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Post game quotes: Wisconsin vs. Colorado College, Nov. 2



Nov. 2, 2012

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Mike Eaves Postgame Quotes

On whether he ever felt his team was in control of the game:
 "No, even when we were up 2-0 we weren't playing well. We got a couple bounces. We talked about that after the first. We haven't skated on this sheet of ice in forever--beginning of October--and it looked like it at times. It's  (seven) feet wider, but when you multiply that by 200 feet that's a lot more square feet. We looked like at times we had bad gap, and it made things a little more difficult for me. It's not an excuse, it's a reason. We need to fix it and get going."

On what the Badgers have to do tomorrow night to shut down Colorado College's offense:
"Just be better with the puck. In the second period, like most times, we didn't do a very good job of getting it in deep, and as a result they spent time in our zone."

On whether he felt that the dedication of the ice sheet to Bob Johnson made for a special night:
"It was a special game. Seeing Mark's (Johnson) whole family out there and watching that historical line about Bob really made it special. So there was a distinct uniqueness to this night."

On Joel Rumpel's play in the goal tonight:
"I think if you asked Joel, he'd like to have some of those goals back, I'll be honest. I think that if you asked him that question, he'd say `I've got to be better'. And I tend to agree with him."

On putting Michael Mersch on the line with Mark Zengerle and Tyler Barnes in the second period:
"We got that going in the middle of the second period just to try to get something going. We tried that just to stir something up."

On whether any of his defenseman played well:
"(They all had) issues at varying points. And a lot has to do with the opening comments about the gap, and getting used to the space and the speed. I really think that not being on our sheet of ice for a long time...we had the guys up at 8 (a.m.) today just to get our goalies some shots, just to get them used to the different sight lines and angles. I think we'll be better tomorrow just because we played tonight and we've seen it and felt it again."

On whether he was surprised by how Colorado College responded to their early deficit:
"We talked about it earlier in the week that I don't think they get enough credit for their heart. We've played them a lot--playoffs two years ago was a battle. We've played them twice at home, three times in their building. So we know that they play with heart, and they'd lost three in a row, so we knew they were going to be upset, so I'm not surprised."  

Wisconsin forward Michael Mersch:

On what bothered him most about the result of tonight's game:
"I think that we had a 2-0 lead and they came back on us. We should have just finished it early. It starts with me, I've got to bear down on a few more chances and put them in the back of the net."

Wisconsin forward Keegan Meuer:

On the Bob Johnson ice sheet dedication:
"To me, the ceremony and all that was great. It was long overdue for a guy who more than deserved it. He had his place over at the Coliseum with the Bob Johnson Hockey Center, but it wasn't very visible to the public. This is something that for the rest of Wisconsin hockey it's going to be Bob Johnson Ice, something that was long overdue and well-deserved. It's really special to me, because my grandfather was Bob Johnson's best friend, and without my grandfather meeting him I never would have played hockey. So it was really special to me. That being said, once the ceremony was over, it was game time, and it was frustrating."

On whether he felt like UW was in control after his game-tying goal in the third period:
"I thought we had a stranglehold on it. I really thought we were going to win. We had all the momentum, the crowd was fired up. They had just taken the lead on us, and we came back with between five and eight minutes left to tie it up. As long as we get into overtime--I know our record lately hasn't been that great in overtime--but we're at home, the crowd's feeling it. Everybody on the bench, we've got the momentum, we're thinking we're going to win. I thought we had it."

Wisconsin defenseman Jake McCabe:

On whether the larger ice sheet at the Kohl Center presented problems for UW
"I wouldn't say that's an excuse, whatsoever. Granted, there is seven more feet on the width of the ice sheet. But we practiced on it this morning. The whole year, we've played on Olympic-sized sheets, we've played on NHL-sized sheets. Our systems have to adapt to the different dimensions of the rink. We can't use it as an excuse. Colorado College, they played on a small ice sheet against Cornell last week. So each week you have to adapt. I wouldn't use it as an excuse. We just can't seem to put a full 60-minute game together this season so far. We have some great shifts, we have some really weak shifts. We just have to put it all together, and I think we'll be happy with that outcome once we do that."

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