it was to have them back on the ice this week in practice as well as in tonight’s game
“It was a step forward, they hadn’t played much together in games and I think we have better things to see from them. I think when Mark (Zengerle) had the puck at times he was very good, unfortunately he forgot how big the Kohl Center ice was and you’ve got to skate and you’ve got to get there a little more than he was tonight but that’s a by-product of being hurt for a month so I think we’re going to see better things from him as he plays more.

Topic: On whether this tie felt more like a loss or a win
“Because it was such a big goal at the end of the game, and we needed something good to happen I think that’s a big lift for our guys. The fact that the game was on the line and the power play stepped up and got it done, that’s huge.

Topic: On putting Tyler (Barnes) in on the power play when he normally hadn’t been a part of that line
“No he hadn’t been out there, he was on the other group to give us some balance, but the other changes were moving Frankie (Simonelli) off of there and putting Derek (Lee) on the point. That’s something that we as a staff had talked about doing just in case things didn’t end up going as we wanted. It was a hunch, and the hunch paid off.

Topic: On what the issue was with the power play
“The first unit Zeng’s (Mark Zengerle) unit there, they weren’t taking what was given they were forcing the issue. Then the other unit, quite frankly they had a tough time setting the puck up. They struggled in that area. Again, I think their pride was hurt. The fact that they were booed in the middle of the second period and they came and got a big time goal for us and that’s something we’re going to build on.”

Topic: On what led to Michigan Tech’s goal
“It was a bad turnover by us, plain and simple and it started with Matt Paape. He got the puck, he had no pressure and unfortunately he made a bad pass behind the net and there was confusion at that time, and the puck ended up in the front with nobody watching and was whacked into the net. It was a bad turnover for us as a group.

Topic: On whether he thought the team had enough energy throughout the game
“We didn’t have a lot of energy all night and we told the guys that we got a step closer to what we want to do at home, and we got a point, we got a tie, we didn’t lose. The fact is that there are areas where we can get better at moving our feet. The one wish that I have as a head coach is that I wish we had more time to practice in the Kohl Center, it’s not an excuse but we have to remember that it’s seven feet bigger than LaBahn (Arena). We’ve got to work harder to get there, so when we do skill drills we try and do drills that remind us that it’s seven feet bigger and you’ve got to work to get there. For mark tonight there were times where he was gliding and he had forgotten, and that happens when you haven’t played in a month, how far it is across the ice and you’ve got to work to get there. Part of the video isn’t going to be pretty tomorrow, because we’re going to have to be honest with each other and look at that and work harder to get places.”

Topic: On whether he thought Mark’s injury affected (Zengerle) the way he played
“Not at all. You watch him dangle in face offs, his issue was getting places and remembering that it was a big piece of ice.”

Topic: On Landon Peterson’s performance
“First of all he’s such a great competitor. Second of all he knows the position and he does a lot of little things that help him. He’s in the right position to make saves that hit him because he’s there. He continues to compete and he continues to do the little things at that position that help him make saves.”

Topic: On Michigan Tech’s chances and energy throughout the game
“I don’t know how many posts they hit, but I would agree that we were lucky to get out of there (first two periods) unscathed and not down by more.”

Mark Zengerle on how it felt to be back on the ice after being out due to an injury:
“It was good. I think I started picking it up late in the second and as the third went on and in overtime, but I felt pretty good.”

Tyler Barnes on what scoring the goal meant tonight after not scoring for the past few games:
 “It’s a big weight on my shoulders. I’d be lying if it wasn’t, but I was getting the chances, so I couldn’t be too frustrated with myself. We were getting pucks to the net, going to the net and getting chances. Again, tonight for the first two (periods), I was getting some high quality chances, getting some passes from Mark on that two-on-one, so being able to get the one, it was nice.”

Mark on the crowed booing them during a power play in the second period:
“Fans are going to be fans. Obviously they want us get better production, and it not like we’re not trying. We’re trying to score, but at least they’re in to it.”

Mark on if the booing motivated him:
“Yeah, no matter what if you’re on a power play you are motivated to score regardless. We have good fans, and fans are going to be fans. They do that everywhere, with NHL teams it’s the same thing. Fans are going to be fans.”

Frankie Simonelli on the breakdown that lead to Michigan Tech’s goal in the third period:
“It was kind of a scramble and the puck went in to the corner. I was yelling for Jake (McCabe) to go up the wall with it, and I’m not sure if he thought I was telling him to throw it behind the net, and it wound up on their guys stick. I went up to the two-on-one in front of the net and they banged it off of Peterson’s pad and the guy just put it in the open net.”

Tyler on the team’s struggles and lack of energy tonight:
“We just have to be able to come out there and play from the drop of the puck right away. That’s something that we need to handle within ourselves and we’re right there. We’re right on the edge of the hill here, and we can start going down, but it is going to come down to us. We have to come together and really have a good start and continue that all the way through the game.”

Frankie on if he thought the team adequately built off the energy the gained after their win at Colorado last weekend: “Yeah. We came out with a point. It is the best thing we’ve done at home so far this year. Moving forward, hopefully we build on that tomorrow.”

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