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Postgame Quotes: No. 13 Wisconsin vs. No. 12 Lake Superior State



Postgame Quotes
No. 13 Wisconsin vs. No. 12 Lake Superior State
Kohl Center — Madison, Wis.
Nov. 2, 2013 

Final Stats

Wisconsin Head Coach Mike Eaves

On tonight’s win:

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“That’s a nice way to end a weekend. I think that’s what the doctor ordered for a lot of our guys. We had a lot of first goals tonight for the season and as Badgers. You think about it, we fired over 90 shots over the weekend and would’ve liked to have won that one last night but in retrospect the way we tied it up and it was a real good emotional energizer. So all in all it was a type of weekend I think our boys needed to get going and to realize some things. We can move forward from here now.”

On how the team responded and pulled out to a 2-1 lead after LSSU tied the game 1-1:
“That might’ve been us as a coaching staff’s fault. They did something different as a part of their game plan tonight so we talk about the fact that when you get into championship moments you have to be able to adapt. So we tried to do an adaption at the beginning of the period and that may have been on their minds, thinking about that other than playing. But I thought as the game went on we did what we wanted to do and the adaption was a plus for us. There was a momentary glitch, but it was a good lesson for us, because as we have recognized that you have to be able to adapt at certain times and we tried and did that in the second period.”

 On the early-season bye weeks:
We experienced this last year, we had a very similar schedule. A lot of byes early in the season. The fact that you have success on a Saturday night leading into an open week, we’re going to change up what we did in the previous week. Last week we went all five days and gave them Saturday and Sunday off. This week, we’re going to go Monday, Tuesday, give them Wednesday off, Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning. So we mix it up a little bit. The one nice thing about having these bye weeks is that we can break down to very specific skills for very specific people and positions. And really do some homework in that area. And if we can get our skill level back up or even improve on it, then any systems play that we do is going to be improved because of that fact.”

On Landon Peterson’s play during this series:
It’s interesting dealing with the psyche of a goaltender. I mean, goaltenders are kind of known to be kind of wacko and you can’t talk to them. It’s an individual sport within a team sport, it really is. And I think you have to handle it delicately. But we talked about it as a team today before the game and the fact that this time period that we’re going through is a test for us. And there’s certain lessons that we can learn from what we’re going through right now. And I said for you Landon, this is a test for you; this is about as much as I’ve ever talked to a goalie while he’s not playing well. And I said ‘this is a test of your perseverance and your resolve to clear your mechanism in your head and get back to the next puck.’ And I thought he responded very well tonight.

“Funny story, the hard hat, we give a game puck and we give a hard hat. And the hard hat was given up by Kevin Schulz because he had it the last game, and he threw it to Petey and it actually hit the ceiling and bounced and Petey had to reach down and it might’ve been his best save of the night.”

On Kerdiles’ goals and his 18-game point streak:
"He’s one of those guys that the puck follows. I mean, the last goal, he’s cutting across the ice, it’s flipped up in the air, he puts it down, takes a shot and it goes in. Stuff happens when Nic’s on the ice. He’s got that, some people call it a disease when things happen…he’s like a football player, they talk about ball sense, he knows where to be.”

Wisconsin Players

Senior Defenseman Frankie Simonelli

On tonight’s win:
“We built off of what we did last night, once we got going last night. We had a couple weeks off, started off not the start we wanted last night, but the way we finished the game last night is the way we started tonight so that helped with the momentum.”

On the depth of scoring from the Badgers, including season-first/career-first goals by players:
“It’s definitely nice to crack the seal, I know for myself. (Brad Navin)’s happy about it and so is (Chase) Drake. His first as a Badger here, so it’s exciting. Hopefully it will open a can that will flow out from here.”

Sophomore Forward Nic Kerdiles

On getting the momentum back after scoring a goal to put Wisconsin up 2-1:
“We got the puck up the ice quickly. (Tyler Barnes) made a great play and just tipped to an open area and I skated into it and just got a shot off that went in luckily. After every goal, you can build momentum so after we scored every goal, we were just going harder and harder and we played well.”

On continuing to pressure LSSU as the Badgers increased their lead:

“It’s important when you’ve got a high-scoring game to just keep things simple and keep playing your game and not try to do too much. That’s when you get into problems and you give the other team some opportunities. We did a good job with that tonight and we didn’t really look at the score too much. We just continued to play our game and get pucks deep. We were hounding pucks down and I think that was the best part of the game. We put so much pressure on them they just didn’t know what to do. So credit the guys for that, we had a great game today.”

Junior Forward Joseph LaBate

On how the team builds momentum with next week’s bye week:
“It starts with the coaches. They put together drills that are going to help us get better. Every player goes back to their game and tries to work on it. We’ve got two weeks to get better and get to go to Miami. That’s going to be a fun series.”

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