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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Mercyhurst, Nov. 25



Nov. 25, 2011

Recap |  Final Stats

Wisconsin 7, Mercyhurst 2

Jefferson Dahl
On the game:
"It wasn't the great start we wanted to get off right in the beginning of the game. We had a little trouble getting going right away but we were talking on the bench that we need to just keep sticking with it, keep fighting and getting the pucks in low and doing the little things. We got a few bounces our way and it started to roll from there."

Michael Mersch
On being on the penalty kill:
" I don't usually penalty kill but I practice it during the week and when the need called I just had to step up and fill in the role."

On what the challenge is for penalty kills:
"It's just a lot of communication, making sure you're familiar with the guys you're playing with. Just communicate, make sure you're blocking shots well. Those things really contribute to being a good penalty killer."

Justin Schultz
On Mark Zengerle's streak:
"I think every time he's out there he's a threat to score. His vision's so good and his skills with the puck are so good that he just makes it a threat every time he's out there. Whenever I'm out there I always look for that a little more often because he's out there. He's a special player and he's playing well."

On the five minute major:
"We just stuck to our game plan. We practice it all week and guys were doing a good job getting in lanes, blocking shots, blocking up the front of the net. When we had an opportunity to pressure them, like when they fumbled the puck, we took it. Dahl and Mersch did a great job getting down there and causing a few problems and they got a couple goals because of it. I think that five minute major actually worked in our favor. It gave us some energy."

Mark Zengerle
On his streak:
"Well I think the power play was going well today. When were on the power play I get a lot of touches, so that's going to influence whether I get a goal or not. I wanted to give it to Schultz, he shoots it so well from back there. Usually more often than not they go in. I think it's just trying to be on the pucks and keeping it down there. We stress on getting some IZO, which stands for in zone offense. Before we get more of that there's just more opportunity and when there's more opportunity you're going to get one sooner or later."



Coach Eaves:

On the 5 minute major:
" We're doing auditions on the run here. We lose Keegan [Meuer] then Sean Little is gone for the game because of injury so we're trying [Jason]Clark on the fly and Michael taking a few repetitions in practice but not many. I was as surprised as anybody that we scored two shorthanded goals to be honest with you. The one guy that played well for the whole 60 minutes is a guy that had a big part in that was JD, Dahl. Jefferson Dahl was really good the whole game and we can't say that about a lot of our guys. It looked like we had too much turkey. Full belly in the first period and we didn't do the things that we needed to do but JD was very good all game long."

On Sean Little:
"He has a leg injury and I don't know to the extent if he's going to be able to play tomorrow or not. I guess it's a soft tissue thing so we'll find out tomorrow morning."

On Michael Mersch on the penalty kill:
"Out of necessity we're trying different people. The thing that Michael has is that he has a long reach, he's willing to block shot and he has a level of intelligence about how to kill a penalty. We're trying to get that to grow so he's going to get more auditions that's for sure."

On Keegan Meuer's penalty:
"We're on the bench telling our guys, we need to play harder, we need to pick it up. Classic Keegan, he wears his heart on his sleeve and goes way over the line and it hurts the team in that we lose him. I guess the silver lining is that we scored two goals."

On the challenge now:
" The injury bug has been here for a while, it's just gotten bigger. We had three guys that are out, now it's four. The fact is that when you take a look at our forward lines tonight they're all freshmen and sophomores. That's a challenge, when you put young people in a position where they haven't had a lot of reps at and hope that they can learn on the fly and do some good things."

On Joel Rumpel:
"On the second goal, I'll have to ask but I don't think the defense really got out there quick enough. It should have been blocked. We were slow getting out there. When a guy is shooting from there, you want them to stop the first one, that's a given, but at this level we talk about it and into the next level. They are always talking about rebound control, not just stopping it but controlling the rebound. He's working at it all the time in practice. You have pucks from anywhere from 70 to 100 miles per hour at you  and you're trying not only to stop them but to keep them in a range where you can put them in places where they aren't so dangerous. He'll continue to work on that. "

On the feelings going into the five minute power play:
"There was a moment of looking at the clock, how much time was in the period and looking at the bench and who did we have. Then we started talking about the things that we needed to do. We needed to block shots blank because they're a shooting power play. We needed to block shots, we needed to make 200-foot clears, we needed to go only 35-40 seconds and make sure that we had good rotation to keep fresh people on the ice. We did it, we killed it off and we got two, so that was bonus."

On the defense:
"We did a nice job there. One of the hard things that perhaps we did this game was that we blocked shots, was line up and get that done. They're primarily just a shooting team. They're not going to get too fancy on you. They're going to drive wide and get pucks to the net from their point so their people are going to the net. So hopefully that's an area we can replicate for tomorrow, blocking shots."

On Tyler Lapic:
"He showed up to the game ill tonight. He had been ill and he got worse. His hat was white and he was grey so we sent him home."

On Mitch Thompson:
"He stopped the puck. I think he scrambled a few times but he stopped the puck. His teammates were so excited. Shuie came up and said. We've been looking for an opportunity quite honestly. We gave him a heads up at the 10 minute mark--we said if it's this, we're going to get you in there. So he had a little prep time. He was so excited. He was the last one to get unchanged in the locker room.  He was literally sitting in his stall and soaking it all in. So Good for Mitch. He deserved it.


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