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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. No. 1 Minnesota, Saturday, Nov. 12



Nov. 12, 2011

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Wisconsin Head Coach Mike Eaves
On what he thought of the penalty on Michael Mersh:
Well one of the rule changes has been the contact to the head. And when you've got the disparity between a guy
who's 6'4" and a guy who's 5'9"--maybe--there's who hits who. I mean his shoulder hits his head, it turns out we
looked at the video and he hit his shoulder actually. These guys have a tough job, they're trying to make a snap
decision at a glance. Unfortunately he made the call he did and we had to kill a five minute. It wasn't a factor in the
game as it turned out. Actually I think we got some momentum by going out there and killing the penalty. We did
a nice job. So it's one of those things in the game where I'm glad it wasn't a turning point--if anything it gave us
some energy.

On what his takeaway was from this series:
Well the better team won tonight. We didn't play very well in the first; we played better in the second. It was 1-
1 after two periods. We had a chance to win this thing and have a great weekend. Unfortunately we went out and
shot ourselves in the foot with some of the decisions we made with the puck and that cost us in the end.

On what this series meant to the team, and what they'll do going forward:
Well last night we were the better team. The first period tonight they were the better team, the second period
was even, and the third period they were the better team. So I would say four out of the six periods I liked what
we did. Unfortunately it's a six period weekend. This was a good test for this young group. We played against a
talented, high-tempo team who brought their `A' game tonight. And we did not get the job done. I could see some
of the looks in our young guys' eyes, thinking `this is a different team than it was last night'. If you're going to
say `experience is the best teacher', if you evaluate honestly what we did, we're going to take a good, hard look at
this and see the things that happened and how we can improve on that. So right now, the most exciting thing for
me--I can't wait to get into the office on Monday. I can't wait to watch this game. I can't wait to see those areas
that we can show our kids. And then the challenge is how we can get our kids better during the course of the next

On missed opportunities, especially the two in the 2nd period:
We could've been up 3-1, and we didn't even get a shot on net on both of those. If we make the plays, they're
great plays. But we didn't even get a shot and that came back to bite us a little bit. That's part of our evaluation
that we need to take a look at when we look at video. Everybody wants to be that guy that makes that nice pass
rather than take the responsibility themselves to snipe. That's a sniper's mentality, and it's something that we
need to address with our young team. I don't call it selfishness at all. It's taking what's given. There's no selfishness
involved--it's what the play demands and you take it.

On Rumpel's performance tonight:
Rumpel was excellent. Excellent. He gave us a chance, he held us in there in the first. He was square and he
moved great. You can just see it starting to grow for him in terms of his confidence.

On his thoughts upon seeing the replay of the Mersh penalty:
I talked to Todd after the game and I said `wait until you see that because there was no contact to the head'. It
was a shoulder hit and his head came down and hit the boards but there was no contact to the head. I said `you
guys have got a tough job but that's a big call'. The fact is it wasn't a turning point in the game other than we lost
Michael which hurt us. But we kind of got some energy from the great kill we had. We did a nice job killing that five
minute major.

Wisconsin Forward Tyler Barnes

On missed opportunities:
We had a lot of good scoring chances tonight but we also didn't have many shots and we might have passed up on some. It's a give take thing. We're going to go to the film take a look at it and learn from what we see."

On two-on-none play in front of the net with Joseph LaBate:
I'm sure he (Coach Eaves) wanted me to shoot that one but I saw Bater (LaBate) on that backside and thought I could get it to him. It didn't work out. It's easy to go back, look at them and say `shoulda, coulda, woulda.' I think (shooting) might have been a better decision at that point in the game.

On his attempt on the left post in the second period:
Actually I got pretty good wood on that one. Patterson made a great save. I think the first was maybe the one that should've have been saved and the second one should've gone in, but that's just how this game is. Bounces happen, sometimes you get them, sometimes you don't.

On the Minnesota team Saturday compared to Friday:
We knew that after the first night, they were going to come out hard. They we're going to be moving their feet. It's a big rivalry game and I'm sure every series one team wins, the other is going to come out. We knew that and tried to weather the storm. We got through the first period in a tie game, which was fortunate for us and we played better in the second.

Wisconsin Defender Justin Schultz
On encouraging the team for the next game:
Just telling the boys to keep their heads up. It was a tough loss tonight. We're going to learn from it on film and that's as much as we can do. We just have to keep working hard in practice and be ready for next weekend.

On what they learned from this series:
I think we definitely learned that we can compete with the top teams in the country. We're going to learn a lot more on Monday, that's for sure. So we'll see.

Wisconsin Forward Joseph LaBate
On missed opportunities:
Those chances were because of my linemates. They we're making heads-up plays and I just happened to be there. It's because of them I'm getting those chances and I have to bury them.

On how the series went:
Coming in they were the number one team in the nation. We knew they were going to be a good team. Practice went well last week and I think we were all expecting this high tempo. They definitely brought it tonight and the pace definitely picked up. I think we just have to go back to the drawing board and next we just have to work that much harder.

On his missed play with Tyler Barnes:
I expected a pass, definitely. Barnes did a nice fake and I was ready for it. It just slipped under my stick. There's no excuses, I should have had it. It was a nice play by Tyler and Zengs (Mark Zengerle).

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