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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Mercyhurst, Nov. 26



Nov. 26, 2011

Final Stats

Wisconsin 5, Mercyhurst 2

Head coach Mike Eaves

On if the game was a “beauty in the eyes of the beholder”:
I think the whole weekend was. I’m pleased with the outcome. I think almost what we’re going through can be compared to Osgood Slaughter’s growing pains. With having so many young people, every turn that we get to, almost every shift there’s huge things that are going on because almost every player on the ice is young. They’re going through new things and we’re asking a lot of them. They don’t have a junior or senior on the bench to help them through this stuff. They’re doing it on their own, and they’re doing it with the help of the coaches. It’s just growing pains right now. It’s hard. We’re doing some good things though, and we’re going in the right direction, but we’re crawling right now. We’re crawling it seems.”

On how much Justin Schultz is carrying the team:
“There’s no question [he is], with his ability, just at the right time, to make a play offensively or defensively, to settle us down. On the other side with a forward you’d have to look to Mark Zengerle and his ability this weekend to make plays with poise and confidence. Those two young guys are young men that are shouldering more responsibility for us.”

On their sluggish start:
“We were actually better tonight in the first period. They came with a great desire to try and establish themselves. It was two teams trying to establish their will. We were actually better tonight. You might not have noticed as much because they picked up their leave of play so it was two bull rams coming together. We picked up our play and they did as well, and it was two teams trying to establish themselves right away.”

On Landon Peterson’s play today:
“I thought he made some really key saves for us. I think he would like to have the second goal back. I think he had three times to try and cover it up and he just couldn’t quite get his handle on it, but he made some key saves and he gave us a chance to win the game.

On how Peterson has grown as a player:
“I think it’s his maturity level. He’s a competitor. I know his teammates like to play in front of him because at practice he competes. He does not want any goal scored on him, and he’ll be diving across even on a simple drill. It’s that kind of attitude that helps him play in games.”

Eric Springer

On being an upperclassman on a very young team:
“That’s one thing with a young team: guys are going to get better and guys are going to improve. Sometimes there’s chaos out there, and you’ve just got to try and settle things down as quickly as we can—get everybody on the same page—and just try to go from there.”

On the late game scuffle between the teams:
“Any time a weekend goes the way it did, you’ve got to be ready for that. Guys are upset on the other team, and it’s just something you’ve got to be prepared for. You just have to try not to do anything too stupid out there, and we’re just happy we got the win—that’s the most important thing. We’re watching that clock tick down, and stuff’s going to happen, but as long as it ends with us winning, that’s really all we’re going for.”

On whether he thought he’d go this long between goals:
“Yes, absolutely. But I’m happy it came.”

Landon Peterson:

On bouncing back from an early goal:
“It’s all in the preparation. Before the game you’ve got to stay focused on everything. I let one in early, but the thought is that you’ve just got to save the next puck, keep your mind in it, and not let it bother you.”

On his pivotal breakaway save:
“I saw one of our defenders drop the puck and their guy got it in the neutral zone. It’s just getting out on top [of the crease], not making the first move, and staying patient. That’s what I did and I saved it.”

Justin Schultz

On managing this young team:
“It’s tough but it’s a day-by-day thing. I think we thrive on each day getting better, and we know we’re going to go through these growing pains with a young team but I think we’re learning and taking this step by step. Hopefully it’s going to pay off here.”

On whether he thought his power-play goal sparked the team:
“I think I saw that. I think that’s one of the things that as a power-play unit we want to do, is to create momentum and energy for our team, and we haven’t been doing that lately. I think these past two games, though, I think we’ve definitely created some energy and that’s a positive thing.”

On how he thinks he can be a better player:
“I think it’s just being better defensively: I can always work on that. I’ve been getting better with that, but there’s always room for improvement. So it’s just becoming a better two-way player, I think, that will make me a better player.”


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