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Oct. 28, 2011

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Coach Mike Eaves

On having to defend a lead:

“The lead was early, it was 3-0, then 3-1. I think the turning point was when we lost Derek Lee, we lose a junior, center iceman, it was on a power play and penalty killing. In the second period we are trying to find the right mix and who can play with who and it took us out of our rhythm a little bit. Then the game came down to details, we have a saying in our locker room, ‘details build empires’. We didn’t do that. We took too many men on the ice, which is a shared responsibility between the coaching staff and the players. Our details and our penalty killing were not as good as we needed them tonight. But I liked our game overall. In the third period, we carried the play at times. We had chances, we were on our toes and playing well. The details let us down tonight.”

On if he thought hit on Ryan was the right call:

“I haven’t seen it on replay, it happened to the side so I didn’t have a very good look at it. I can’t comment on that.”

On what happened to Derek Lee and how:

“It was an upper body injury. It was on the penalty killing issued down when there was a scrum around the crease.”

On if Nebraska Omaha wore Wisconsin down:

“No I don’t think so at all. A matter of fact, in the third period I thought we had the momentum at times. We hit the post, we were down in the zone, Brendan Woods had good shifts,Mark Zengerle’s line had good shift. We had every about as much of territorial play in their zone as they did in ours.”

On the adjustments for tomorrow night’s game:

“Just better details on our penalty killing.”

On if the penalties attribute to the loss:

“When you give up four power play goals, yes. We blocked some shots, we did some decent things. But the details in the end allowed them to score some goals and that’s what we have to shore up.”

On having a young team and playing with mistakes in details:

“I think it’s going to be part of what we’re going to see this year. I think that it’s going to be a growth pattern that we’re going to have to live through and grow by. We talked after the second period, we’re asking a lot of a lot of young people. That’s okay. As long as they can take games like these and learn their lessons. There was a lot of frustration at the end of the game. They need to bring that tomorrow and we need to be prepared to play with that energy and better details.”


Players quotes

Justin Schultz on what hurts the most about this outing:

“I think it was having a 3-0 lead. I guess the late goal there too is hard to take, but we can’t think too much about it. I don’ think there was a problem with the effort, I think it was just a few details here and there. A few too many men penalties and a few breakdowns that really cost us.”

Tyler Barnes and Mark Zengerle on their goal:

Tyler Barnes: “The energy all got started with Derek Lee and his first shift coming down and taking a big shot. We were just feeding off that. Mark came down the wing and I went hard to the net. I knew that he knew I was going. He made a fantastic play to the net, it’s not hard to tap those home.”

Mark Zengerle: “We had all the momentum, it was a nice play. But like Justin said too, we were up three goals and we didn’t get it done.”

Justin Schultz on losing Derek Lee:

“I think it all started with the forwards being down one guy and mixing up lines. I think some confusion caused too many men penalties that we had. I think we did a pretty good job the rest of the game juggling those lines, just a couple of break downs.”

Justin Schultz on what needs to change for tomorrow’s game:

“I think just more communication in the defensive zone and obviously work on the power play. Just trying to shut them down tomorrow and not let them get so many power play goals tomorrow.”

Justin Schultz on the youthful mistakes with the team:

“I think anytime with a young team you are going to see that. Just look at last weekend, we found a way to win on Saturday. There’s going to be games when we are going to have to do that. Tonight we just couldn’t find a way to win.”

Mark Zengerle on the difference between the first period and the rest of the game:

 “After the first period we were up 3-0, we knew Nebraska was going to come out hard, that their coach was going to get on them, that they would come out hard and they did. But it’s up to us to match that and win the game.”

Justin Schultz on the too many men penalties:

“I think just more communication on the bench, being aware and knowing who’s your guy on the ice and who you’re going on for. Also just being more aware of where the puck is and not getting those stupid penalties. I think it hurt us that we lost Derek Lee early and the lines kind of got all jumbled up and messed up. The guys are getting confused, but we can’t use that as an excuse. We have to come back tomorrow and get better.”

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