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Post game quotes: Wisconsin vs. Colorado College, Nov. 3



Nov. 3, 2012

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UW head coach Mike Eaves on what hurts worse, the loss or the injury to Mark Zengerle:

“I think the way that we look at it Andy, is it was a tough day at the office. You are a grown man. You’ve had bad weeks at work where it seems that everything you do just turns against you and sometimes it is like you are biking into the wind, swimming into the stream and it certainly felt like that today especially. This whole weekend it seems like we haven’t gotten going. We lose our leading score to a broken finger, we put one in our own net. Maybe two, I don’t know if that last one went off Frankie Simonelli in our own net. You know it was just a tough day. What we said to the kids after was you know that they could walk out of the building with their heads high because they didn’t quit in the third period. They battled, we put some lines up, we saw some things, but we just couldn’t get that first goal.”

On if coach Eaves had any idea on Mark Zengerle's injury:

“No. Not yet. We have to talk to the doctors tomorrow, let it settle down and see where we’re at.”

Eaves on the impact Mark’s injury has on team:

“Well, it just makes it more difficult, if you want to make a blanket statement, it just makes it more difficult for us to score goals than it has been. I think on the power play we will be able to move some people around and still be pretty effective, and we saw that a little bit out there, but yeah, there is going to be a hole there for a while.”

Eaves on the second goal going off Keegan Meuer’s stick:

“He tried to deflect it away and it just went top shelf. Heck, we have trouble trying to do that and we did it by accident.”

Eaves on the goal that was waved off:

“They said we had crashed the net and pushed their goalie into the net. We certainly, after looking at it, feel very different.”

Eaves on why the Badgers have a difficult time playing against Colorado College at the Kohl’s Center:

“I can go back to as a player and just knowing that when I played against certain teams, the world just opened up. I could do no wrong. Against other teams, I couldn’t buy a goal or do anything right and sometimes that happens when you play a team. You have their number. They have yours. It goes in cycles. It is a tough thing to explain.”

Eaves on what the team takes into the bye week:

“Well, once again it is about choosing the way we go into our bye week. There has been a stimulus in the fact that we lost a couple of our games, and our response is that we are going back to work and we have two weeks of practice that we can pound and get better in certain parts of our game so when we go on the road after our bye week, we are ready to play and hopefully will be able to do some good things.”

Ryan Little on where this team is offensively:

“I think that part of the problem, at least last night and the previous games, is just not shooting the puck enough, trying to get fancy with it. I thought tonight we did a better job, but we just couldn’t seem to get any bounces. You create your own bounces, but as coach said, it just seemed like we were just running up wind and couldn’t find a way to put that in the net tonight.”

Tyler Barnes on biggest challenge facing team if Mark is going to be out a while:

“Losing a guy like Mark is a big impact on the team. He is a great player, but we can’t worry about what we could or couldn’t do without him. You know he is out for right now, so we let’s get back together as a team and come together and play hard.”

Frankie Simonelli on how he will handle the loss:

“It’s about taking it in and being emotionally stable. You know, not letting ourselves get too low about it. It is the beginning of the year still. We are going into a bye week, we know there are things we need to work on and hopefully we can accomplish those and be ready to go into Minnesota.”

Frankie Simonelli on if having the goal waved off made him have negative energy:

“I don’t think so. Our team does pretty good with bouncing back if the refs make good decisions or bad decisions. Whatever it is, we have to move on with the game and what happened in the second period, I thought it was a great shift. They had just scored and we came back, put one in the net and it got waved off, but I think we took it to them after that. In the third we stayed on it.”

Ryan Little on “why Colorado College has his number”:

“Well I am going to steal coach Eaves’ answer to that and make it real easy for myself. Like he said, sometimes teams just have your number. I have no idea why and we have struggled with them ever since I have been here. If I knew why, I would do everything in my power to change it. That is just how it is right now.”

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