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Postgame Quotes: No. 17 Wisconsin vs. Penn State



Dec. 6, 2013

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Postgame Quotes

No. 17 Wisconsin vs. Penn State

Kohl Center — Madison, Wis.

Dec. 6, 2013 

Wisconsin Head Coach Mike Eaves

On how well he thought his team played tonight: “Well if you would have asked me that in the beginning of the game compared to at the end you would get two distinctly different answers. I think overall if you were going to put a grade on this, you’d probably give it a B minus or a C, but we got better, truly better as the game went on.

On the reason for his grading of tonight’s performance…“We were not very good early. (There) were a lot of turnovers, we didn’t handle the puck well, it looked like our anxiety level was up. I think the guys just wanted to play so well and didn’t. There were just too many turnovers and as I said, as the game went on we started to settle and play.”

On bringing momentum from this game forward:
“I would hope so. We play a lot of home games and I know that the boys would like to get on a roll. Starting slow and building and getting better as the game went on, and the guys were saying in the locker room let’s bring what we did in the end of this game into tomorrow’s game and see if we can pick up where we left off.”

 On the atmosphere of the first Big Ten home game:
“Well I couldn’t see how we looked coming out with the smoke and stuff, you guys would have to tell me that. I will say that I was moved by the flag being unveiled, and the national anthem being sung. I thought that was pretty impressive.”

On Tyler (Barnes) goal:
“You know it was one of those goals where he showed his athleticism, he knew where the net was and where the goalie was. He didn’t see it go in. We were talking to Brian Posick on the radio a second ago and that he had about three open nets with his eyes open seeing it, he should’ve shut his eyes based on the end result.”

On Rumpel's play: 
"I thought Rumpz (Joel Rumpel) settled in too. I thought his decision making, when to go out and get pucks and play pucks got better as the game went along. You know that’s his fourth game since the end of March so it’s good for him to get in there and play, stop some pucks and feel and win and there’s another good thing about tonight.”

Wisconsin Players

Joseph LaBate

On passing better at even strength than during power plays: "
Can’t tell you if there’s a reason for that. Things are clicking sometimes 5-on-5. We’re working on our power play, and it’s getting better throughout the year."

On the atmosphere of the opening of tonight's game: "During the national anthem, the American flag the student section pulled over themselves, I thought that was really cool. I was talking to some of the guys. I think they really liked that. I think that was a good touch."

On whether he shot the puck between his legs at the start of the sequence: "No, I didn’t shoot it between my legs. Zengerle just passed it and I just turned around on my back hand and got it at the net."

On Tyler (Barnes) goal: "Yeah, I mean Tyler’s a very highly-skilled forward. And I’m not surprised by that goal, he does it in practice, he can do moves like that. He can pull it off." 

Michael Mersch

On how well you think you played tonight: "
We talked in the locker room after the game, we progressed as the game went on each period. So I think we finished strong, and that’ll help us going into tomorrow. Well I mean if you look at the scoreboard we won [7]-1 so that’s a good. And like I said I think our start was slow but we finished pretty strong, so take it as that. We were worse in the first period than in the third period, so we were better at the end of the game."

On gaining momentum and getting home wins: "Yeah, absolutely. It’s nice to be at home. We’re getting some better crowds which is nice. I think we can build off that and have good momentum. It’ll be easy to rest, we don’t have to travel at all, so it’ll be good, as long as we keep taking it a game at a time and get better as the season goes on good things will happen."
On the advantages of not having a bye week: "Frankie: I think it definitely helps out you know as hockey players we’re used to playing games every two weeks, we’re used to playing every weekend. It helps to build off and go through the practice week and build off what you did last weekend and take it into the following weekend."

On Tyler (Barnes) goal: "I, did he put it through his legs? ... He did? Yeah that was a good one (laughter). It was a great one in front of the net and it’s nice when things like that are happening to guys on our team. We scored [seven] goals and a lot of guys contributed which is nice, and if we can get that every night and be consistent that, will be good things. Looking back at it, Tyler’s goal was a nice one, I think he would’ve liked to have a couple more, but you take them as they come."
Frankie Simonelli

On what he liked about the team's performance: "Some games aren’t always going to be the prettiest, we found a way to put [7] goals on the board, and it’s not the easiest thing to win college hockey games every night, but when you can come out with a win like that when you didn’t play your best game, it’s good."

On why he doesn't think he played his best game: "I don’t know if I can put a finger on it, out there playing, everyone giving their energy, things weren’t clicking at first. We’ll just have to take a look at the video tomorrow and get ready for tomorrow night."

On the atmosphere of the opening of tonight's game: "Yeah, it was definitely exciting. I think the intros and stuff is exciting. It brings a new element to the crowd, it gets the crowd more engaged, and that feeds off to us as well, so hopefully we can keep that going."

On Rumpel's play tonight: "Yeah I think Rumps had a good night. You can tell he was feeling it from the first period he was able to find pucks through screens and stuff and seeing all the point shots come through. So when your goalie is backing you like that and the first period wasn’t our best and they had some nice chances and he held us in there early and I think that helped us out a lot."

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